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Glock Factory Mags vs Magpul Glock PMAGs?

We recently started stocking some of the Magpul Glock PMAGS and are getting feedback from our customers.   I’m not sure if Glock is happy that Magpul is making mags for them because it looks like they are a winner with our customers.  I’m not an expert on the topic but we’ve seen several changes to PMAGS, AR15, AK, and Glock PMAGS and there have been some issues.  We are now up to 5 Generations of Glock handguns and there ALWAYS going to be variables.   Production variations in magwells, magazines, springs, ect have lead to issues in every firearm manufacturer.

There is a natural trend in our industry away from steel to polymer.   It’s all a technological and it’s the future, how many firearms are still sold with wood stocks? The savings of almost $10 or more per magazine is a big selling point and something I wish we would see with Sig Sauer.   Sig Mags tend to be in and around $40 per mag while Glock Factory Magazines are usually in and around $30 a mag.   The Glock PMAGS are about $15 a mag and from what we are seeing, they are getting good reviews from customers.   It’s always good to test magazines and ammunition out in your firearm before you rely on them but there are always variables and sometimes a need for a trip to a gunsmith.


Aftermarket magazines for Glocks, Should you deviate from Glock Factory Magazines?

Glock Factory MagazinesFor those of us that are old enough to remember the AWB and how expensive magazines for Glock were, we can appreciate the fact that trying to improve some aftermarket magazine to work in a CCW gun is long over as long as we have a Congress held by Republicans.  Glock magazines were going for close to $100 a mag if you wanted a Glock 17 or a Glock 19 mag.   I remember strolling the gun shows looking for used magazines for a Beretta 92FS and it was one of the few firearms where you could easily find used but in good condition mags.  Many 45acp guns became more popular because it was pretty rare to have a firearm that was chambered in 45acp that held more than 10rds.  I put myself in that same mentality and ended up getting a 1911 for just  that reason.

Many people seem to go overboard with the capacity issue and think they need higher capacity, but often high capacity means less reliability.  The majority of the people that order high capacity magazines need to replace the aftermarket magazine springs and followers to get what they want out of them.  In My opinion 15rds is pretty high for CCW and needing more than that in the gun means discomfort and weight.   Just carry a spare Glock Factory Magazine or leave it in your car as a place to retreat to if you are that concerned.  If you look at the statistics on self defense shootings, it’s rare that it’s more than single digits so why by the cheaper mags.  Rotate your magazines and use the aftermarket stuff as range mags and you’re fine.

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