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Don Hume Leather Holsters, Pretty Darn Good if you ask me

WeDon Hume Holsters found out about Don Hume Leather Holsters much in the same way we find out about other products, customers ask us on the phone or in our store if we carry them.   Once we started testing out the various CCW holsters we had access too, the sales went through the roof and so many people told us they they heard good things about them and wanted to know if we could get more of them in.  Well, we did an haven’t looked back, some leather holsters especially from Desantis and Galco are very nice looking but you are going to be paying almost double for a similar holster and price points are pretty important in this industry, people just don’t want to blow a whole bunch of money on something if they don’t feel the need to.

Glock gun holsters are probable the biggest sellers and the H715 style Don Hume IWB holsters are the ones in highest demand.   I have several of the jit holsters and and an H715 for a j-frame revolver and they have do me well.   Glock handgun holsters, Sig Sauer handgun holsters and the 1911 are probable the most widely asked about in our store and the H721 belt holster with the exposed slots for the 1911 and Para Ordnance p14 are always on order with Don Hume Holsters.    We have had a few people say the finish wore off on them but that is something that when it’s tucked inside the waistband and you don’t have to report to someone complaining about your uniform isn’t going to be a problem.   Their pocket holsters have also been big sellers.  If price points matter to you check out Don Hume Leather Holsters the next time you need a gun holster.


The Glock 42, holsters and sight options

Elite Survival Systems HolstersIt’s safe to say that the Glock 42 is the big hit this year and everyone is scrounging to pick one up.   Hopefully, Glock Inc. designed the gun right and there aren’t any recalls on it, but in my opinion I doubt they’ll hav a problem putting a .380 pistol out there.   From what we are gathering, the gun is a hot item, but hardly anyone out there makes a holster for it yet.   New pocket guns seem to be the big draw because smaller usually meant more fragile and high maintenance, but technology seems to be advancing and that is changing.   We carry a lot of different Kydex and Leather gear, but  Elite Survival Systems tactical nylon gear is a staple in our product line because there are so many variables out there that the Elite Survival Belt Clip Holsters are the quick fix for our customers that walk in and just need a holster.

The belt clip holster is an ambidextrous holster and all  you need to do is pop the clip out and switch sides depending on whether you are right handed or left handed.   It is possible to use these Elite Survival Systems holsters as an outside the waist holster and for under $22 bucks, it’s a very versatile option.   They were the first ones to get the LCP holsters with the Crimson Trace Laser and are often a multi gun holster option.   Depending on the climate you are in, leather may not be a good idea because we’ve seen plenty of people rust out screws or barrels due to corrosion.  These are extremely popular holsters for Kahr Pistols, Ruger LCP, Ruger LCR and small to medium frame semi-autos.


Fobus holsters vs other paddle holsters, some thoughts from a retailer

fobus holstersI have several product lines that I have brought in for myself just because I knew I would probable end up buying several items from it for my own personal use.   One of those product lines is the Fobus  one and I can’t say it was because I was a huge fan of the entire product line, it’s just that they make an  extremely practical holster for a very low price.  I’ve been testing out a Safariland 6378 paddle holster and after a long break in, i do like it but there were some issues originally.  I have to say that as far as securing to my belt, I don’t find the Safariland holster to be more secure even though it’s a little more difficult for me to get off.  It may sound like a contradiction, but I had some issues with the gun pulling the holster off my belt when i was 90% sure the gun was secure.   It hasn’t happened since the holster was broken in, but when the gun was tight, it did happen.

The things people have told me they don’t like about the Fobus paddle holsters is they aren’t that strong, well, for most holsters, if you pull on certain parts of them, yeah, they can break and Fobus holsters aren’t exactly built like a tank.   I do think that they Fobus holsters that are the paddle design are very good for IDPA, winter carry, or even for your first 2 day training course.   Paddle holsters always seem to be more comfortable than IWB , but they aren’t always as secure.   Some of these holsters can be had with a belt loop design, but I’m not a huge fan of those.  If you know people are complaining about the lack of retention or adjustable tension, check out the Fobus E2 holsters, the bad thing about those is they aren’t making them for too many guns.


Fobus holsters are the best starting point for buying holsters

There are as many gun holsters out there to choose from but it’s always a good idea to have a few different style of holsters to give  you more diversity in the way you can carry a firearm.   Fobus holsters are designed for primary or secondary carry, they are our number one selling Competition shooting holsters and often get sold with concealment vests.  Glock Fobus holsters, Sig Fobus holsters, Beretta Fobus holsters and Springfield XD holsters.   The 1911 Fobus holsters  have no retention devices to disengage and make a great companion to the 1911.

Recently we held a Utah CCW course in our store and several of the people showing up were very new to firearm ownership.  They were completely oblivious to what type of holsters to use and we recommended starting off with the Fobus holsters like their paddle holsters.  These guns are very inexpensive and are often used in our new competition or defensive training.   For many medium or large frame firearms, if you are not sure if you want a customer kydex holster that costs $50 and up or you you don’t know if you want a leather holster, this is the best starting point.


Galco leather holster reviews

In the tactical accessories and tactical gear market, it’s not always about what is the best, it’s about what is the best for the job at hand.  Many gun holsters are not that practical and are good for backup situations but not primary.  Any gun is better than no gun, but ankle holsters and deep cover holsters that are tuckable might be your only option in some circumstances.  Galco makes a very comfortable ankle holster and the tuckable holster are one of our biggest sellers.

With gun holsters and accessories, there are so many well made products out there that it’s a testament to American ingenuity and creativity to how they are made and why they are made like that.   Galco holsters is probable the best direction someone can go for concealed carry and defensive shooting.   While many gun holsters may hold a niche market, Galco holsters are some of the nicest leather holster that don’t cost much more than one or two pistol magazines.  The Stow-n-go holsters are big for Concealed carry and not all of our Glock customers want a Kydex holster.   Sometimes a nice leather holster for a Glock is the way to go.


Different modes of carry doesn’t mean you should skip the holster

I am a firm believer that people should consider atleast 2-3 concealment options for each of their firearms.  Not all firearms can be carried in a pocket and some are too darn heavy for ankle holsters but just because it’s a small gun doesn’t mean it’s always meant to carried in  your pocket.   Inside the waistband is the best way for most firearms to be carried but it can also be the most  uncomfortable.  There are certain things you need to consider when carrying a firearm in this manor and I would highly recommend elastic waistband pants.

We will become a full line dealer for desantis  holsters in the coming weeks and Pocket holsters are something you should always consider for your pocket guns.   Pocket lint and tumbling can occur with firearms and the Desantis holsters that we recommend for LCP users is the Desantis Nemesis.  Sometimes people thing that since it’s a pocket gun, you don’t need a holster.   If you don’t use a pocket holster I guarantee you’ll need to cleanin your firearms more often.  Some lint will still collect on a pocket gun but usually just around the hammer and firing pin which can easily be cleaning up with a q-tip.



Nylon holsters from Blackhawk

Nylon holsters are always a good starting point for people to understand what it’s like to carry a firearm.   I have several of the older Uncle Mike’s gun holsters that I picked up at gun shows and they are all holding up.   The only reason I don’t use them is because I don’t find them to lock onto my gun belts as well as they should, so I’ve moved on.   To this day that is still one of the major reason I pass or fail a gun holster.   The gun angle or how deep it sits is a personal preference, but clip on belt holsters better be secure or they get an F.

I’ve picked up several of the Kydex holsters from Galco and was not very happy with them for the same reason I did not like some of the Uncle Mike’s clip on holsters.  The Blackhawk holsters like the Hip holster are pretty much the same.  If it works for you then use it, but they aren’t going to be the most secure.   Some of the Elite Survival holsters are better thought out and made in the USA so give them a shout.


Do you own that gun that’s hard to find a holsters for?

In a recent conversation about some of the new pocket guns from Ruger like the LCP and the LC9, many people are calling us up asking us if we have ANY type of holster for their guns.   Gun holsters have just gotten far more complicated in recent  years and even the guys  in the military have to go through some research to buy a holster.   Guns are sold with rails, without rails, some handguns have lasers on them and others want to keep a light on them.    You literally could have 3 or 4 of the almost identical holsters with just slight variations depending on how it is configured.   There are always customer holsters for those with the money to fork out, but not everyone wants to spend $80 on a holster.

One reason to stick with a handgun for CCW that has been out for awhile is getting replacement parts, gun grips, gun holsters and even ammunition might be a good idea.   Blackhawk holsters are probable our biggest selling holster, but they don’t have the versatility as a nylon holster maker like Elite Survival does.   Elite Survival has Made in the USA on their products but might be a little bit above Uncle Mike’s gun holsters and Blackhawk nylon holsters   or even the Blackhawk Omega holsters.   If you are looking for IDPA or a duty holster, the USMC has now adopted the Blackhawk Serpa Holsters as their primary retention holster.   I believe it replaced the M12.


Quit screwing around with your 1911s and they’ll work

There is no other firearm that I see so much tinkering with than the 1911, and no matter how much money you spend on one, you can still mess it up.   I absolutely do not believe that higher end 1911’s are tougher and more reliable than a loose fitting GI Mil-spec gun.    If you want that competition shooting gun, then shoot it in a competition, but if you want reliability, keep it simple and stop screwing around with it.   I have putt thousands of rounds through my GI 1911 guns and almost always use ball ammunition.  I’m messed around with semi-wad cutters for target shooting and got my guns to feed with them, so I know it’s possible to shoot something other than ball.

The gun magazines you use for your 1911 are the difference in running a reliable firearm.   From my experience GI 1911 magazines are meant to be used a few times and tossed on the ground.   They are not worth replacing gun springs on like Wilson Combat magazines.   The magazine bodies on many 1911s get dented and don’t hold up and will eventually just jam up the follower when it is working it’s way up.    The Wilson Combat Elite Tactical magazines or ETM, is a minor improvement for a few bucks more.   The magazine body is a little thicker with changes to the placement of the ammunition level window.   There are also numbers from 1-10 on the bottom of the magazine so you can just take a hi-lighted marker and number the mags with one stroke without damaging them.


More praise for the Blackhawk Serpa Holster

I recently got a customer phone call about the Blackawk level II leg holster.   This is our number one selling leg holster and there’s a reason why.   For many of the guys running competition shooting, this holster gives you free upper body movement with a carbine without having too much gear on your chest to snag a rifle sling.  Many of the rifle slings that you really should use on an M4 Carbine should be quick detach.   It’s nice to be able to secure a firearm to you, but bad things can happen when you can’t get your gear off.   Ask an EMT or medical technician about getting seat belts off of injured people and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

There is a quick detach mechanism you can install on your holster, but it’s a little hard to explain it without doing a video explanation.   One good thing about the Blackhawk holsters that I use is that I can swap anyone of them out on my drop down rig depending on which sidearm I want to use.  The one thing I have noticed about this type of leg holster is the flexible yet hard back keeps your gun in place when you are moving.  Some of the nylon versions of these holsters will wobble when  you walk and that might be a problem if your gun is not in place when you reach for it.

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