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Gunvault Gun Safes finding one that suits you best

I’ve been working with Gunvault Gun safes for well over 20yrs, there have been design changes, improvements and even corporate changes.   There are several other brands out there but they may not be best for accessing a firearm quickly.   From my personal experience, there isn’t much of a need to keep a gun in a bedroom that isn’t locked up.  My biggest concern with bedside guns is, what if you aren’t in the house?  The bedroom is the first place the bad guys go for jewelry and other valuables, not leaving a gun around is a good thing.

Recently we have had several seminars in our store about Concealed Carry, people need to know that there are some places you can’t carry a firearm and you might have to lock your gun up in your car.   You also need to know how easy it is to break a window and grab that firearm that is stuffed under your seat.   The Gunvault gun safe that is a good fit as  a car safe is the Gunvault Nanovault.   They are in the $40 price range and you can use the wire cord to wrap around a car seat and through the safe to secure it.   Illegal guns end up on the streets through Straw Purchases or theft, so don’t make it easy for the bad guys.


Gun safety and threat levels

I am a big proponent of carrying firearms for self defense but even if someone is training with me I still will never tell them that they must carry a firearm at all times.   There are a lot of liabilities to carrying firearms and people with certain personalities and character traits can become a liability to the image of responsible gun ownership.  Each of us has a different job in life and some jobs are more dangerous.   Threats of retaliation from gangs is something that occurs when good citizens stand up against them and even recently in Philadelphia a woman was murdered for being a witness to a murder.  What a horrible situation Philadelphia has become.

There are different levels of maturity for each child and it’s up to the parent to determine when a child can handle certain tasks, but leaving firearms around where any child has access to them is a bad idea.  Gunvault gun safes has more than just gun safes for you to consider for home defense.   You can hide and lockup a Carbine or a shotgun if you are creative enough and still have easy access.   There are plenty of non-lethal devices to deploy around your home for young adults to consider in a hostile situation.  CO2 Fire extinguishers are a great example of something that could be used against a break in.

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