Ballistic Eyewear Options from Smith Optics

We’ve been moving quite a bit of the Smith Optics Elite ballistic eye wear but it still seems like many people are unaware that Smith Optics has a military and LEO division of ballistic eye wear.    The tactical eye wear is broken down into the Tactical  Lifestyle and the Tactical core.   There are some higher levels of ballistic protection than the standard levels but we’ll keep it simple.    The Outside the Wire goggles from Smith Optics Elite will give you ballistic goggles come in black, tan and foliage green.  The dual ballistic lense are available in gray and clear for those that want that level of protection.

The tactical lifestyle eye wear from Smith Optics Elite comes in 5 styles and 5 lenses,  all Smith Optics Elite eye wear is available for Rx lenses, but you will have to send that in directly to Smith Optics.  The Aegis Eyeshields are probable the best for the average shooter due to the wide protection with more visibility than the Smith Optics Turbo Fan goggles.  The tactical Life style eye wear comes in the Hudson Tactical sunglasses, Director tactical sunglasses, Hideout tactical sunglasses, Lockwood tactical sunglasses and Chamber tactical sunglasses.   The lense are available in Clear, gray, Ignitor, Polarized gray and Polarized brown.


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