Competition shooter polo options

tactical shirtsElite Operator Tactical came out with a new tactical shirt a few months ago and although we like to test products out for a few months before we become too critical  about them,  we defanitely got a winner here.   The Eotac style 410 Shooting Sports Polo is made of a 100% polyester material and is excellent for breath-a-bility.   It’s been getting  up in the 90F temps here in Virginia and it’s time to clear out the Spring weather clothing and get into summer gear.   The Style 405 feel slightly lighter weight than some of the Woolrich Elite Series Polos I have worn in the past.   We all have different styles and needs when it comes to what we want to wear, but I’d have to admit that the Polos I wore in the past were extremely hot and I could absolutely not wear them in 85F temps comfortable.

The Competition shooter polo is whole other issue.   We’ve been up to the IDPA State Championships on several occassions and guys there always want to look good for their team and not sweat unneccessarily.   Another thing you will noticed is the shirt is designed for an operator that is moving.   On many of the tactical shirts, you will constantly have to adjust the shoulders or sleeves.   I won’t say that everyone will feel comfortable in replacing their usual polos for these because we know from the years we’ve been in business that everyones body is different and not all pants and shirts are going to fit, but from the customer feedback we’ve been getting we’ve not gotten a single complaint about the fit on these.   You’re either a competition shooter or you aren’t,  but these will look good in an office or professional environment.


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