If it’s not Magpul PMAGS it’s Lancer Magazines

Lancer 30rd MagazinesLancer AR15 MagazinesLancer 10rd AR15 MagazinesLancer Products are products are magazines we didn’t know much about until we started getting into the competition shooter market and lots of sponsored 3 gun shooters told us that they are pretty popular amongst them.   Usually when we hear something about a product, watching YouTube reviews is where we go to and get first hand reviews from people that have done various tests or comparisons and it’s really a great resource to learn about tactical gear, firearm accessories and certain features that you might not know about.   There are pros and cons of AR15 Magazines like USGI and Polymer Magazines like Magpul PMAGs and from what I gather, the biggest negative about PMAGS VS USGI is the life of the magazines due to material breakdowns over the course of several decades.   This is a reality with things like Glock firearms because you won’t be able to shoot those 100years later like you could with a Colt 1911 and metal magazines won’t break down like plastic and the likes.

Well, that might not be an issue for most of us because we can expect to wear things out in a matter of years if we shoot enough but it is something to consider.   Back to Lancer AR15 Magazines though, they are not as common in gun shops and you might be the first one in your group to own them but they have enough of a track record for being in the same league for durability as Magpul.   You can weigh the need for having translucent magazines vs needing windows on an AR15 but if you want magazines with reliability and durable magazine  followers, these are something to put in your stockpile.   They have AR15 10rd Magazines, AR15 20rd Magazines and AR15 30rd magazines.  The Advanced War Fighter magazines have been used by the Military and check out Youtube for more reviews and info about them because you’ll get a lot more there than from me.


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