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It’s not just about quality, proper mounting of rifle scopes is extremely important

Rifle ScopesI don’t know how many times I’ve been in gun shops or sporting good stores where I picked up a new or used rifle and noticed the reticles were not level.  I can see how if you are working at Dick’s sporting goods and a sales clerk is told to put a scope a rifle he might just throw it on, but every year I am on a firing range during October-November, I see a large group of hunters show up shooting paper plates with groups that I would consider terrible and they go home thinking it’s good enough.   Well it might be for a 100yd shot, but it’s an almost definite miss at 200yds and if you know your rifle optic is level, it’s all science and knowledge of ballistics that will make it a hit at 200yds.   If  you have a range finder and mark of territory when getting into a hunting position, just about any 30 caliber hunting rifle from 30/30 level action to a pump 30/06 can be effective well beyond 100yds.

I’ve done a lot of target shooting just using hold overs and in the real world this is probable a very effective way to learn to hunt and shoot instead of having to dial in MOA clicks which can cause you to lose out in an opportunity.   Having a good cheek weld have proper height scope rings can also have an impact on being able to quickly acquire a target.  I’ve never been a fan of large see through scope rings because in my humble opinion it can through off the balance of the rifle.   I mostly see that on lever actions but if it works for you, that’s your decision.   If you don’t have a level then just find an open area of  your home, lay your rifle down on pillows and find a table or flat surface that you can align your horizontal crosshairs on  your rifle scopes to.  This is how I’ve done most of my leveling and I’ve done well at 600yds without windage issues when I had to make scope turret adjustments.


Reflex sights, red dots and clarity and precision

Red Dot sightsTrijicon RMR mountsTrijicon RMR sightsSounds like a wordy subject line but so many people find out the hard way that certain levels of eyesight mean you can’t see so well with some of the modern optics.  Eye relief is a big one for those that don’t like some of the Trijicon ACOGS because you do have to put your eye pretty close to get a sight picture while optics like the TA11H-G give you a little more eye relief but its a much larger platform to mount.   The Aimpoint Micro T1 got some negative responses recently because according to our customer that the red dot sight looked broken Fiber Optic Rifle OpticsRMR SightRM08G sights in stockor flared, we informed them that this isn’t a defect in the optic, it actually has to do with how the operator’s eyes view the red dot.   Sometimes it pays to walk in a store and look through and optic before dropping $600 bucks on one.

Recently I learned a lot about the differences between the Aimpoint, Bushnell, Eotech and Trijicon RMR sights and have pretty good knowledge on helping customers narrow down what they really should consider.   Knowing the dot size you want to go with is a good way to narrow your product options and knowing what type of battery life you are asking for.   The Trijicon RMR sights have been constantly expanding and are used on handguns as much as Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 shotguns as well as secondary sights on AR15s.  Sure they are expensive but giving the clarity, battery life, and far more precise red dots than many other manufacturers, you may find it actually useable when the other product you were looking for is not compatible.


Co-witness, flip up front, and rear sights

Magpul sightsIn this business there is always going to be a considerable amount of research to do unless you are buying based on experience.   It’s always a good idea to ask people that are using the equipment or call a manufacturer to get suggestions.   We sell a lot of sighting systems from Red dots, crosshair, donut and chevrons.   There are different ways to use lines and dots to gather information about range estimations and about different lighting situations.   Iron sights have been around a long time and there are, even with iron sights, different sight pictures for different reasons.  About 20yrs ago I started seeing more and more optics on AR15s and seeing “glass” on military weapons was just starting to become common.

After about a decade of optics being used, I started to see more and more people putting backup iron sights on their ARs and the optics started trending to zero magnification.    All those heavy barreled AR15s with ACOGS were nice, but that platform had it’s disadvantages at close ranges.   Magpul has been around for a little over a decade and the Magpul sights are being sold “with” a great many AR15 manufacturers.  Its seems their product line, and ingenuity, has been widely accepted.   Using red dots or Eotech sights gives you speed but anything with electronics built into it can fail, and having a flip up rear sight  isn’t going to add much weight or get in the way of your optic usage.   Front sights seem to be somewhat of annoyance to some people when using optics which is why, depending on you AR15 configuration, you can get one “without” the traditional front post sight.  Personally, I am not bothered by this and would rather have a fixed front sight rather than have to flip up two sights if an electronic optic goes down.


AR15 Complete Upper Receiver Piston designs

adams arms uppers9We get phone calls from customers maybe 1 out of every 500 we sell that ask us things that we thought were obvious to them when they purchased an upper receiver from us, but it didn’t click with them.  The reason your LWRC upper receiver came with a buffer spring is because YOU NEED to replace the buffer spring when  you go from a direct impingement design to a short stroke upper receiver.   The same thing happened we sold the Smith & Wesson 5.45×39 upper receivers and the LWRC M6AK uppers.   All of the 5.45×39 uppers we have sold so far came with a new hammer spring because you need more energy to strike the primers on the 5.45×39 ammo that most people were shooting.

We have been a parts dealer for LWRC for a long time now and still very big fans of their product line especially after taking a tour of the manufacturing facility.   In the last 2yrs we have to say the Adams Arms company has done a very good job of getting a durable piston design that is different than LWRC but seems to be well received.    All of the Adams Arms Uppers we sell are complete upper receivers and their 5.45×39 uppers have been the most hunted upper receiver in the last year.  If you look at the cost of the 5.45×39 ammunition in comparison to the 5.56 in cost, there is a big difference and  you’ll get the money back  on the upper receiver you purchased in just a couple thousand rounds.


DMR’s and Target ID

Trijicon ACOGsI recently watched a History Channel episode about the UZI and why the Israeli’s moved away from larger rifles like the FAL before most of the European Countries stuck with the G2 and FAL as primary rifles during the Cold War.   With the Foundation of the State of Israeli, urban engagements were the norm and even though the terrain would allow for longer range engagements the FAL proved to be an over kill and was not very well liked.   One of the soldiers mentioned that the FAL was a better sniper rifle but not very good for close engagements because of the recoil and weight of the rifle.   I would agree with that but the biggest draw back I find with the FAL is that it’s not very good for mounting optics.  I’ve had screws sheer off on my mounts after several thousand rounds of ammunition.

Now there are several reliable 7.62 battle rifles that are more easily become a Designated Marksmen Rifle and there are a lot of sturdy, yet expensive optics that better suit the ballistics of the 7.62 round.  Normally, the first step up from red dots and holographic sights are the Trijicon ACOGS because with a minimal amount of magnification at 3.5-4x you are going to to be able to better use of the round.   Trijicon has advanced to another level beyond the ACOG to the VCOG which also claims to be the first focal plane optic.   A designated marksmen has the role of being to engage targets at medium ranges and do the job that the 5.56 round doesn’t do as well.  I have had numerous stories from guys returning from Iraq that have mentioned that they used the magnification from their optics to ID wires that ran across streets to planted IED’s and that’s where Red Dots and Iron Sights don’t cut it.


It’s about the quality of the ammo you use, not just maintenace of a firearm

gun cleaning suppliesThere are a lot of myths about gun cleaning and one of them is that firearms need to be cleaned after every use.  I remember the times going to gun clubs with friends and some of them would bail out because they didn’t want to shoot on a rainy day and get their guns wet.   That cracks me up becaues 90% of the handguns, rifle and shotguns they own are all used in military style situations and can surely be used out in the field for long periods of times.   One reason composite firearms have an advantage in certain environments is their low maintenance and need for lubrication.    Over cleaning according to many expert firearm instructors can cause more damage than not cleaning it.

When comes to something like an AR15, it’s fact that lubrication has far more to do with proper function that cleaning it all the time.   I have a large cache of gun cleaning supplies and some of them are things I probable should throw away if they weren’t toxic.   I have been a big fan of M-Pro7  gun cleaning supplies although I have yet to test out any of the copper cutters or copper removers from them.  I really think I may  only have 1 gun that can benefit from it and it’s not something I’m really worried about because it’s still an MOA rifle.  There are lots of new cleaning kits and gun lubes for you to consider buying because the new gun oils ect.  really are much safer and better for you.


Elite Survival Systems tactical gear and range and duty bags

Elite Survival BagsThe first thing we tell people when pushing this product line on our customers is that the majority of their gear is made in the US.   This is not that common of a thing in most gun shows.  I’ve been to enough gun shows to have a closet full of the less expensive tactical nylon gear, holsters, bags ect and there is a noticeable difference in the material.   When we compare even 5.11 tactical nylon gear from cell phone cases for Blackberries, I-phone case, we see the differences in the clasps and the stitching.   We have a lot of people looking for range bags and if you want something that stows all of your gear so you don’t forget it on your range trips.  Check out there medium range bag, it’s really an awesome bag.

With about a 4yr relationship with this company they are are stable for Police Duty bags and even Department of homeland security and CIA and FBI customers.   The bags we stock are everything from Elite Survival bags for storing firearms like the M4 Roller or the Double agent dual rifle case.  This is  a great gun case for 3 gun shooters.   The Messenger bag is being used by many in the State Police as well as Fire and EMS personnel do to  the waterproof compartment that the bag has built into it. Utility pouches, Flight bags and hydration systems all in use and were even featured with some at the US Open here in Haverford Township.


It’s jacket and coat time! What CCW options do you have?

TruSpec jacketsWe still long for the SigTac jackets that were big sellers years ago but they are long gone.  Only the Woolrich Elite Series Twill Jacket has gained our respect, but we have been crossing our fingers and hoping for more tactical jackets and coat options from Tru-Spec.   Tru-Spec had somewhat have a B average with their jackets because so much of it was modeled after military style clothing and it was either better than military issued, or not as good.   There are plenty of 3 Star and 4 Star reviews about their outwear but from what we’ve seen for 2014 products, there are going to be better things coming your way from Atlanco.

I got a hold of the Tru-Spec Element Jackets and was very impressed with the fact they came out with a jacket that had a liner.   It seems that many of the TruSpec jackets made before like the M65 had a liner but were very much old school, and not something modern.  There seems to be a major face lift going on with the company and their new website shows us some of the new concealed carry jackets and many of our gun owners and Law Enforcement Communities are going to want.  The Tactical Softshell jackets have gotten 5 star reviews from our customers and many  have driven several miles to just stop in and try things on.


5.11 bags #1 for ems in our neck of the woods

5.11 bagsI still don’t know how to say who makes the best backpacks in this industry because every week we have another person asking if we carry a certain brand of bags.  From Maxpedition to US Patriot and Elite Survival and Voodoo Tactical.   We’ve checkout our Voodoo Tactical and Condor stuff for several years but we mostly stock the stuff that moves the quickest.  The 5.11 tactical product line has been out there for a very long time in the Tactical and Emergency Management world and lately the term “bugout bag” gets thrown around a lot but not everyone uses the same bags for the smae thing.   The Rush Messenger bag and the Bailout bag are used for these terms as well as “active shooter bags.

We have been stocking most of the higher end tactical nylon gear, namely anything made in the USA, but not everything we carry online is stocked here.  The most commonly asked about questions when it comes to tactical bags are the 5.11 bags like the Rush 12, Rush24 and Rush 72 Bags.  Many of our local customers are Paramedics and they use the Rush 24 and the Rush 72 bags in black or tan.   These bags have been through a few changes but we continue to stock the Multicam bags for all of these various sizes.  The 5.11 MOAB is also a very commonly sold, Online or In store pick up item.


Trijicon ACOGS too much magnification?

Trijicon ACOGSFor many in the Law Enfocement community, it’s really all about zero magnification which is why the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle optics and the Eotech 512 are so popular.  Since some of the local police departments are so well financed compared to others in the State of Pennsylvania, we have been getting asked for more and more tactical optics.  The Trijicon ACOGS are a little too much for most Law Enforcement not only because of the 4x optics but because they cost too much for many Cops.   We recently have moved more towards the RMR red dots and the Trijicon SRS sights to see how people locally would like that and we even kept a few of the TA26SR-10 optics on display with the newer TA44 red and green reticles.

With Trijicon’s Map Pricing policy, many of these optics are not sold out of our store for local customers compared to what we sell them for online.  The TA44 with a red or a green reticle are really considere mini Trijicon ACOGS since they are 1.5x and are very light weight.   The trend in this industry is still moving towards lighter and lighter optics although many in the Marine Corps or Army still prefer the Trijicon ACOGS that we have.   The TA31F-G is the green chevron but for engagements  under 100yds the Mini ACOGS are a battery less Trijicon optic that is a bit more expensive than a red dot but the circle dot has kind of a cross between the Eotech 65MOA circle dot system but without the batteries.

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