Custom Kydex and Tactical Nylon Companies, what are the differences?

There  are a lot of differences in the designs of various tactical nylon companies but if you care about getting something that is not stamped with the Made in China on the tag, you’re going to spend a few bucks more but you might get a better warranty and customer service.   Customer service is something that is less common than quality products.   We’ve dealt with some major gun manufacturers that had a level of elitism about their products and would refused to acknowledge design flaws, while others valued our opinions and hinted that they were on the ways of making some changes.  We are still up in the air about what types of Kydex holsters we should be stocking in our store and it’s basically because we have not got consistent customer feedback about styles or brand names.

When it comes to which brand of tactical nylon gear, we have narrowed it down to only about 5 companies.   The 5.11 bags 5.11 bagsthat we have in our store are extremely popular with EMS and Paramedics because so many people have held them in their hands and know what they are getting.   The Rush messenger bags have been widely used in Hospitals in our area and several Chester Police Officers here in Pennsylvania are using the 5.11 bail out bags for their bug out gear.   Having a good active shooter bag means having foot, first aid, ammunition and possible something like bottled water or a juice box.  It’s always nice to to walk into a store and be able to open the bags up and check the zippers and stitching quality out.   5.11 Tactical might not be the best for everyone, but they make a lot of goof products.


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