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Reasons to keep your gear organized

Bulldog gun casesrifle caserange bagThere are a lot of reasons to consider putting the money down for a quality range bag because I’ve often see guys show up at gun ranges that didn’t have staples or forgot thumbtacks or tape for their targets.      One thing I always forget to bring with me is a dump pouch not just for collecting used magazines, but for keeping the brass I used so I can use it for reloading at a later time.  It’s always a liability to keep all of  your stuff of value in one place but it’s also an asset to know were it all is.  Nylon gear cay vary from quality to ingenuity from manufacturer to manufacturer but sometimes its best to look over all of what is available and pick what suits you.

If you wanted a shoulder holster that is made out of leather you’re going to be spending well over $100 and probable closer to $150 for a good one but nylon holsters are fast less expensive and depending on what type of gun you are carrying you might find you saved 50% off and got a good comfortable holster from Bulldog, Blackhawk or Elite Survival systems.    The Bulldog gun cases are reasonable priced and are a good option for pistol rugs, hunting rifles, shotguns ect.   The bulldog range bags are simple carry bags that can keep your ammo, range gear and magazines and sight in tools organized.


Measure rifle cases and what effects accessorizing your AR15

bulldog gun casesWe sold a boat load of gun cases in recent weeks and most of it because people are looking to keep their guns protected as well as organized.   We’ve been getting a lot of horror stories from local police departments about the gear they have an all of the things that can and will go wrong with hard use.   I would probable say that most SWAT guys spend more time carrying firearms around, either in a car or in and out of a Police Department.   Some Cops tell me they don’t like flashlights that have click switches.  Why?  because they’ve had enough experience with them to know that they break, its a major difference between Surefire and a lot of the Streamlight flashlight product lines.   Weapon mounted lights also can get trick with the rifle cases and here’s some pointers on what to think about.

I’ve you’ve got a pressure switch, I hope you’ve looked into the failure rates with them and why so many pros don’t even mount them on their guns.   When you are choosing a gun case you might want to look at the Bulldog gun cases if you just want to clean up your mags and maybe label the gun case for a specific firearm and keep your Magpul Pmags and sight in tools in their.   Zippers are also something else to think about because the sturdyness of a gun case is something you can feel as soon as you pick it up.    The differences between a firearm may not be just the barrel length, it’s more about the OAL of a firearm because butt stocks and grips and optics can also have an impact on whether or  not a certain type of tactical nylon gun case is going to work for you.


Take your gear camping and get back to me

I always enjoy watching the weekend warrior guys show up with their $4000 worth of M4 and accessories that are the first ones to panic and want to leave the range if it starts to drizzle.   The idea that your $4000 rifle will some how get ruined in the rain and the majority of firearms like it are expected to be combat reliable.   Well… what is combat reliability?  Combat reliability is a gun that will take a level of abuse in bad weather and dirty conditions without malfunctioning.  If you have a military issued rifle, the gun better darn well be combat reliable and a little bit of rain shouldn’t concern you.

Combat optics are are also given this description because they better take the abuse and still hold zero.  The gun should work if it gets dropped and the glass better not break.   I’ve retired a few rifle scopes because they would fog up and I learned the lesson of wiping all of my hunting rifles down with a light amount of CLP whenever I brought them back from a trip. Take your gun cases and your firearms out on a day when the weather isn’t that great and have some confidence.   A good nylon rifle case should protect your firearms from moisture and dirt and there’s nothing to cry about if you know your gear.


Rifle Storage

Gun CasesMany of us know what it’s like to own a 18 gun rifle safe, but it really only holds 12 of our rifles.   Sometimes estimating storage space for firearms can be difficult do to all of the customized accessories that we put on them.    For instance, 12 guns with 20-50MM optics on them and owning semi-autos with 30rd magazines can take up a lot of room.  Some gun safes will be designed for standing up your guns, but where do you put all of your magazines, sight in tools, targets ect?

One way to clean up your gun safe is don’t put all of your stuff in there that you don’t need to put in there.  For how much it costs for a decent soft gun case you can easily spend less than a $200 and put most of  your semi-auto magazines, targets and sight in tools in Bulldog, Uncle Mikes or other tactical carbine or assault case.   I’ve seen some nightmarish incedences where people have so much junk cluttered in their safe that one big clunk could damage a $1000 optic.    I’d suggest finding a closet in your house that can be locked where all of your accessories, magazines ect can be organized so it doesn’t clutter your safe. Unless you’ve got $3000 to spend and a basement big enough to store a huge safe, there’s always a practical way of storing your guns without spending much money.


Bulldog Rifle Cases

Bulldog Rifle Case2 1/4″ Total Soft padding
Full length zipper with pull
Durable, extra heavy duty Nylon, water resistant outer shell
Brushed Tricot, Bulldog Rifle Cases have a soft scratch resistant inner lining
Zippered accessory pocket
Heavy duty double stitching
Removable adjustable shoulder strap with swivels
4 velcro external magazine pouches
It Floats!!!

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