Looking for utility friendly pants without BDU pockets? Try Tru Spec Mens Classic Pants

Tru Spec Mens Classic PantsEvery once in awhile we get people that come to our store because we stock a lot of the things that people don’t like to buy online namely, clothing and holsters.   Now that Tru Spec has gained so much ground in the competitive tactical clothing market it pays to be stock different styles.  It’s pretty much assumed that most of our customers are gun owners, and carry firearms, but not everyone does.   There are a considerable number of people that just like where various tactical pants because they need it for the tools or job they do for a living.  Having pants with  pockets that are friendly to carrying knives or multitools without punching holes through them or un-necessary wear is not common at a shopping mall.

One of the popular styles that we are going to stock more of are the Tru Spec Mens Classic Pants because they have all of the utility applications of many of the tactical pants “without” a BDU pocket which is usually the dead giveaway that your a Cop or Military personnel.   There is a hidden zipper pocket on both legs that come in handy when  you are driving a car or on trip on a plain, or just don’t need a pocket as large as most BDU pants.   The best thing about this style of pant  is that if you are already where the other 24/7 pants you aren’t going to have trouble with sizing like you would with other brands, consistency in sizing is something that we’ve always liked about Tru Spec products.


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