Kimber Pepper Blaster II, our #1 Recommendation for less lethal pepper sprays

Kimber Pepper BlasterThe first that people see when we suggest people consider this is sticker shock, for almost $40 people want to back away from dropping that cash, and then they look at the $10 keychain Pepper Sprays and think that is a better option.   Well, any pepper spray is better than no pepper spray if you need to use it, but there are huge differences in the efficiency in the way various bottles, cans and trigger fired mace or pepper sprays deployed.   When we talk about carrying firearms and deploying them under stress, we forget that even if you don’t have a firearm, your body may still be under stress and disengaging safeties, fumbling around with retention holsters ect might mean losing the fight.  It’s always good to think ahead and if you are buying pepper spray for someone else, tell them to go on and watch some of the ways to deploy it.

Plenty of people are carrying pepper spray that should be thrown away and once you get beyond a year or two of the shelf life, you are dealing with a dramatically weakened pressure or broken down chemicals that are no longer going to work.  If you want to spend $10 go ahead, but if you want someone to carry a less lethal weapon, the Kimber Pepper Blaster II is are #1 recommended device that you can carry in your pocket, purse or pickup the carry pouch that we sell that you can also use.   Consider picking up something like this even if you are CCW because using pepper spray on a dog or assailant carry much lower liabilities in the judicial system


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