Tactical knives for life saving purposes

tactical knivesAnyone that works for a fire company will tell you the stories about having to cut people out of cars.   This is literally what occurs when really bad car accidents occur.   Not only do you have to pull people out of twisted metal, but you may have to cut them out of their seat belt of they were fortunate enough to be wearing one.   Storing fix a flat in your car is very practical and useful for you and if you know someone who is in a bad situation that can use it.    There are times when I have done more good samaratin deed and handed someone a can of fix a flat and told them to just get on their way, but what about if you get in a car wreck, can you get yourself free of your own seat belt?  They make quick and easy to detach slings for rifles for such incidences, but seat belts can restrain  you in situations where you need to get out.

Any knife should be able to cut through a seatbelt if used properly, but some of the rescue tactical knives work much better.   Something you should consider for your car, not only for you, but what if you come across a car that was in an accident and the driver or passengers are trapped inside and something is burning?   What if you’re in the car and you can’t even find the belt release because the car is twisted up?   I’ve seen people walk away from some pretty bad wrecks unharmed, but I also know of people dying in fires because bystanders didn’t have anything to break the glass or get them out of the seat belt.   We have a few rescue knifes in stock for these types of purposes at Rogue Elite.net


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