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Make sure you have the right Gun Cleaning Supplies for proper cleaning

And also make sure you aren’t damaging your firearm.   There are a lot of in between calibers that you might be able to get away with using a similar caliber, but it doesn’t always work.  Anyone that reloads ammunition is going to know the difference between a 9mm bullet, 38 Special, 357 Magnum and a 7.62×39 caliber.  You are talking about .311-.355 bullet diameters which all put them in 30 caliber ranges, but if you are trying to clean the bore and riflings, you aren’t going to clean them as well unless you use the correct brush. I’ve tried to cut corners in the past and noticed in some of my .357 revolvers that there was still lead build up in the chambers and the barrel if I didn’t use the correct gun cleaning supplies.

Gun lubrication is something you should seriously consider auditing in your inventory.   Much of the older stuff isn’t as good or it’s toxic and you should consider a total clean out.   Modern lubrication like Slip 2000 or M-Pro Series lube is far superior to the old gun oils.   Corrosion protection has also dramatically improved and that really makes a huge difference on blued guns especially many hunting rifles and shotguns.  Check all the Gun Cleaning Supplies like cleaning brushes you are using and consider making sure you are matching the calibers to the guns, if you are using too big of a brush you might end up scratching up the throat or chambers of a firearm.


The differences between all of those gun cleaning supplies?

gun cleaning suppliesI’ve heard of Frog lube, Militech but haven’t gotten my hands on it yet.   We normally don’t like to bring in too many gun cleaning products because many of them just confuse our customers and create more problems for us from an inventory management.   I have a bunch of left over gun cleaning supplies from various gun cleaning kits i’ve owned and usually kept the best parts of them.  I started out, like many, with a Hoppes gun cleaning kit.  Usually a bores sovent, gun oil, and 22 caliber cleaning patches.  The plastic case for the 3 piece cleaning rods began to not snap closed and I started losing pieces of the kit one by one.  After a few years I had some mistakes made and bent the cleaning rod, I learned the hard way about why a one piece cleaning system was the way to go.

When it comes to gun cleaning stuff, I have pretty much settled on M-Pro7 for gun cleaning and Slip 2000 for gun lubrication.  I have good experiences with the M-Pro 7 gun oil but something about Slip 2000 gun cleaning supplies makes me like the brand and the scientific breakthroughs that clean a firearm without all of the toxic materials.  It’s bad enough you have to deal with lead and washing your hands from gun powder, but having a green cleaning product that actually holds onto a firearm when in use, and when not in use is a step  up.   Some of the Remington gun oils i’ve used in the past just lubricated parts and I still had rust issues, not with Slip 2000 products.


Gun Cleaning supplies are breaking new ground

gun cleaning suppliesFind the best gun cleaning supplies for your firearms, M-pro7 gun cleaner and gun oil. Find out what kind of cleaning liquids you want to use, you may only need an Otis gun cleaning kits, but some of our bolt action shooters still want a cleaning rod.    We’ll leave it up to you to decide what works best, and please write a review under the gun cleaning supplies  for other customers if you’ve found the gun cleaning kit that you love.   Bore snakes can be had for pistols although a rifle bore snake will work, the pistol one is much shorter.   Otis gun cleaning kits can be used for everything from a 38 special snubby to a 50 caliber machine gun.

Gun Cleaning is never as fun as shooting, but it’s extremely important for those concerned about accuracy.  We spend an enormous amount of time on the firing line, but the elite shooters are all aware that a clean bore is important for accuracy, and using the right gun cleaning supplies is what will get the job done.   We stock various tools and cleaners due to the high demands those in the shooting sports demand.   We carry everything from gun scrubber, gun oils, Breakfree CLP, cleaning rods, boresnakes, cleaning brushes, and cleaned patches.    Rust remover, blue remover touch up pens for those minor scratches and dings.  For those looking for a more traditional type of cleaning kit, try our DAC Cleaning Kits.   The Otis gun cleaning kits are specific to military style rifles like the M16, 7.62 or 50 Calibers.


Slip 2000 gun cleaning and more

Hoppes Boresnakes are the fastest cleaning kits in the world.   There’s no need to worry about storing cleaning rides and worrying about bending or breaking them.  The Bore Snake is also easier to use with some types of semi-autos.   You won’t need to use as many gun cleaning patches, or gun cleaning rods and gun brushes The Ruger Mini 14 is a classic example of this.   Most firearms can be cleaned from the breach forward, but something like a Mini 14 can not due to the design of the bolt carrier.  A bore snake can easily be inserted into the breach of a Mini 14 or Mini 30 and cleaned properly.   The bore snake can also easily be stored and does not take up any room.

One pass loosens large particles, scrubs out the remaining residue with a bronze brush, then swabs it all spotless with a cleaning area 160X larger than a standard patch. Add a few drops your favorite gun cleaning supplies  or Hoppes Elite and your guns ready for storage. The bore snake is caliber specific so make sure you get the correct one for  your pistol, rifle or shotgun.   You will also notice your gun cleaning time will be cut in half or more.   I’ve cleaned more than 4 firearms in an hour, from AKs, FALs, M1A, Mini 14s and AR15 rifles all will accept the use of the Hoppes boresnake.


Gun Cleaning Supplies without all the smell and mess

I’ve tried to clean my firearms and use gloves to avoid contact with all of the chemicals but it was too much of a pain in the ass to get done.   Some of the gun cleaning parts as well as the take down pins on something like an AR15 are too hard to do with rubber gloves.    I’ve avoided using Hoppes bore cleaning chemicals for a long time because I’ve mostly learned that if you clean guns shortly after shooting them they are easier to clean.   I’ve used Break Free CLP on cleaning patches and it seems to get the job done on all of my rifles.  On my Winchester 30 caliber bolt action there was one time I had to use a bore cleaning to clean it.

The best thing to do these days is transition your gun cleaning materials to non-toxic chemicals.   The M-Pro7 gun cleaner is non-toxic and as I have rotated out many of my older gun cleaning supplies, and replaced them with M-Pro7 I have not had the smells and the light headed experiences nor the complaints from my family members about the smell.   Not only that but the carbon remove really works well and the 32oz sprayer makes getting into the chamber and covering the bolt carrier easier.  I have friends that actually just dunk the whole bolt carrier in a bucket and they’re done.


Gun cleaning is simple so let’s not over complicated it

There’s nothing wrong with having lots of gun cleaning supplies if you need it and you can definitely mess up a firearm by using the wrong tools.  In all honesty, I have many gun cleaning brushes and tools that I have absolutely no idea how or what to use them for.  I picked up some of the Otis gun cleaning kits and at first found them a little frustrating to use because I could get the same grip on the wire as I could with a cleaning rod.  I realize there are compact advantages to using this system and for any military or long hunting trip they makes sense.

Some scraping tools are necessary for cleaning out the chamber of your AR15 because that gun is hands down the biggest pain in the ass to keep clean although sometimes people over clean them.   I like to have a atleast one Hoppes boresnakes for all of my rifles because when I get my rare range time in, it’s  not fun to have to spend more than about an hour to clean my guns and I’m of the type that needs to clean them after every time I take them out.   I have used break free clp for most of the time but for long term storage of firearms that aren’t going to get used for 6 months or more I am using the M-Pro7 gun oil because it seems to stay on better.


You may want to change the way you clean you firearms

There are many tools that can make your gun cleaning experience more efficient and product as far as time goes, but that might cost you money.  One problem many seem to have with this is most gun shops just carry the basic gun cleaning supplies and trying to f ind a tactical shop that sells all of the accessories and cleaning tools for an AR15 is difficult.  The AR15 especially the direct impingement version is the dirtiest firearm I own and cleaning the chamber is difficult if you don’t have the correct brush.

Gun cleaning oils and strippers have improved over what simple Hoppes gun cleaning kits use to issue.   Cleaners like M-Pro7 are much safer gun cleaning supplies to use and all it takes is a little research to see how dirty and unsafe some of the other products are.  If you have to clean it in an open air environment it’s not good to have it on your hands either.   Break Free CLP is still the most versatile gun cleaning liquid but there are better and more effective lubricants.   Many of my friends actually use Mobil 1 as a gun oil.


Getting away from the toxic stuff

I have stopped using Hoppes gun cleaning solvents for a very long time and it was mostly due to complaints from family members about the smell.  The older I get the more I think about the chemicals that I expose my friends and family too and it is worth considering changing the product lines that you use in for your gun cleaning.  M-Pro7 gun cleaning products are non-toxic and won’t stink up your home.  There is nothing smelly about them and they actually do work.  Carbob will disappear from your bolt carriers quickly.

Wearing gloves for gun cleaning can be a hassle because there are so many small parts on a firearm that it is very difficult to feel them.  Many gun cleaning supplies will work, but like we mentioned above, not all of them are good for you.  Having a safe gun cleaning station that doesn’t expose your kids to lead or other harmful products is a good thing especially now that so many people are testing for it and concerned about it.   Otis has a very inexpensive gun cleaning mat that can be rolled up and put away.


Gun cleaning supplies… depends on the firearm

We all know we need to have good working magazines and a firearm that is ready to go if we are serious about protecting ourselves but many people tend to not stock up on gun cleaning supplies.   I understand not everyone shoots as much as I do and sometimes a 32oz bottle of Break Free or MPro7 is going to last a decade but for those of us that shoot a lot, it’s good to know what we have at hand.  I’ve changed my gun lubrication standards and have moved away from using CLP on everything.  It just does not seem to stay on the firearms as long as the Mpro7 gun oils.

It’s one thing to keep your guns clean, but its another to know that the gun is going to stay lubricate even if you aren’t going to be shooting it anytime soon. Having gun cleaning supplies doesn’t mean just brushes and cleaning rods it means  having everything that you need to maintain the firearm.   Most firearms might just need a wipe down but for firearms that are being stored you need gun lubrication that stays on and will keep the gun at its optimum operation standards.  I’ve seen firearms go down after a few hundred rounds just because they had not been lubricated.


Save money on larger quantities of gun cleaning supplies

Although we sell these gun cleaning kits and accessories to gun cleaning, everyone at Rogue Elite is a gun owner and a shooter.   We all started out with Hoppes gun cleaning kits that were 3 piece cleaning rods and all have our stories about how we had to air the house out because we spilled cleaning fluids on the floor.   Gun cleaning has gotten simpler although our amount of interest in cleaning may not have changed.   Hoppes bore snakes have made cleaning semi-auto guns like the Mini 14 or M1 Garand much easier due to the designs of the guns and that traditional cleaning rods might damage these.   The Otis gun cleaning kits are compact and portable and extremely versatile.

Mpro-7 gun cleaning spray bottles have really over taken Break Free products even though you are doing a 2 step cleaning plan.  The Breakfree CLP is a pretty darn good for gun cleaning supplies because its basically an all in one product, but it’s biggest drawback is that it does need to be shaken all the time and it does not last as long as the Mpro-7 gun oil the LPX.   You will be able to tell the difference when you cycle the slide on a firearm when you use the M-Pro7 gun oil.


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