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Shotguns and rifles and magpul stuff

For those looking to attach gun accessories to the versatile M4 family of rifles, put some thought into the type of accessories you are looking to put on your firearm like, tactical flashlights, lasers, Streamlight flashlights or surefire. Many of these M4 Carbine accessories are very versatile so make sure you know the flashlight tube you are planning on using before you buy. There are many firearm enthusiasts that have piles of holsters in their closets and flashlight mounts or optic mounts that didn’t work for them. It pays to try things on before you buy.

Shotguns are as easily accessorized as the AR15 family of firearms as well as many AK style rifles. Many of our Magpul accessories are very popular with our customers that prefer the Remington 870 as a home defensive weapon. Troy gun sights, front sights and rear sights are our number one gun sights. We sell many type of rail covers for the Midwest forearms. If you are looking for a fun way to move your Mini 14 carbine from a coyote gun to a blasting Carbine, the Butler Creek folding stocks are as cool to own as they are fun to shoot. Not to mention they make storing your guns in your gun safe a lot easier


Where to find a good place to shoot at?

Trying to find a good place to shoot long guns is hard, anyone living in an Urban environment is going to have trouble finding an out door range.  Many outdoor ranges near cities are very restrictive and even here in the Philadelphia region the ranges are just not any fun to be on because of the range rules.  I’m not saying you need to find a place to shoot full auto but a place that is safe to shoot at, has maintained target back stops and has a covered table means a lot to someone that likes to spend all afternoon there.

Range rules are important because violating them might make things very unsafe and good signs and nice people help too.   It took us a very long time to categorize the information but The Rally Point gun club listings because so many ranges have closed down or do not have websites that it’s hard to find information.  Some clubs don’t want to be on a map but that is kind of bad in the long run because most of the ranges will probable have little membership involvement and may eventually just die out.


Gun magazines and tactical vests and accessories

Every time you make a modification to a firearm you might have to either learn how to adapt to the the changes with your body or move things around.  I have always preferred to use a standard rifleman grip when shooting an AR15, but I stepped into the M4 Carbine world and messed around with various styles of foregrips.   I tried the Magpul, CAA, and some others that I can’t seem to remember.   I had a folding fore grip that I liked a lot but after about a year of using it, I noticed that it was cracking around the screw that locks it on and that was a real bummer because I didn’t trust the setup anymore.

Recently I started messing around with the Magpul products because we sell so much of them that I ought to start learning about them.  The Magpul accessories for the AR15 are very tough and I have yet to have anything break or crack on me.  All firearm accessories will break if you slam them around enough, but some products out there just royally suck.   One thing that I am in a bit of  a bind about is what to do about light placements.   There are some very unique flashlight mounts out there and they can really move the lights out of the way of your hands and give you more space to move especially during weapons transitions.


Finding a place to try thing out

We  have heard people say for years now that they wish they knew a place where people could go to try on various tactical pants or concealment holsters and not have to deal with ordering things online.   I’ve had enough experience shopping for clothing online for women to know that images and color swatches don’t always tell you what a product is because there are still many variances that can cause you to see a color wrong.  Not everyone sets their computer monitors to the same standards and the differences between a light green and a lime color may be an issue on your side of the screen and not the other.

When it comes to gun accessories and gear, sometimes its the time of the year and the way you hold a firearm that determines your comfort.  Sometimes people pick up magpul accessories and start complaining about how something feels and people forget that at one time your first 22LR probable didn’t fit your shoulder either.  Sometimes you have to grow into a firearm and others you have to adjust to.   There are different ways to hold a Carbine in a fighting position and some shooting positions are not comfortable for very long.   Start off simple and add on as you need to.  If you have too much of an issue with accessorizing your firearm, get another gun.



Fall Special on LWRC Upper Recievers

The news coming from LWRC this Fall is that the new Lightweight Stretch upper has replaced the older M6 LWRC rifle.   There is very little different about this upper than the M6.   The LWRC Lightweight upper comes standard with the Magpul MOE Handguard.   It took me awhile to figure out what the big deal was when all of the MOE stuff started showing up.   Sometimes it’s a royal pain to have to research all of the new products that come out around this time of the year because we know that people are going to call about them and we try to look as smart as we can.   If you haven’t know it by now, gun accessories, primarily for the AR15 fill the void for the guys that grew up and stopped playing with LEGOS.

Some of this stuff really does improve the fit and feel of a firearm and lightening your Carbine without weakening it a great thing.   As anyone in the military if they could change something on their M16 to take off 8 oz and they will tell you it’s a good thing.   We recently got in the new LWRC uppers for sale that is the lightweight stretch upper.  This gun comes with the New Magpul MOE stock which is all stock with rail attachments.   There is an aweful lot of un-used weight on many M4 Carbines and the Quad rail thing is great if you are using it, but most people don’t.



Military handguns and gun grips

I know several first hand bitchin and moaning concerning both the 1911 and Beretta 92FS or both.   I rarely engage in these arguments because I am experienced enough to know that people have preferences and forcing someone to carry a firearm that does not fit them very well is not wise.   I expect that the military will eventually move towards an handgun that is more versatile as far as adjusting to varying hand sizes much in the way that the M4 Carbine is adjustable for various operators.

The guns that seem to have improved operator control with gun grip changes were the Sig family of firearms.   There is something serious lacking in the factory grips because in my humble opinion they feel too slippery and that is not something I think is good.   Every Sig that I have seen in a Defensive Training course had altered gun grip and everyone was using the Hogue pistol grips, wrap around, finger grooves or standard ones.   My Beretta 92FS felt smaller by putting finger groove grips on it and the Sig 239 I own feels like it’s suppose to, an extension of my hand.



Improving what you already have

There is nothing wrong with putting some money into the firearms you already own.   For some reason people think that putting a $100 gun stock on an SKS is a waste because you’re spending close to 30% more on your investment.   Well, I am one who  has come to the conclusion that firearms should be customized to the operator.   The good thing about the stock options you have today are many of them are adjustable.   I remember when I was a teenager and many of the rifles that I was shooting were too long for me, now I have trouble getting kids to shoot some of my guns because they are too long.

Guess which firearm is the easiest for me to teach knew shooters that are teenagers and still growing?  You guessed it, the M4 Carbine.   The adjustable stocks are really meant for people that wear body armor, but I have gotten good use out of my Magpul stocks, the PRS AR15 sniper stock also has an adjustable cheek weld which is something that you will learn to appreciate especially if you are not sure about which optics you are going to use on the gun.  The Magpul CTR stock is by far the biggest seller because it is easy to adjust and lock in place.


Improvements to get the feel, right!

I’ll be honesty with you, I would have a hard time given you very many references on places you should go to, to get the answers and avoid a bunch of bullshit when it comes to firearms and accessories.   Gun forums have been around for almost 2 decades now, and even though some are better than others, there is always going to be a lot of BS and drama around certain products.   One of the best analogies I have ever heard when it comes to firearms is that they are just like Golf clubs.  Each firearm is good for its inteded purpose, but you don’t use a putter to drive a golf ball 400yds.  I have family friends that were draft bait in WWII and Korea, and most of them though the M1 Garand was a reliable platform and most said not everyone could shoot them very well, because they were all issued the same gun with the same stocks.    It’s amazing how much modification and stock accessories are out there now, even something like an M14 or M1A rifle can be converted to an adjustable stock.    Everyones length of pull is different and if the gun is too short or too long, it’s going to be hard to get into a good firing position and be proficient.

Mapgul stocks and accessories  are very well made and I have yet to had any of my AR15 rifles break on me.  I’m not one to bash synthetic stocks, and there is nothing wrong with the fixed stock on an AR15, but they don’t work for everyone.  Not only do people have to worry about finding rifle stocks that fit them, they have to think about what if I’m wearing a winter coat?   What if I am wearing body armor and  a tactical vest?   Being able to adjust the stock on your Carbine or rifle by 1-2 inches can be a huge deal as far as comfort.  The Magpul PRS stock will give you a great cheek weld and adjustability.  My personal favorite is the Magpul CTR stock.


Tools and accessories and practicality

Once we out grow the arguments about which gun is better than the other and which caliber has more stopping power, the next bit of squabbling is usually about accesories and gizmos.   There are absolutely higher quality tactical scopes and combat reliable flashlights like Surefire and Streamlight, but there are still credible debates about how much of a white light you should have on a firearm.    If it’s too powerful, you’re more than likely going to be draining batteries for more than what you need and a light can easily get in the way and begin to snag on things especially if it’s too big.

Tactical gear like rifle stocks like VLTOR and Magpul have a very good reputation from users and those that sell them.   We have very few complaints about durability and even though the average weekend warrior can put one of these on their Bushmaster or DPMS AR15, these tactical rifle stocks will last the life of the firearm.  When you are trying to decide on what to put on your AR15, think about everything you expect to use the firearm for and leave yourself some room for future modifications without having to overhaul the stock. If you think  you’re going to be putting a laser or flashlight on the gun, get the appropriate rail configuration.  If you are looking for long range shooting, a red dot or Eotech may not be something to put on your gun, just leave it setup for iron sights until you find the right tactical rifle scope that your money can buy.


Do we all wear the same size gloves?

rifle stocksAnd the answer is no, we do not, so why do people expect us to be able to shoulder the same size rifles or grip the same size handguns comfortable?  Even if you’re a guy, you’re not all built the same, and luckily the military has caught on to this.    If I had a nickel for every WWII vet I know that made a comment on how big the Garand was and how many of them had trouble shooting one, I’d be rich.   The M1 Garand is a very accurate and powerful rifle, but not everyone could hand them.   If you field a rifle of the same caliber today, and allowed people to adjust the stock for their comfort, recoil issues go away.

In the last few months I’ve had a lot of consultation with new gun owners about home defense weapons and assessing how they could be deployed and used within their homes.   Many of them always thought about handguns being used in their homes and never rifles but there are carbines with rifle stocks that use the same rounds as the pistols.  Everyone seems to think that a rifle is too much or too hard to manage, but now that pistol caliber Carbines are so prevailant.  Why not.    I prefer to mount lights on rifles rather than handguns, and I also know that most novice shooters will be safer and more proficient with a Carbine over a handgun.   At the very least, a rifle is easier to retain and become a baseball bat than a handgun.   Please keep in mind that bullet selection is extremely important when deciding on a Carbine or rifle in your home.   There are some very well thought out M4 rifle stocks, Beretta Storm, and shotgun stocks that are very good for home defense.

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