The best boot for the buck and the lightest

The Original Swat footwear company has been gaining lots of ground over recent years and there 10+ year in the tactical boot world is an accomplishment.  Many tactical clothing companies have come and gone in that time period and it is a testament to the companies viability.   We are expecting several new products in 2012 and some of them are already available even though they are not listed on the Original Swat boot website.

Some tactical boots cost an arm and a leg and although they are durable they are more than what you need or want to wear on  your feet.  Our number on tactical boots are the Original Swat 1232 Air 9 inch.  These boots are the lightest tactical boots and give you outstanding support.   We know that are many in the Law Enforcement community that develop foot problems over the years and we have gotten so much feedback about the support that these boots have that we just have to pass that info off to our customers.


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