Flush fitting gun magazines vs. extended base plates, Wilson Combat Magazines and extended magazines/Glock Magazines

Glock 26 Magazine Grip ExtensionThere are always pros and cons for every firearm and accessory, and it’s all about trying to get you to hit that X.  The best analogy to developing your shooting skills with accessories is the game of Golf.   You use a driver when you want distance, a sand wedge when you want the ball up and out, and a putter when you want short distance and  control.  Keep in mind that all of those golf clubs have to match up to the proper length of the user, and so does a firearm to you.  Now that there is such a thing as competition shooting, we’re seeing more gear and accessories being used for fun and training, but that’s doesn’t always transition over to CCW.  When you are talking about drawing a firearm from concealment, things change.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping extended capacity magazines around, I’ve found the Glock 26 to be too small of a handgun for my tastes, but with the  Glock 26 +2 extended capacity magazines, the extra length actually improves my grip on the gun.   For many other guns, the magazine extensions can help you strip the magazine clear and reload quicker, but I have found in many cases, that extended capacity magazines and base plates make you more likely to print your gun, or cause snagging of clothing.   My 1911s max out with Wilson Combat 8rd Magazines, with Glocks I stick with all standard capacity, except for the Glock 26.   But with all this being said, this is about  the magazine in the firearm, not the spare magazines you might be carrying.  Lot’s to think about and only training and testing will help get you to your comfort zone.


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