What’s your price range and we’ll tell you, starting at $400 and up, Aimpoint Patrol Rifle,Me Eotech 512 or Meprolight M21

Eotech SightsAimpoint Patrol Rifle OpticsMeprolight M21 SightsThere are plenty of good deals that you can get on used optics, we’re actually thinking about taking in some used optics because in all reality, how much is a 2yrs old Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optics worth?  I’ve purchased plenty of firearms that holster wear or were technically used, but probable had less than 500rds through them.   Optics really don’t loose value, or shouldn’t.   One thing you have to be careful about when shopping on Ebay or Amazon, is that sometimes if the price is too low, it might not be what you think it is.   There is a great post from Larry Vickers that had a student show up in a class and didn’t know he had a knock off Aimpoint.   Unless you have a friend getting divorced I doubt you’ll find any used Eotech, Aimpoint or Meprolight M21 for under $325 that is real or working condition so beware.

I understand the reason for red dot optics, but just never adapted to it, I see a lot of Special Ops guys running the Aimpoint T-1 and I get it, but my eyes track the Eotech Sights much better and the Meprolight M21 Bullseye is 90% of what an Eotech is with maybe 10% difference as far as Pros and Cons.   If you noticed, Eotech has discontinued several optics all due to the mounts that they use to have and now are sold with QD mounts.   That is something worth thinking about because a broken optic that needs to be removed with a tool is not something you are going to want to do under stress.    The Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic is probable the best of everything, longer battery life, night vision compatible, excellent mount, but do you need night vision?  The field of view is smaller with the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic so for open range use that may mean something.  All of the above can get new or used in and around the $400+ or – range and all worth considering.


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