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Where to find a good place to shoot at?

Trying to find a good place to shoot long guns is hard, anyone living in an Urban environment is going to have trouble finding an out door range.  Many outdoor ranges near cities are very restrictive and even here in the Philadelphia region the ranges are just not any fun to be on because of the range rules.  I’m not saying you need to find a place to shoot full auto but a place that is safe to shoot at, has maintained target back stops and has a covered table means a lot to someone that likes to spend all afternoon there.

Range rules are important because violating them might make things very unsafe and good signs and nice people help too.   It took us a very long time to categorize the information but The Rally Point gun club listings because so many ranges have closed down or do not have websites that it’s hard to find information.  Some clubs don’t want to be on a map but that is kind of bad in the long run because most of the ranges will probable have little membership involvement and may eventually just die out.


Getting out this Spring

Gun ClubsSometimes knowing what you’re load is isn’t enough to get you on paper and 600-1000yds.   Paying attention to crosswinds and terrain will give you that extra improvement to avoid misses.   Its not about just bullet drop at those distances, knowing when to pull the trigger and paying attention to your target is what makes you an expert.


Spring is just around the corner and after a long winter like this one, I know you’ve probable been itching to get out to a gun clubs and test out some of the loads you’ve been working on while stuck in your home.   A few months ago I was lucky enough to get out to a 1000yd range here in Ohio and get expert advice on long distance shooting.   Sometimes you learn quicker when in the company of the experts instead of just trial and error on your own.


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