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Being prepared for the range and investing in Range Bags

Just this past weekend I had the opportunity to bring one of my kids to the range,  while somewhat prepared and organized we decided we were going to bring rifles.   With all of my experience I’ve learned to have things packed up and organized in specific bags because I’ve had plenty of past experiences of showing up at a range with the wrong ammo, wrong magazines, forgetting to bring magazines, and the worst, forgetting to bring the stapler for hanging targets.  One of my old ranges was notorious for not being maintained and I open showed up without being able to hang my targets on anything so I  had to bring a backup.   There are plenty of things you can do wrong if you are packing up multiple calibers and when it’s time to go home,  if you are disciplined in packing you are going to lose your magazines,  your stapler and your sight in tools.

Sometimes people get sticker shock when they see gun cases outside of Uncle Mike’s and Bulldog but buying there is a lack of logic when spending money on $2500 rifles and not wanting to spend $100 on a rifle case.  The same goes for people with a lot of firearms and not buying decent range bags means losing money and time.   This Elite Survival Range Bag is hands down the first thing we suggest when people don’t want cheap.  This bag comes in 3 different sizes and the medium is the most popular.  For people in competiti.on sports the Elite Survival Range Roller is a must and the newer Load Out Range Bag will get listed shortly.   Keep it organized and make your range trips more organized.


Tactical Nylon Gear response from customers

We enbulldog gun casesdlessly have customers walk in our doors and ask us simple questions that always need follow  up questions.   Tactical gear is so specific to the job that is being done that we really need to know what you want before we can give you an answer.   Questions like ” I need comfortable holster” are so general and preference driven that we can’t really answer that.  Some of the more comfortable holsters are usually the leather/Kydex hybrid holsters but some people just find that too cumbersome to put  on that they give it a pass.  I’ve used the Galco Kingtuk holsters for a Sig 228 for over a year and it has not broken while several other kydex holsters I’ve used have broken on me.

Nylon gear can be broken down into two categories when it comes to marketing, MADE in the USA and NOT MADE in the US.    People look at some nylon gear and thing it’s too expensive so they go for the Bulldog gun cases or sometimes Uncle Mikes.   All of these brands have their pros and cons but it sometimes just boils down to your personal preferences and your budget.  I’ve used gun socks and the economy gun cases as well as some of their pistol rugs and I basically feel like a spent a few bucks at a grocery store instead of feeling like I walked  out of a jewelry store.  Cell phone cases, wallet id badges and range bags be very different and it’s up to you if you want a bug out bag or a pistol or rifle oriented product.


The differences between all of that tactical nylong companies

bulldog gun casesI will admit first off that we sell a ton of nylon gear, bags, molle and holsters from a great many manufacturers.   There are differences in quality and you do get what you pay for, but the truth of the matter is that nylon is not going to cost you what some of the leather or customer kydex holsters are going to so you are more than likely going to get a less expensive item.   We  have a large selection of belt clip  holsters because so many people come into our store and need a holster but they don’t really have any particular brand or style.   Some of the IWB holsters are ambidextrous and this pretty common in this industry.   We have Bulldog, Uncle Mike’s, Elite Survival Systems and even some of the Voodoo tactical products.  Some of the range bags from Bulldog are very simple and there products are reasonable priced.

Instead of using a rifle sock, I’m a big fan of the Bulldog Economy gun cases because they offer more protection and have handles and they are practically in the same price range is a rifle sock.   I usually transport my 22 Caliber rifles or my Remington 870 shotgun in my Bulldog gun cases because they are very long but not high value rifles so there is no need for me to drop $100 on a heavily padded rifle case because I have $2000 tied up with a carbine and it’s fancy Trijicon ACOG optics.  There are several range bags, gun cases, pocket holsters, shoulder holsters and even some tactical holsters that are definitely pick me ups.


Gun case options, stop in and check them out

gun is your source for Allen, Bulldog gun case, Gun Guard, Pelican, Uncle Mike’s, Blackhawk, TacForce SKB and other Tactical Rifle or Gun Cases. Some of our gun cases can be used for protecting or storing your firearm while in transit to your favorite shooting range. Some of our gun cases, rifle cases and pistol cases are good for organizing your hunting and gun gear in your closet or gun safe. Gun Cases can vary in price depending on your level of protection and accessories.

Tactical Rifle Cases are a great way to organize your semi-auto rifles. Rifle cases can hold anywhere form 2-4 rifle magazines. They also can have pockets for holding sight in tools or other shooting accessories. Soft gun cases are probable the best cost effective way of protecting and organizing your M4 Carbine or AK variant. You may even be able to store some of your ammo. For higher end rifle with expensive optics, try selecting a hard case incase your gun is at risk of being tossed around.


Buying what you need and not what you don’t need for your firearms

allen gun casesThere are huge differences in the material and protection that you will get from various gun case manufacturers.  We have a showroom here in Pennsylvania where all you have to do is pick up one of the rifle cases and squeeze it and  you’ll feel better knowing your $2000 AR15 , Optics and flashlight is going to take a few clunks and still be protected.  We still get people walking in looking for items such as the Allen pistol rugs because they only need it for transporting and don’t want to drop $100 on a fancy range bag or spend $40 on a pack.  I’ve never gotten into the pistol scope thing but many people are using the Trijicon RMR optics on their guns.

If you want an easy fix for gun transport the gun socks are great for shotguns or rifles that don’t have optics on them.   I keep several of these around as well as other Allen gun cases for my Russian SKS rifles and my Remington 870.   The Russian SKS can take a few dinks to the stock because it’s already pretty roughed up an I’m not so concerned about scratches.  The Assault rifle bags are fairly inexpensive and for someone that wants to keep their magazines organized these are a great way to keep your stuff together.


Gun holsters on a budget

We never bash brands unless we really have issues with them, whether it’s quality control or ridiculous product pricing.   There are some brands we have dropped over the years, mostly gun accessories because the amount of breakage was too high and we got tired of hearing it from our customers.  Many of the gun cases or gun bags we sell are made in foreign Countries and are reasonable priced, but some people just won’t buy products that aren’t made in the United States.   We’ve seen some gun  holster companies be forced to manufacture certain products in Asia because the restrictions and costs were too high here.

When you need a gun holster for your handgun or your rifle, we know that not everyone wants to spend $100 on a gun case because the gun may have only cost you $200 and $30 bulldog gun cases are all you need.  Nylon gun holsters can vary in quality and features but we leave it up to the customers to decide if they want to spend the money on Bulldog, 5.11, Blackhawk, Elite Survival or the well known Uncle Mike’s gun holsters.  All of those pretty much give you what you pay for them.  For higher end firearms you might want more protection for your gun and $100 gun cases will give you that.


Keeping gun storage and transportation a simple thing

Not everyone is going to need to justify spending $100 on a gun case for every rifle that they own.  Now that I have over 20yrs of experience under my belt in breaking things and wearing them out.   We have been taking on more and more inventory of the Elite Survival Systmes rifle cases and the Cover Operations Gun cases are some of the best high end gun cases for anyone carrying a $2000 rifle and $1200 optic.  The gun case design is outstanding and the foam lining is superior do all of those similar looking gun cases that cost about half as much.

When we take stuff to the range one of the main things we want to do is protect the finish of the firearm.   Secondly depending of the cost of the firearm something as simple as the Bulldog gun cases like the  pistol rug are hot sellers for transporting handguns.  If you have a scoped handgun these  might work for  you also. Some of them for about $10 get the job done don’t take up a  lot of storage space when you are unpacking and putting things away.   Hard cases may protect your firearm better but they can take up more space and make it harder to hang up or stack up.


Soft gun cases with versatility and for a decent price

Everytime I walk out of a gun shop with a new long gun I try to make sure that I have  soft gun case available if I have to take several guns to and from the range.  There have been times I’ve packed things wrong and a few times ended up putting dents in areas that I shouldn’t have.  Not everyone can afford to spend $100 on a customized gun case although some firearms really demand this.  If you want to pack up your pistols and don’t want to have to put too much thought into which size gun bag to get.  Just spend $8 on a bulldog gun case and you’re all done.

Not every trip to the ranges demands and SKB gun case with multiple pouches or accessories.  When I pack up my handguns or better yet, when I’m only bringing one or two handguns these Bulldog gun cases like the pistol rug, hardly burn a hole in your pocket and give  you enough protection for reasonable bouncing around. You might even be able to pick up the bulldog cell phone case for you.  Bulldog also  has a molded pistol case which can give you even more protection.


Something to think about when buying a rifle case

One thing people tend to forget about when they are packing up all of their guns and gear for a shooting match is how heavy everything gets when you load up all of the pockets.   I’d say that about 90% of assault rifle cases I own have stowed and empty rifle magazines and people forget there is a difference between 5 empty Pmags in a gun case and a rifle case with 150 rds of 5.56 ammo.   Especially if you have using 75gr ammunition.   I learned the lesson about ammo weight when I went to a gun show and tried to leave with a thousand rounds of 7.62×39 ammunition and 1000rds of .223.   It was impossible for me to carry it and I learned to appreciate the 5.56 ammunition.

When it comes to choosing a rifle case for a battle rifle, I think it’s really a good idea to consider a drag bag.   That gun is heavy enough and even the designer of the FAL knew that it would be more comfortable to carry that gun with a carry handle than over your shoulder at times.   When it comes to carry 15-20lbs or more, you really gotta carry on your back.    Gun cases may come with a strap, but a drag bag is meant to be thrown over both shoulders.   I have a really nice rifle/drag bag from Elite Survival Systems and use it for my DMR configured DSarms FAL STG 58.


Getting into a good firing position

There are plenty of times that I have wondered why  certain people even bothered to spend so much money on firearms when they were afraid to get them dirty or wet.  There is nothing wrong with being a bench rest shooter because that in itself is a skill of it’s own.   Some people don’t realize how much talent it takes to make a bullet, and the hard thing to do is make multiple bullets hit the same impact point.   I have moved away from bench rest shooting because I’ve found my accurate loads for most of the 45acp, .308, .303 and 30/06 loads I shoot.  If you really want to become proficient, you really have think about getting off the bench.  Using a rifle sling is important, but it’s not the only option.

Serious tactical shooting skills will require you to get off a bench rest, but learn how to make your own in the field.  I have a few good shooting mats that work as rifle cases and they can unzip and fold out to be shooting mats.   I suggest getting a good backpack that can act as a shooting rest and if you learn to get yourself into good physical condition and be able to move your body, you should be able to stay in the position and shoot accurately.   The US Peace keeper shooting mat is 72″ long and 36″ wide and will give you something to lay on other than mud and dirt.

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