Mandatory training for all gun owners?

Unfortunately debates like this would break out on the gun forums in the last decade and all kinds of brew ha would break out.   Sure we do not need anymore gun laws on the books because the laws that are already written aren’t being enforced very well and Government restrictions tend to have no impact on crime.   Now that concealed carry has grown in many areas of the Country where it has  not been legal, more and more people are applying for permits.  In Wisconsin there have been big changes to these laws because crime has risen there.

There are levels of gun safety training and nobody does a better job that the NRA, even many that have been in the United States Military have not undergone much training with firearms.   The firearm training DVDs coming from Panteao Productions fills a hole that many gun owners and even military personel have missed out on.   From home defense, concealed carry, Carbine training from Paul Howe and Travis Haley, Dave Harringtons 360 pistol and many more will give you the broadest selection of shooting styles for defensive applications and competition shooting.


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