Get a grip if you haven’t already!

Hogue gripsEveryone has a different way of getting the job done, which is why the best firearm instructors always train, realizing, that not everyone will do things the same way. One way to profile for getting good firearm instruction is to listen to the attitude of the guy who is teaching.  Teaching “a way” is the correct attitude and saying “this is the only way”.    There are different shooting positions and shooting stances and not every one will work for you in every situation.  Another thing that seems to have put the military and Law Enforcement community into a reality check, is that, adjustable stocks on rifles,and adjustable back straps on firearms is extremely important of you are going to have an operator become effective and proficient.

Gun accessories and tactical gear can help an operator get the job done, but the firearm whether it is a rifle or handgun needs to fit properly. Many gun manufacturers are starting to catch on to this, but Hogue grips have known that factory grips on many firearms just don’t cut it. Having rock solid control of your firearm in a Defensive shooting situation is extremely important and knowing that your bullets are hitting the same place because your control is all there, can mean winning the fight. Hogue gun grips can work on your AR15 or your Sig 220 or any of your Glocks.  The 1911 is still very popular in the military and LEO community and Hogue pistol grips go hand in hand. You will notice better control and felt recoil in your hands by upgrading to these and they look and feel great on revolvers. Finger groves are available for some models.


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