New Tru-Spec Pants that keep your shirt tucked in!

Years ago I remember people complaining how SHOT Show was saturated with tactical clothing.  I’d have to say that I don’t think that’s the case anymore.   Several years ago 5.11 Tactical raised the prices of their clothing by 25% and I can’t count the times I’ve heard people say that 5.11 is getting too expensive. Vertx use to be popular with military contractors but there aren’t as many people deployed and we don’t get asked to carry them like we use to. I think you can pretty much say that the sweet spot for most people’s spending budget is around $50 or less, for a pair of pants, and that’s where the majority of the Tru-Spec Pants are priced at.  Even though 5.11 still has some very well made and designed products, its far above what we see the average Police Officer willing to spend.

If you haven’t been paying attention to what President Trump has been saying about China and foreign manufacturing vs Made in the USA,  you had to raise your prices when cotton shot up over 200% at one point and some Countries have a monopoly on manufacturing of clothing. We saw several companies get out of the business in the last 5yrs because the military cut backs had huge impacts on how many people were wearing this stuff.    Tru-Spec owns their own factory and I’ve never seen sticker shock with any of their products.

We picked up the Tru-Spec line several years ago, and in our neck of the woods, they didn’t have the name recognition that Propper, 5.11 or even Rothco.   All you have to do is check around Facebook and see how many “Likes” a company has to know how many people are wearing it or know about it.  When we first picked up Tru-Spec they had several products that we tested out that gave us something at a better price point than 5.11,  even though the product line was not as diverse as 5.11  or the now defunct Woolrich Elite Series.

If you do a quick check over at Tru-Spec’s Facebook page you can see how highly invested they are in competition sports and coming out with New products.  The pace seems to have picked up in the last 2yrs and and recently there have been several new Tru-Spec Pants that we are going to bring on to inventory because we think it’s going to gain traction.  Tru-Spec Vector Pants and the Tru-Spec Delta pants they kind of took a hint from the popular Blackhawk Tactical Pants that were extremely popular years ago, but like many companies, Blackhawk got out of the business (they seem to want to get back in, in 2017 though).   The New Vector-Poly/Cotton, and Delta-All Cotton with spandex pants, have a silicone liner that keep your shirt tucked in and with Winter being in full swing, it’s nice to put an end to that feeling of having cold air sneak up your back because your shirt is coming out.  That’s a major selling point for people that actually work in this stuff.  I’m also glad they came out with something else besides another Poly/Cotton pant.


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