Vortex Magnifiers, not the same as Eotech or Aimpoint, but still outstanding

Vortex MagnifiersWe have been a Vortex direct dealer for almost 10 months now and one thing we are often finding is that many people still believe that running a red dot means you are stuck with what you got and have to get a new optic if you want any type of magnification.    People look at the cost of the Eotech or Aimpoint magnifiers and don’t understand what you are paying for, and in my opinion, you’re probable just paying for a better mount, but not necessarily a better optic.   The magnifier is really another optic and you have to realize that when shelling out the money, but magnification isn’t just for taking those longer shots, it’s also about target identification.

Even if you are not using any of the Vortex Red Dots on your Carbine,  I would still highly recommend getting the Vortex Magnifier product code VMX-3T for $199.99 which if mounted properly, using loctite, can be a very solid platform.  The Vortex magnifier will incrase the clarity of your red dot optic (green dot if you have a Vortex Strike Fire II) which can really make things easier to hit see and hit.  This flip to side optic can be left in the open position for CQB and flipped over whenever you need it.   Another major selling point of Vortex is there outstanding lifetime warranty.


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