Glocks a Generation still going strong

Glock magazinesThere were some credible issues with the Glock Gen 4’s but it seems that the spring issues are over and people have for the most part accepted them.   We deal with various technical products that you gotta be 100% sure you know what you have and the  production and modifications before you buy a holster.  We see that most gun makers are putting out handguns with rails, and if you don’t pay attention to your holster selections you’re going to have returns, exchanges, or possible accidents if you are too lazy to do the research.  Safariland has a very good holster fit guide that walks you through the steps of chosing  your sidearm, we walk our customers through that to find out what the availability is for such an item like a Glock 21 or a Glock 38.    Glock conversion kits are the most wanted Glock item right now more so than just the pistol magazines.

I personally have only been a “Glock guy” until recently but I completely understand why so many Police Departments want them.   Once you deviate away from 9mm, 40 S&W and 45acp, you might find it difficult to find Glock magazines when  you need them because there is still somewhat of a shortage on getting them.   Next are the TLR-1 Flashlights that so many people are getting trained to use on which is something you really do need to train for.  Flashlights are an asset and a liability.   The Glock 21 is probable the most popular gun in  our area right now but we are still having issues acquiring gun magazines.  Glock magazines for sale are mostly the 9mm ones at the moment.  Keep an eye on our website for inventory availability.


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