Optics and Killflashes on Aimpoint and Trijicon ACOGS

Trijicon ACOGSThere arguments about using flashlights as defense tools really apply to just about any situation, if you deploy something, it can be an announcement visually or psychologically.   If you use a flashlight  on someone hoping to blind them, they may only become irratatted and be confrontational, just because you think you have them paralyzed for even a second, you can’t be complacent.   If you are a hunter, I probable don’t need to explain this to you, but if your prey sees you, they may run or even attack you depending on what it is you are hunting.  Hog hunting is really what comes to mind because recently I got the low down from a friend that was using an ACOG for Hog hunting in Texas and told me about the horror stories and complacency that got people hurt.   Even with all of the camouflage on, one of the biggest giveaways you can have to your location is the flashlight mirror or objective lense on ANY of the optics you are using on your firearm.

I think it should be mandatory for anyone ACOG purchase for someone to get a killflash and considering the cost of the scope and a killflash, you aren’t really adding much to the cost.   Some of the Trijicon ACOGS actually come with these in a package and considering how nice the glass is on the rifle scopes, they really do give off a signature at 1000yds if you aren’t using a killflash.   Even in low light it’s a good idea to consider using a blue or red lense over your weapon mounted light as well is something to reduce your signature.    Recently we got to test out some of the Meprolite sights next to Aimpoint, all with their killflashes and it was hardly noticeable when looking through them.   The pros far outway the cons on this one.


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