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Visibility, Blindspots, Proficiency and the Smith Optics Elite Pivlock

Smith Elite PivlocksSometimes people get sticker shock when they see some of the prices on ballistic eyewear, but we always have to remind people this is insurance for the “what ifs” that can and do happen.   There are many combat veterans that are coming back with damage to their eyes due to fragmentation that occurs when bullets fly and bombs go off.   In the real world, a small fragment of rock or metal is all it takes to alter your life and wearing cheap stuff to the range that people use for weed wacking.   I actually ran  into some local customers recently that were wearing Smith Optics Elite Sunglasses on a Sunday trip to the local hardware depot because they were wearing them while doing lawn mowing and yard work, that’s getting your moneys worth!

In the real world of Law Enforcement, shooting ranges, and Military Operations, there are a lot of issues with fogging with eyewear from ballistic goggles, to Eyeshields.   In extremely active situations that is something that can as does occur and I have reports from many of the S.W.A.T Teams that operated during the aftermath of the Boston Bombings that had major complaints about moving from exterior to interior situations and ended up throwing there goggles off because they couldn’t operated proficiently indoors with the eyewear on.   Goggles can be very clunky and also have a lot of blind spots due to the frames being so large so the reality is that ballistic protection with high visibility is really the best thing to look for.  The new Smith Elite Pivlock has two lense sizes, the Pivlock V2 and the Pivlock V2 Max, check out the video attached to the product to see how easily the lense interchange and the lense and kit options.


Ballistic Eyewear and fit issues

smith optics elite eyewearIt amazes me the improvements and advances body armor has made over recent years and how the military issued stuff has trickled down to Law Enforcement and Civilian use.   Plenty of people that have money carry guns and sometimes want body armor because being have a certain amount of money opens you and your family up to home invasions, hostage taking and kidnapping.   People that live in the limelight are also sometimes the targets of some of the professional criminals and total wack jobs.   All you have to do is look at what happened to John Lennon and the background of the person behind the attempt at killing President Reagan.   Ronald Reagan was actually suppose to be wearing a bullet proof vest on the day he got shot and choose  not to have it on that day.

Police Officers are often called to the scene of dangerous situations and you don’t always hear about all of the casualties that can occur besides stabbings and shootings.  Sometimes Police end up with Hepatitis C if they got stuck with a needle or lost an eye because they didn’t have ballistic eyewear on like the Smith Optics Elite eyewear  that we have been carrying.   The tactical sunglasses we sell are very well received by local Law Enforcement because they can walk in our store and try them on.  All of the 6 tactical sunglasses we sell have different fit and it’s not one of those things you just buy online.   We have a very high satisfaction level from our customers that are wearing them.


All safety eyewear is not the same, and you don’t want to make mistakes!

Smith Optics Elite eyewearThere are plenty of stories out about guys being deployed to Iraq or over sears and having eyewear on and then finding out later that the eyewear they were using did not have any ballistic safety rating.  Sure you can wear regular sunglasses on a firing line and you might think that’s all you need, and statistically you probable are fine, but in high risk line of work, things fly around during gun fights or in military engagements that aren’t always lead.   Go to a rifle range and put a 55gr bullet into the ground right in front of a paper target and check out the bumber of holes that will be on the paper from rocks or sticks that flew up from the bullet strike and blew through the paper target.  Sure the human body is not made of paper but that means cuts or scraps and if you get hit in the eyes, that can mean you have lost an eye.

We’ve tested lots of eyewear out over the years and ESS, Revision, Oakley all have their good points and are all good at protecting your eyes but Smith Optics Elite is a new product line that gives you another option.   Like much of the tactical industry, it’s about preference not  just quality and Smith Optics Elite Eyewear has an ever expanding product line, from tactical goggles, turbo fan goggles, the Boogie Regulator that are very low priced but very popular for training.   The Smith Optics Elite protective sunglasses are my favorite due to the durability and ease of maintaining the lenses.  This an a great factory warranty means getting your moneys worth.


Boogie Regulators best bang for the buck

The Boogie Regulator opens up our eyewear product line to something new and general inexpensive eyewear.   Some ballistic eyewear might not work for you due to the design and frame and that’s why it’s always nice to be able to walk into a stocking Smith Optics Elite dealer.   The Boogie Regulator is an easy product to wear because there are multiple ways of wear it.  Check out the above Youtube video for the Smith Optics Elite boogie regulator goggles accessory.

The boogie regulator comes in 3 different lense designs, there is no frame to have interchangeable lenses so you might need to buy more than one.  These ballistic goggles are available in clear, gray and ignitor. These Smith Optics Elite goggles are the most practical thing to wear while riding a motorcycle, taking a Carbine or Defensive firearm course, send them off to your kids in the Military or give it to your Dad for Father’s day.

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