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Are Magpul stocks and accessories getting more comlicated?

magpul stocks and accessoriesThe answer to that is yes, in a way and there are also more options.   Recently we found out that we had a whole bunch of wrong information about some of the Generation 3 magazines and found out there are 2 types of ranger plates.   One of them is for the Gen 2 magpul pmags and the others are for the Gen 3 pmags.   There are still customers buying the original magpuls if they are running metal magazines like the SA80 or USGI magazines but for those that want a  magazine that they can pull out of a bag quickly or out of a tactical vest, the ranger plates are a good stable and permanent option.   AR15 magazines in general are becoming stronger and stronger and we know magpul is getting some competition, but we’ve chosen to stick with Magpul stocks and AR15 accessories for a reason.

One of the first things we think about when we actually start stocking the Magpul gun accessories is how well they are made and if we get many complaints about things breawing.  We have had issues with other brands especially the cheap Chinese made products but the Magpul stocks and accessories that we have in house are usually our best sellers.  The Magpul CTR stock is a staple in the industry and then from there it gets more sophisticated.  If you want extra batter storage or accessories storage there are magpul MOE grips that you can even use a field survival kit with that will hold extra bolt carrier parts or shell extractors.


Where to find a good place to shoot at?

Trying to find a good place to shoot long guns is hard, anyone living in an Urban environment is going to have trouble finding an out door range.  Many outdoor ranges near cities are very restrictive and even here in the Philadelphia region the ranges are just not any fun to be on because of the range rules.  I’m not saying you need to find a place to shoot full auto but a place that is safe to shoot at, has maintained target back stops and has a covered table means a lot to someone that likes to spend all afternoon there.

Range rules are important because violating them might make things very unsafe and good signs and nice people help too.   It took us a very long time to categorize the information but The Rally Point gun club listings because so many ranges have closed down or do not have websites that it’s hard to find information.  Some clubs don’t want to be on a map but that is kind of bad in the long run because most of the ranges will probable have little membership involvement and may eventually just die out.


Gloves and grips and the AR15

We’ve recently been getting in some tactical gloves from various companies to figure out what we should be stocking in 2012.   There are big differences in the types of gloves we are getting in.  Some are designed for heat resistance and others are basically designed for protection.   One of our favorites so far are the Vickers tactical mid-length gloves which sadly have dried up since Eotac ceased to exist.  These gloves are designed for an operator to cut off the trigger fingers on either hand if the shooter wants to and they will not fray beyond certain points.

Some of the other gloves we are stocking now are the turleskin safety gloves for Law Enforcement protection while searching suspects.   Body armor has improved in many ways and gloves and boots are catching up.   One thing that does change when an operator does wear certain gloves and Magpul accessories have the answer are changes to trigger guards.   If you look at something like an AK, the trigger guards are designed to be very large because most of the individuals using these were wearing thick winter gloves.


Stock length and cheek weld and good shooting

There is more to a Carbine stock than just adjustability and length of pull.   Body armor can make  your standard Carbine feel really uncomfortable and put on a tactical vest and you’re probable a good 2 inches or more shorter on your Carbine stock.   One other thing that comes into play is the amount of play you might end up with if you have a commercial stock sitting on a Mil-spec buffer tube.

Knowing something about your Carbines parts history and if its all Mil-spec is going to be very important if you start to accessorize your parts.  Magpul accessories give you a lot of options for making your AR15 fit you right and adjust to the gear you may be using.   The Magpul MOE stocks and accessories are also something very new and original to consider.


Magpul accessories more fun than dressing up your date to the Prom

We’ve pruned some of gun magazines accessories down a little bit in 2011 based mostly on which products sold, and secondly on which products we got the least complaints about.  Breakage and fit issues is something we really don’t like dealing with because many of the times it was the customer breaking the part while trying to put it on the gun.  It seems to be better these days because quality control in machining has improved but its not a battle we want to deal with every week when people come back with the same products and tell us the part was broken when they got it, when we know that it wasn’t.

Magpul makes some really nice gun sights for the M4 Carbine and they are in the top 3 category with Troy sights.  There are differences in optics sights and having folding sights vs fixed sights is something that comes up fairly often.  Magpul pmags are in their own category and there is very little reason to think about using anything but these gun mags.   You can actually help camoflauge your firearm by picking certain color variations that help break up the look.  Foliage green, OD green an Flat dark earth as well as Black are available for all of the Pmags.


Open Carry Holsters and firearm retention

Recently there was a major news story about a guy that was open carrying a firearm that ended up being used against him.   A group of teenagers used his firearm in a robbery.   Apparently there was video of the 2 attackers standing behind the individual with the gun and pulled it from his holster when his back was turned.   While this crime was evil and the attackers should be put on death row, the stupidity of open carry in many situations just doesn’t click.  Here in Philadelphia there was a law abiding gun owner that was arrested for Open Carry when it was wrong for them to do so because it was legal to do in Pennsylvania.

It’s not smart to open carry for both of those reason, you can piss off a Cop that isn’t use to seeing it or you could get shot in the back by two 15yr olds that were unarmed until you turned your back.  If you are open carrying, firearm retention holsters like Blackhawk holsters and Safariland holsters are our biggest sellers.   It is very difficult to get a good grip on a firearm and release it at the same time unless you are the one wearing it.   The angle of retrieval can be in your favor.


Something new and different, will it work for you?

I remember a long time ago whenever I thought about an AR15, it was always the AR15 A2 model and always a 20inch barrel.   The Bushmaster XM15E2 was probable the most widely used AR15 in competition shoots at my gun club.   Most Cops had A2 M16 and then everything changed in the early part of the decade.   Now it’s hard to find anyone with a 20inch barrel on their gun because the M4 Carbine 14 inche barrels have gotten so well made and are so much more accurate than before, that you don’t sacrifice much of anything.

Stock accessories have gotten a bit out of control at times  and my eyes just buggout whenever somebody tells me about so new company or tricked out gadget that they found.   For me and most of my best shooting and LEO friends, the Magpul gun stock accessories and the new Magpul MOE are all we need.  The new angled fore grips are a better idea and don’t get in the way or protrude like many of the foregrips in the past.   Magpul does have a reputation have holding up to Military and LEO use so it’s worth the money.


Here’s a review on tactical pants from someone that drives a lot

As previously mentioned there are a  ton of people out there that aren’t carrying firearms around with them that wear tactical pants.   One of my best friends actually is a carpenter and he uses them for work.    The Woolrich Elite style 44429 pants have knee pad inserts that you can use for a pretty long time and don’t get bulky or snag on  you because they are inside the pants not outide.   Cargo pants and front pockets are tactical pants can be very useful when you drive a lot and even the discontinued Woolrich Elite 4904 pants were really good for this because they had a lower ankle pocket.

Ankle carry is not a very convenient way of carrying a gun, but if you are on the road and drive a lot, it does have its advantages.   When  you have a seat belt on and it’s hard to move around, its good to know that getting to your Wallet or firearm in your tactical pants is easy.   Woolrich Elite pants use to be very difficult with their ID pocket but they removed the velcro and improved on the opening.   Right now I find the TruSpec 24/7 pants to be the most comfortable and easiest to work in pants, but I find the side knife pockets to be blocked whenever I have to carry a large size auto in a holster.


Ballistic Eyewear Options from Smith Optics

We’ve been moving quite a bit of the Smith Optics Elite ballistic eye wear but it still seems like many people are unaware that Smith Optics has a military and LEO division of ballistic eye wear.    The tactical eye wear is broken down into the Tactical  Lifestyle and the Tactical core.   There are some higher levels of ballistic protection than the standard levels but we’ll keep it simple.    The Outside the Wire goggles from Smith Optics Elite will give you ballistic goggles come in black, tan and foliage green.  The dual ballistic lense are available in gray and clear for those that want that level of protection.

The tactical lifestyle eye wear from Smith Optics Elite comes in 5 styles and 5 lenses,  all Smith Optics Elite eye wear is available for Rx lenses, but you will have to send that in directly to Smith Optics.  The Aegis Eyeshields are probable the best for the average shooter due to the wide protection with more visibility than the Smith Optics Turbo Fan goggles.  The tactical Life style eye wear comes in the Hudson Tactical sunglasses, Director tactical sunglasses, Hideout tactical sunglasses, Lockwood tactical sunglasses and Chamber tactical sunglasses.   The lense are available in Clear, gray, Ignitor, Polarized gray and Polarized brown.


Don’t think magazine capacity is the only thing that wins the race

It’s really also a contest about speed.   There seems to be an addiction to 30rd magazines with AR15 owners but all you have to do is roll the clock back 20yrs and most of the gun magazines for M14s, FALs and G3s were 20rds.   Why were they 20rd magazines…because the guns were far too clumsy and bulky with 30rd.   There is still some truth to that with 30rd 5.56 magazines.   The AK47 is a firearm that is very clumsy do to it’s contour when being fired from the ground and would also be better balanced with 20rd magazines.

If you are in the business of having to suppress targets, than higher capacity magazines are for you, but for moving with speed and agility, try the 20rd magpul pmags for sale.   There are several new Magpul accessories that are giving better balance back to the AR15, especially the M4 design which was really getting out of control with protruding fore grips ect.   The magpul angled fore grip is something that brings you closer to the tradition gun hold but gives you the ability to grip your firearm better.

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