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The Sale in underway for Tru Spec tactical pants

There have been some big changes in recent months over the industry and one thing we’re happy to see is a line of tactical clothing that didn’t get hit by any steep price increases.   The Tru Spec tactical pants are very good tactical pant in comparison to the 5.11 tactical clothing line.   We have been getting a lot of people getting off the 5.11 tactical clothing line and moving on to other things.  5.11 makes a lot of nice stuff, but they lost a very big customer base that started out wearing their product line over 10 years ago.   Tru Spec is probable the along with Propper the only real competition.

I only wear pants that fit me right but sometimes I do switch up the brands depending on what I’m wearing.   I do like the Woolrich Elite chino pants but the Tru Spec tactical pants that we have on sale for the Tru Spec 1,2,3 sale are a great product for under $40 and as low as $29.95.   The material is made of a 65/35 Polycotton ripstop material and an easy sell for guys or gals wearing 5.11 tactical pants that want consistent sizing and similar materials.  Get on board with the Tru Spec 24/7 series tactical pants before May 31st.


Summer options for lightweight clothing

It’s been a very mild Winter this year and hitting 70 degrees in March is a good sign that Winter is over.   About 19 years ago we had one of the biggest snow storms that has ever hit Pennsylvania and it’s nice that we’ve pretty past the period where snow storms usually hit.   Lots of winter clothing is going to be packed up and put in a closet soon because in these parts of the Country we can get all 4 seasons and Summers can be pretty hard for Law Enforcement because lightweight clothing is hard to find.   Everyone knows that a t-shirt is about as light as you can get but there are some tactical shirt options out there.

The Woolrich Elite lightweight tactical shirts in style 44914 are very popular with our Military Contractors because they need the lightweight material and still need sun protection.   The next biggest sellers are the tactical pants that are 100% cotton ripstop also and are the lightest tactical pants we sell.  The Woolrich Elite style 44441 pants and style 44447 pants have very different pocket designs, but we’ll see how well the Tru-Spec tactical pants compete with them this year.  The 5.11 tac lite pro pants are also a new product and we’ll watching our customer feedback.



Clothing prices and companies leaving China

We’ve all been aware that for the last few years the value of the US dollar has declined but so has the entire World economy.  Cotton prices have gone up almost 80% and even trying to get stuff made in India which is an alternative to China has been a problem.  We’ve  heard credible rumors that a certain tactical clothing company had serious production issues and basically got done in by Corporate squabbling, a bad economy and product issue in China.   We also got notice this week that Original Swat Footwear has pulled their factory out of China and no longer makes stuff there.

Tru-Spec makes all of their own clothing and has their own factory and seems to have done fairly well even in a bad economy which has made us invest in the product line.  One thing that is very important those wearing tactical pants is not only the quality, but the availability.  There are some product lines that become so scarce at certain times of the year that customer get tired of the backorders and they move on to another product line, if this happens with a new clothing company, you’ll be sure to see that it won’t gain any traction.

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