What size Gunvault Gun Safe should you buy and what are you really going to be putting in it?

Gunvault Gun SafesOne of the items people really want to see in their hands instead of ordering it online are the Gunvault Gun safes.    You can give people all the measurements and specs but it still doesn’t mean anything to them because all they know about their handguns are the barrel lengths and hardly anyone knows the over all length and how certain guns are going to fit in them.   “Will a Springfield XD and Glock 19 with a flashlight fit in this gun safe” are questions we often get asked.    It’s usually better to go with a large safe than a smaller one and placement of a safe in your closet or wherever and knowing  you can bolt it down is also very important.   The real reason to lock you stuff up is preventing Children from having access to them and making it difficult for someone to pull a smash and grab and walk out your door with your firearms because you left them in a dresser.     There is a drawervault that you can consider if your dresser drawer is where you want to put your gun but I’m not the biggest fan of putting a gun there because it’s one of the first places criminal look for valuables.

I’ve heard about all of  the gun safe breaches that can occur and if you give a criminal too much time, they’ll be able to get into any safe, but hiding the gunsafe in a closet and making sure it’s covered with clothing or a towel is also a good way to make a fast moving criminal glance over it and not see anything but a pile of clothing.     You can use most of these saves in a car if you need to but the Microvault is probable the most popular since most people are only putting 1 handgun in the safe because they have to go  in and out of buildings with metal detectors or places where carrying in prohibited.   The Gunvault Gun Safes that I usually suggest people getting are the standard or deluxe Multivaults because even though you want to lock up your firearms, there are plenty of other things you might want to consider putting in the safe like jewelry, gun magazines or various important documents and these safes can run out of room real fast.


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