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Hunting Season is here and it’s time to sight in your guns

This is usually the time of year that I avoid gun clubs becaues the season shooters usually show up around now and sight in  their guns for deer season.  In Pennsylvania it’s almost time to put your crossbow down and pick up a rifle.   They have recently opened up many areas of the State to hunting with crossbows because firearms are too dangerous in the highly populated suburbs but but archery is something for those in better health and strength than others.  Crossbows do not take as much energy up as compound bows and many people with disabilities are actually taking advantage of the new rules and getting out for deer season.   Some crossbows now have really good sights and optics on them and you can even see that Trijicon has some nice sights and mounts for them.

Trying to find a good gun club or gun range that will allow you to sight in your gun for 100yds, sight in your crossbow and maybe shoot archery is hard.  Many people looking for a gun club listings in your State have a hard time getting email addresses or phone numbers to even get information.  Some gun clubs want to be off the radar but this actually hurts them in the long run when long time members die off and nobody even knows how to join up.   We’re doing some work to the website  but trying to do more than just talk about guns and tactical gear and get information out to people with feedback about gun range conditions and options.


Where to shoot?

There are some really good gun clubs out there but finding them is a hard thing.  Now that this whole Zombie apocalypse thing is going on, it’s actually a great way to find out where all of the cool ranges are.   Concealed Carry is a growing and more widely accepted thing unfortunately due to the changes we’ve seen in society certain people in society, namely small business owners are becoming the targets of crime.  Crime has always existed but certain crimes are on the rise.  Competition is a great way to train and I would actually highly recommend playing paintball.   Teaching people the importance of movement and cover and concealment are things that you learn in a basic game of capture the flag.

There are indoor ranges and outdoor ranges and range rules can vary dramatically.  While I would never want to bash a gun club, many gun club listings don’t give you all of the details but the best places are usually found out about by word of mouth.  Word of mouth is how some gun clubs really want to be found out by because they might not want to advertise where they are due to some States Political climates.   Some indoor pistol ranges are not very good for Carbine use and some outdoor ranges have very restrictive rules on magazine capacities.


Where to find a good place to shoot at?

Trying to find a good place to shoot long guns is hard, anyone living in an Urban environment is going to have trouble finding an out door range.  Many outdoor ranges near cities are very restrictive and even here in the Philadelphia region the ranges are just not any fun to be on because of the range rules.  I’m not saying you need to find a place to shoot full auto but a place that is safe to shoot at, has maintained target back stops and has a covered table means a lot to someone that likes to spend all afternoon there.

Range rules are important because violating them might make things very unsafe and good signs and nice people help too.   It took us a very long time to categorize the information but The Rally Point gun club listings because so many ranges have closed down or do not have websites that it’s hard to find information.  Some clubs don’t want to be on a map but that is kind of bad in the long run because most of the ranges will probable have little membership involvement and may eventually just die out.

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