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We don’t need new laws, but you do need to you lock your guns up

I don’t think we need anymore laws put on the books, but after all of the emotion about the CT shooting, many people have come to the conclusion that mental health issues are serious issues and the mother of the shooter was partially responsible for the crime.   If you know you have an immature or unstable family members, you have to lock your guns up or move them out of the house.  There are always people in your family or in  your circle of friends that you should limit your involvement with when it comes to showing them your firearms.  There as been much said about how some anti-gun newspapers or politicians are trying to announce who has firearms and that it a dangerous precedent to set.

Not only are you divulging personal information you are also announcing which houses the bad guys might want to stake out for burglaries.   There is no reason to not lock up yours guns and we highly recommend gunvault safes for those that conceal carry and need daily access to a firearm.  These safes are normally in the $100 price range and can be bolt under your bed or in a hard to see area.   Biometric safes can give you more security and prevent family members from learning a code.  There are always pros and cons to any item but these are something any firearm instructor or NRA member should urge gun owners to  use.


Get me a gun case that is ready to go

When many of us get an AR15 we usually buy it by itself, shoot it for awhile and then add on accessories.  Most people I talk to about this issue when I’m explaining the reasons why we stock the Elite Survival Systems gun bags are usually usually nodding their heads.   The reason they are looking at these bags is because they can’t use the gun bags from Uncle Mikes or Bulldog.   I have several M4 Carbines that I had to disassemble to get to the range because the assault rifle gun cases I had wouldn’t fit them because of the flashlights and optics.   It royally sucks when  you get a new gun add stuff to it and find out you need to spend money on another gun bag, but if you do, check out the Elite Survival Systems bags.

The gun cases we have in stock now are the Covert Carry Discreet cases.  Everybody and their dog starts out with the Assault Rifle cases and I have to admit there are some differences between them but the Elite Survival Systems gun cases are in the “good stuff” category.  I have been clearing out some of my older gun socks and gun bags and giving them away to try and keep my higher end guns in better order. The Covert Carry gun cases come in various sizes but they also are customized to carry either AK magazines, 9mm/40 Magazines, and AR15 magazines.   Having velcro straps to tie down your rifles optics, a protective closed cell foam padding between magazines and the firearm and also a compartment to attach the magazine pouch and any other pouches.


Response from the Zombie hunters

Yesterday we had the fun experience of being at the 2nd Contagion at the New Holland Rifle and Pistol club.   Contagion 2011 was a great success although the foggy morning and threat of thunder storms was looming.  We got a safety briefing first thing in the morning and everyone said a prayer and then the shooters arrived.   There was approximately 140 shooters at the event and unfortunately there were several that signed up but could not make it out to the event due to the recent flooding that has occurred in the Pennsylvania area.   A few people had damaged homes and the fun of the event was not possible.

One of the best things about being an observer at these ranges was checking out all of the tactical gear and accessories everyone was using.  We sold a lot of the Smith Optics Elite ballistic eyewear and the Aegis Eyeshields were a big hit.   The Make Ready and Magpul Dynamics gun DVDS were also a big seller at this event as well as the Vickers tactical gloves that we were selling.   For what the price is for these gloves which is below what we normally sold them for they are a steal.   Check out our inventory of the Vickers tactical gloves while supplies last.


Slings on shotguns and home defense

While I must admit that I have never taken a shotgun training class, and I have not yet gotten around to watching the Magpul Art of the tactical shotgun DVD,  I have seen enough things happen on firing lines to know that the more stuff you put on a firearm, the more you are complicating things.   The more you complicate things the more you have to worry about things falling off or getting snagged.  Slings are extremely useful tools and it will get real uncomfortable carrying a firearm with out one.   I recently picked up a shotgun scabbard because I personally do not like having slings on a pump shotgun.   The fact that you have to manually cycle the gun and your sling will be moving around while you do this, I’ve  seen too many times where people’s hands get snagged up.

I must remind you that this is a personal preference, not everyone has these types of problems.   There are ways of training to get around some of the issues, but they can all  be eliminated by not having one on.   My shotgun scabbard is basically one of my rifle cases because it is attached to one of my primary shooting backpacks, I can just toss a lever action rifle or small bolt action into the same case and carry it on a hunting trip.   Some of my friends have the Galco battle sling on their shotgun and it is  a very thick sling.   Some people may prefer this because it is easy to grasp and feel.


Is a fanny pack a joke?

Blackhawk gun casesI would have to put the fanny pack in the same category as a CCW Vest.   People think wearing a vest is a dead giveaway that you are carrying a gun, and the same goes for a fanny pack.   One question I’d have to ask you, though, is do you think wearing camoflauge pants means you are also carrying a gun?  I did a mental tally of how many times I saw a leftist liberal College student wearing camo, and I thought, naw, there’s no chance he’s got a CCW.    There seems to be an age group that wear vests and just because you see an old guy wearing a vest, doesn’t mean he’s got a 1911 under it.   There are also plenty of people that can get away with wearing a fanny pack is the situation and environment will allow it.

One good suggestion for those that are travelling on a bike, be it a motorcyle or a regular bike.   A fanny pack won’t get as uncomfortable on you like an IWB holster if you are bike riding and it also may allow you to get your keys and wallet out of your pockets.   Ankle carry is not a very practical way of carrying so I’d have to say that would be my last option for CCW as opposed to fanny packs.   A purse for women can be a great weapon to beat down an attacker so always being aware of your environment and knowing what your liabilities are in carrying in that fashion is important.   Blackhawk gun cases makes a inexpensive option for various sized firearms.


Tac Force Rifle Cases

gun casesWe are honored that our gear is worn by the men and women who serve and protect our nation. Our company mission is to manufacture professional tactical products with remarkable quality and outstanding value that will perform beyond your expectation.

All of our Gun cases are manufactured using the latest materials and best workmanship available. Our 900 Denier material are treated with DuPont® Teflon® for maximum protection from staining and harsh environments. This protective treatment process surrounds each fiber with protection while allowing air flow for the fibers to breathe freely permitting unrestricted product movement.


Choose your gun case

Tactical Gun Cases Tactical gun cases are available all configurations.  Blackhawk, Bulldog, Allen, Uncle Mike’s,  Pelican, Tac-Force are among the most popular options.

Cases come in several sizes: Bulldog Cases Magnum Tactical Rifle Black Soft 46″. Medium case is 33″x10″ (838 x 254 mm) inside; large case is 41″ x 10″ (1041 x 254 mm) inside.
Medium case has three magazine pouches with hook-and-loop closures
Large case has five magazine pouches with hook-and-loop closure.


Bulldog Rifle Cases

Bulldog Rifle Case2 1/4″ Total Soft padding
Full length zipper with pull
Durable, extra heavy duty Nylon, water resistant outer shell
Brushed Tricot, Bulldog Rifle Cases have a soft scratch resistant inner lining
Zippered accessory pocket
Heavy duty double stitching
Removable adjustable shoulder strap with swivels
4 velcro external magazine pouches
It Floats!!!

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