You should consider the Meprolight M21Reflex Sights

Meprolight M21 SightsThere are plenty of things to consider choosing from other than Eotech, Aimpoint and Trijicon, and the market seems to be adjusting to the fact that there are some pretty red dot optics out there from Vortex, Bushnell and several others.  There still is a difference between durable for shooting range use, and durable meaning going to war.   There are plenty of those durable range optics that are going to fail if you leave them out in the rain or prolonged humidity, that’s what all those military standards are for waterproof depths.  It actually means something in the real world.

I have to admit that I’ve never seen the Meprolight M-21 Sights at any of the range I belong to, but I can tell you I was the first person I know to own an LWRC M6A1, so it doesn’t mean you can’t be the first to acquire something really good.  The M-21 Bullseye is by far, according to our sales data, the most popular, probable because so many people have looked through an Eotech sight at some point that the reticle is an easy transition.  Not like these are IOR Rifle Scopes that I always felt awkward shooting through.  The Meptrolight M-21T for the Triangle reticle is a distant 2nd and we’ve mostly seen those on SBR ARs.   The Trijicon RM08-G is kind of a baby brother to this optic and if you didn’t know, Meprolight and Trijicon get their Tritium from the same place.


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