Given the Eotech L3 Lawsuit, what would you switch over to, Meprolight M21 Bullseye

Meprolight M21 Sights

Meprolight M21 Bulleye I’m in the category that loved my Eotech sights but given how old it was and that it was considered to have the flaw that L3 did not state when selling it, I felt justified in sending back my Eotech 512.   After looking through a lot of optics in recent weeks I’ve had a hard time jumping on the red dot sight bandwagon, even  though I have an understanding of their benefits, but my eyes prefer a larger field of view and I can see the tube effect issues that some people complain about with some of the Aimpoint red dots.   I know that I can adapt to any optics given the range time and training but I’ve been looking for an easy switch so I’ve been considering the Meprolight M21 optics.

There still seems to be a lot of confusion about whether or not Eotech has solved the problem but 11yrs ago I could tolerate the battery consumption but not anymore.   Trijicon now has it’s foot in the red dot market with the Trijicon MRO red dots but some of their reflex sights are still selling.   The Meprolight M21 Bullseye has a very similar housing to the Eotech sight and also similar field of view and reticle. it also works off of the same fiber optics that Trijicon and does not need batteries.   Since I’m running a Magnifier already and prefer to switch from zero magnification to magnification for My carbine training,  The Meprolight M21 Bullseye is hands down the easiest switch over.


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