Want speed and lightweight holder options?

Try the Don Hume Jit holsters that are just belt through and don’t add on very much weight.   These are quickly making grounds on my Fobus gun holsters because they don’t jab into my side like a paddle holster and they are as fast as a paddle holster.    The only draw back from what I can see is they may leave some marks on your gun and leave your gun exposed to get rubbed against, but what the heck, it’s a firearm not a piece of jewelry.   It really bothers me to this day that some people can be so concerned about the guns that they carry that they get upset about wear and tear that they are always tickering with them.

The guy that needs to break out his gun blue kit every time his gun is dinked is probable the guy that is damaging his chamber because he’s over cleaning his firearm.  I’m a big believer in having atleast a Don Hume Jit holster or a paddle holster of some sort, the Fobus gun holsters are always a great open carry or training holster but there are better things out there.   Blackhawk Serpa holsters have an edge for secondary firearms because you need a level of restraint.   Backup guns don’t need to be in your hands, but be close by.   Concealed carry holsters are not always the best for military or law enforcement.


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