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Elite Survival Holsters worth checking out

Elite Survival Systems is one of a few companies we are a dealer for that I personally used their products before we actually carried them.  Just about all of their gun cases are in my personal inventory and many of their holsters.    Some people frown on leather holsters, but it all depends on what your needs are.   Nylon holsters hold up better in some climates much better than leather.  Have you ever seen a leather plate carrier? Nylon has more abilities to be modular and there recently have been some changes to the Elite Survival Holsters that are worth mentioning.

Number one, the Elite Survival Pocket Holsters have been remade with a slightly different finish, I used their previous design for several years and it held up well for only being $12.   There are some preferences that people have voiced about comparisons in pocket holsters, but we have gotten very little complaints about their designs.    The Elite Survival Holsters that we move a lot of, are the BCH or Belt Clip Holsters.   Recently, a removable belt clip strap has been added to this design and makes it a versatile, IWB, IWB with retention, or OWB, or OWB Retention holster.  The belt clips they use can be changed to make it a right handed or left handed holster.  The Elite Survival Ankle Holsters and Elite Survival Shoulder holsters have very comfortable designs and we have a 99% satisfaction rate while many other Ankle Holsters and Shoulder Holsters get returned.


Rumors abound about Woolrich Elite Series Tactical

tactical pantsWe’ve heard some recent and credible rumors floating around the gun community that the Woolrich Elite Series Tactical line is being sold off.   It’s pretty obvious that the product line was basically smothered by the corporation but it seems that there were too many good products in the line to not have someone with investment potential to rebrand and relaunch the product line.  We heard rumors like this from The Eotac line and both companies were basically started by the same person.   I would like to see some production changes in the line because there were some stark product differences as far as function and durability, but those were slight.  We’ve been getting our feet in other angles of the tactical clothing industry but there was too big of a customer base for it to just disappear.

There regular clothing lines that you see in shopping malls just isn’t going to have the function you need and there is a good possibility that you will either ruin some of the clothing or get unwanted surprises.   What I mean by this is if you are pocket carrying a sidearm in a regular clothing pant poket there is a good pants it’s going to wear through quicker, a good  pair of tactical pants is going to have a ripstop pocket to increase durability.   I’ve had keys from my car wear through pants and the last thing I want is a magazine or a gun wearing through. Other things to think about are how the pockets are sown shut, tactical pants are not sown to the seams which prevents a device like a knife, gun, magazine or flashlight from falling out when you lean back in a chair.  I’ve seen and felt it happen with regular jean pants so be careful, hopefully the rumors we are hearing are true about Woolrich Elite Series Tactical.


Short sleeve ccw options, check out Woolrich Elite

When summer rolls around it’s usually time to put the full size auto away and switch over to your compacts and smaller frame guns.  The Hawaiian shirt thing doesn’t work for skinny guys and I’m sure we’ve all seen the movies where the undercover narcotics officers are wearing them.  The bad guys know you have a gun tucked in there and they probable won’t be surprised to see the muscular and fit guy with the shirt and sunglasses is a narcotics officer. After that, if you don’t wear an untucked t-shirt you’re probable going to end up having to pocket carry.

Everyone of the tactical clothing companies has it’s pros and cons and some of the fit and designs are really just personal tastes.   The one company we’ve been very impressed with when it comes to CCW shirts are the Woolrich Elite CCW Shirts especially the short sleeve ones for this time of year.   I personally have been very happy with my ability to pocket carry a j-frame, tuck a shirt in and still be able to pack a Streamlight tactical flashlight and my gerber pocket knife all in my ccw shirt.   I’ve seen a few of the Blackhawk and 5.11 attempts at making tactical shirts but they just didn’t work for me.



Winter CCW Shirt Options

There have been several occasions at this time of  year where I’ve walked out of the house and into the freezing cold Winter temperatures and had on a sweatshirt and jacket.  By the time the car warmed up and I was on my way, I had to turn the car temperature all the way back down because it got too warm.  When I got to the mall to start my Christmas shopping, I was so darn hot that I was stopping to buy a drink and feel very uncomfortable.  This is one of the biggest problems the whole concealed carry jacket market seems to forget.

If you’ve dressed with a holster that is outside the waiste and you were intending to have the gun covered by the jacket, you’ll have problems.   The best advice I would have is to wear a base layer like Under armour and a heavy shirt like the Woolrich Elite CCW shirts like the Oxford long sleeve.  This shirt is a  long sleeve shirt that gives you an out layer to wear over a firearm and still carry flashlights, knives ect in the front pockets.   There is a hidden pocket behind the front pocket that is very easy to access.  If you pocket carry a j-frame, this is a great place to store a reload or pepper spray.


Somebody needs to make a decent pair of denim CCW pants

I’ve seen a few companies attempt to do it, but nobodies done it right.  Woolrich Elite made the 4909 Denim jeans, but the color and cut was not very popular although the idea was good.   I know Woolrich has since discontinued the jeans, but they were pretty close to doing something really good.   Eotac which was basically a newer version of everything that Woolrich Elite had out did a better job, but it still could have been better.   There were more than a few complaints about the thighs being too tight on many of the early productions.

I believe there were only 2 production runs on the Eotac 205 pants, and the latter made the changes, but it still wasn’t quite right.   The other issue was although the side zipper pockets were liked, the back pockets were over done and they looked too much like tactical pants from the back.  If there was just a ID pocket, they would have almost been perfect for CCW.   The  5.11 covert pants were just horrible for CCW.   CCW pants really should just mean big pockets and comfort for carrying a firearm, not this hidden pocket crap all around the inside of the pants, which made retrieving gear almost impossible.  What’s the point?


Glocks and IWB carry

Maybe I’m not that experienced with carrying Glocks for concealed carry, but I often find them to be more comfortable being carried in a leg holster or paddle  holster.   The same goes for revolvers, I rarely see people carry any type of revolver in a holster.   Peoples tolerances for carrying can drastically vary due to body sizes.   When I got serious about moving away from a Taurus T85 38 Special and was looking for a durable semi-auto with more punch, but not much larger, I came to the conclusion that it was either the Glock 26 9mm or a Sig 239.  The Sig 239 won out because it was slightly thinner, but not really a lighter gun.

When you are deciding on a firearm, don’t worry about the weight of the gun.   If you get a good gun belt you shouldn’t notice weight as much as you will notice the size of the barrel.   I still find the 1911 to be one of the most comfortable guns to carry because it has such a thing frame and is balanced very well, but my Wilderness 5 stitch instructor belt supported it so well I couldn’t tell the difference between my Sig 239 and a 45acp full size 1911.  I tried on various Don Hume holsters, Galco holsters and Bianchi and found the Don Hume and Galco had a lot of good options.   It’s good to find a dealer that has  a return policy where you can try it out in your own home and then return it if you have any issues with the fit.


Tactical clothing and gun holsters

I recently took a swing by several big gun shops and picked up a few products from tactical clothing companies that I was unfamiliar with.   I do think that many of the top tactical clothing companies are much better than the stuff that was being made years ago.   Clothing manufacturing has gotten better in many regards.   I have several BDU pants from Army Navy stores, but I just can’t stand wearing them anymore.   The hand pockets are too small and the BDU pockets are too flimsy.    If I want BDU pants,  The Eotac Style 201 Pants are the way to go.   If I want to wear denim jeans, I’m going to go with one of the tactical jeans from 5.11, Woolrich Elite or Eotac.

One thing I didn’t like about the 5.11 jeans was that the hand pockets were not any larger than my regular jeans which completely eliminates the possibility of pocket carry.   I had a j-frame 38 Special in the pocket and the handle was showing.   I find this to be a real short coming even though the internal pockets that can stow guns or magazines.   I find these pants to be concealed carry friendly to some degree, but they really were missing some features.   I don’t like the fact that there isn’t spot in the right side at about 3 o’clock that would be gun holsters for most right handed individuals.   Even though I think some of the 205 jeans are a little over designed with the rear pockets, I think pocket carry is really important for CCW wearers and the 5.11 jeans isn’t for that.  The 5.11 jeans can hold your wallet or money, but that’s about it.


Some say that a shoulder rig isn’t good CCW

Some say that a shoulder rig isn’t a good way of concealing a firearm, but I’d have to say that I think it’s the most comfortable way to carry a medium size auto.   There are considerable differences in the fit of each should rig, but I have actually found that Bulldog and Uncle Mike’s have made some really nice holsters that are very inexpensive.   If you are wearing a good gun belt you won’t have any bunching up where the straps latch on and if you are carrying a firearm in the winter, this can help free up the room around your belt line and give you some other jacket options that aren’t full length.

Galco gun holsters are still making the popular Miami should rig, but I’m not a big fan of the horizontal holsters.   These are banned at most of my CCW courses because it’s hard to actually use the holster and not sweep someone behind you if you are on the firing line.   I prefer to carry large size Sig Sauer pistols when I know I will be wearing a jacket full time and I like to carry them in something other than inside the pants gun holsters. I have recently picked up a Sig 229 in .357 Sig that I hope to get some good practice time in.  I don’t think it’ll be much of a big change from going from a Sig 228 9mm to a Sig 229.   There is a noticeable amount of weight but a whole bunch more punch.


Concealed carry pants and backup weapons

tactical pantsI still run into friends that laugh at the whole concealed carry market and say that the pants and shirts all look tactical and not very concealed carry.   There are arguments all over the internet about not wearing camoflauge while carrying a gun or wearing anything that makes you look like you’re packing.   Well, I’ve spotted plenty of off duty cops that were wearing t-shirts and jeans, but the shaved heads and the polite manners basically gave away the fact they were LEOs, so how do you hide that?

Here’s the realty,  keep your eyes open, situational awareness is more important that what type of clothing you are wearing.   I agree that looking like a SWAT team member with tactical pants  might make you a primary target if you are in the middle of a bank robbery, but if you spotted the bank robber first and left the building or confronted him before he confronted you, who cares what you are wearing.   In this day and age, with so many pocket guns ect.  many regular clothing designs are not comfortable to use if you are carrying mace or firearms and accessories.  The Eotac style 205 pants have side zipper pockets that can hold firearms or mace and are very good for backup weapons.   The Kimber Guardian angel works very well in these pockets and although there are other similiar looking pants out there, these look more like men’s jeans and feel like them wear other tactical pants or concealed carry looking pants are a purplish blue and not very manly looking.


White Color CCW options

Galco HolstersSuggestion for CCW are always need to be preceded by “for what environment”.   Yes defending yourself from a BG is why you are carrying, but there are so many ways to carry a firearm that there is not a do everything gun.   We don’t want to carry the smallest capacity and caliber into known hostile environments, but we have to be careful we aren’t overdueing it.   What do I mean?  I know what to look for when I am wondering if somebody might be packing.   I’ve seen gangsters and drug dealers adjust their pants in the same spot and seem to move things which is a dead giveaway that they are packing.

Someone in a white color environment with an untucked shirt is also going to stand out and if you are packing a gun that is too heavy, an experienced observer is going to notice you adjusting yourself.   It is very common for those in a suite and tie to carry in a pocket, but one other option to consider are Galco Holsters called an Ankle Glove.   There is a bit of training that must go with ankle carrying, but it’s worth looking into.

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