Accessorizing your AR15 and the issues you will have with your gun cases!

Elite Survival gun casesYou live and learn in this industry but you can make fewer mistakes in life if you take your time and observe the mistakes of others.   Recently we had several SWAT Teams arrive in our store looking for gun cases that held more than 1 rifle and they didn’t want a hard case.  SKB makes some rock solid rifle cases and there are some pretty cool configurations you can do that can give you the customization that you want.  Not everyone is packing the same sidearms and being able to cutout your case in the configuration that your gun is a must.  Firearms like the LWRC M6A2 with a 10.5 inch barrel is going to be very particular because you don’t want a soft gun case that is over-sized.  Your better with a gun case that fits properly because too tight is bad and too loose is also not good.

My LWRC M6A2 rifles are probable worth about $3500 with all of the Eotech Magnifier, Eotech 512, LWRC rear sights and front sight.  I don’t want my guns getting banged around so I went with the Elite Survival gun cases like the Covert Operations case.  This rifle case has tie downs that can go over the optics and the firearm at 4 different points.  I also like to carry extra pistol magazines in this gun case, but that cost a few bucks extra.  There is also a triple magazine pouch that comes with each of these carbine gun cases and you can get them for firearms like the MP5 or even AK magazine pouches.   There are several different sizes for the Covert Operation case but you most likely will be using a 33 or 36 if you are running the average AR15 or M4 carbine.


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