Epsilon shooting mat shooting experiences

Elite Survival Epsilon shooting matThere are a lot of things you can do to get down and prone at a firing range and protect you from the ground beneath you but in the real world, you might want something like this to avoid rocks, thorns, and broken glass from cutting you.   Another reality about shooting on the ground is you are going to end up with a cut elbow if you are shooting off the ground for a long period of time.   For thing you will notice about the Epsilon shooting mat is the quality of the nylon, and the second thing you are going to notice when opening it up and laying on the ground is that it’s not going to roll up or curl on you when like most mats.   I have moved away from using bipods on firearms because the best ones are expensive and a good shooting  mat and backpack can give you a very sturdy platform for placing consistent shots when out on in the field.

I like to pack my gear up and leave important items like binoculars, appropriate magazines (loaded) and various molle pouches attached to my platform.   The Elite Survival Epsilon shooting mat is $159.95 and is available in black or tan.   We usually keep some of these around our showroom so we can display it for our customers which usually sells the product.   This is a much larger shooting mat and folds up in a solid construction and can also be attached to  a backpack or drag bag.    For anyone in the 6ft and above height category,  you will get very good coverage for both your arms and your legs and you won’t be going home with dirty knees. This mat, when opened up is almost 6ft long and 3.5ft wide opened.  A very good accessory for anyone and wants a more comfortable day at the range.


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