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Colonel Blades what it’s all about

Colonel Blades are new to us and we found out about them when Al Salvitti showed up in our store with his product a few months ago.   The major selling point to these blades is they are designed for people that shoot firearms, if you have the time to take martial arts, then go right ahead, but sometimes running a pizza shop and keeping a firearm around are all you have time for, but firearms are the last resort and are often not effective if you are too close to a threat.   I’m a big fan of people having flashlights and knives on them at all times, because you’ll get more use out of them every than a firearm, but the Colonel Blades really are designed for people that don’t need a lot of training to understand.

With the supplied G-Code Sheath that clips onto your belt, these are easier to deploy than a folding knife, faster to draw and punch forward without having to train, it’s a very natural and instinctive thing to do, punch a threat.  Colonel Blades has a few different blade preferences, or options and from what we see they are all coming with a trainer.   The only negative I have gotten from customers is that you have to properly seat the blade in the holster because if you do not, it will come loose and you will find out when you cut yourself.   It’s no different than holster and re-holstering a firearm.


Columbia River Knife & Tool Company M16 Knives

Columbia River Knife and Tool CompanyOne of those niche products in our inventory that we always try and keep around are the CRKT or “Cricket” as some call them, M16 series knives.   We have a diverse Emergency Management customer base, some folks want the first cheap knife they can get to carry around in their pocket at work, and others are very particular about the blades they are using.  Hand size is also a factor because if you want to be effective with a knife it has to fit your hand otherwise you might not get the leverage you need while trying to cut a seat belt or rope and that isn’t a good thing if you are under stress or possible injured.   Many people in this industry are using knives for rescue and utility, far more than they are carrying them for self defense.   I’m partial to combo edged blades but not as concerned about and point like tanto ect.

I am presently carrying a M16-13Z  Carson Design which fits my hand perfectly and considering how impressed I was with the blade edge it came from the factory, and going on more than a year with heavy useage, I’ve only sharpened the knife 2 times and pretty much just for fun and not because it was getting dull.   The Columbia River Knife and Tool Company M16 series locking knives are big sellers and starting in the mid $30 range up to $100 will give you a lot of selections to consider.   A knife like this is perfect for many in our line of work but the only negatives are that you have to do a lot of practicing to get the safety on the blade and locking liner open with one hand but there are real reasons it’s a good idea to have a safety on any hard use folding knife.   The negative I found with the M16 product line are the belt clip holders screws which don’t want to stay screwed in so make sure you use lock tite on them if they happen to come loose on you.


Get a good sharpener when you buy a knife!

timberline knivesRogue Elite is your source for combat, self-defense, military and rescue knives. Select from your favorite manufacturer for the knife the suits your purposes. Tactical knives are useful tools and those that feel the need to carry them while working, camping, or for law enforcement or military can tell you. And don’t forget that there’s no do it all knife just like there is no do it all self defense weapon or tool. Folding knives, multi tool knives, long knives, short knives, Military knives, bayonets, tomahawks and rescue knives, we’re the place to shop. Spyderco knives, Kbar knives, Colt Steel knives, SOG Knives, Timberline knives, Kershaw, knives and Columbia River knives to name a few.

You usually get what you pay for so when you are shopping for a knife, make sure you put some thought into what you are using it for so you don’t have to buy a knife 2x’s because you broke it when you should have used something stronger.   We  have plenty of EMS personnel that stop in our store that don’t want to drop more than $40 on a knife and we sell a lot of the Timberline Knives we sell move pretty fast.  The ECS Safety Cutter is also a big hit as well as the ECS knife.  One thing about the Timberline knives you might want to think about doing is getting a good sharpener because their knives tend to not come with an edge.  The Timberline knife sharpening kits are also less than $40.


Need a gift for a co-worker this year?

This has got to be the coolest thing we’ve ever gotten in from Timberline’s Tactical knives or accessories.   I’m really not sure which category you’d put the new Gatco Scepter 2.0 in because it’s  not just a knife sharpener, it’s also a serrated knife sharpener and a fire starter.   Anyone that has done a serious amount of camping knows those stories of heavy rains and what it’s like to actually start a fire to must make a hot cup of coffee and find out there isn’t a single piece of dry wood around anywhere.   We know you can start with newspaper or any kind of paper trash, but wet wood is difficult to light or keep lit.  The Magnesium is something that will be so hot that it gives you a much better chance of getting the job done.

The Gatco Scepter 2.0 looks like a pen and takes up as  much room in your pocket as a pen so stowing this in a backpack is an easy thing to do.  There are a lot of Timberline knives to choose from but when you want to have an emergency device this sharpening system and fire starter is something that should be put in a 3 day pack or a bugout bag.   I usually keep this with an emergency blanket, freeze dried foot and a small pot that all I need to do is find clean water and I have my firestarter.  We have lots of really good deals on the Elite Survival Systems backpacks and bags and they go well with any emergency preparedness minded person.


Feedback on Timberline knives

We’ve been stocking the Timberline Tactical knives in our store for over a year now and had a great experience working with the Gatco product line at the NRA convention a  year ago.   We consider ourselves to be new to the whole knife thing, but this is another big niche in the industry that we are learning about.  Knives are very useful tools and it’s not a secret that many in the concealed carry crowd carry knives.  It’s not that we use them as weapons, but it’s more for utility purposes.  There are many things that can be opened up and sometimes the strength and sharpness of the knife can be the difference.

One of our favorite things about the Timberline knives is we are well covered for boot or neck knives, folding knives, and emergency knives.   One of our most popular Timberline knives at the moment are the Timberline SOC knives.  The finish on them is eye catching and the combo edge knives are the ones we have trouble stocking in the store.  The Delta knives are the hardest to keep in the store because they are very good defensive knives.  The ECS knives are a huge  hit for military and swat teams and their small ecs knife.  We do stock many of their knives in store so you can stop in and check them out.


Tactical knives and utilities

There are many things you can do with a knife depending on the way it has been cut.   The funny thing about working trade shows and selling knives though is running into all of the people that were carrying knives but were not sharpened.   An un sharpened knife does mean it won’t cut through something which can usually depend on the weight of the blade and the strength of the person slicing, but it sure is a waste of energy.

We do carry a lot of rescue type tools and knives because so many in our customer base work for emergency management or paramedic departments or just responsible citizens.  The SOG knives that we sell have multi tool and standard blade sizes, but SOG Fusion tactical tomahawk is actually one of the best selling emergency tools.  The axe can shop or break through an object and is something we would highly recommend them for keeping in a cary.


Timberline Tactical Knives and Molle Gear

We had the pleasure of attending the NRA Convention last year and we worked the Gatco Sharpener booth,  Gatco has probable the best and easiest sharpening tools and it was very educational for us.  At first glance all of the knives looked the same to our novice eyes but after about a day of listening to customers and learning about the uses of each, they were all very different.  The one thing that amazed us the most about the day was the number of people walking around the show with dull knives.  Why would you care which knife you carried if it was dull?

Getting  a knife to be sharp is not all that hard, but there are quicker ways of getting it done.  Some old fashion measures might work for you but the day we had to sharpen several of our Timberline knives meant it was time to do it right, but get it done quickly. The Timberline ECS knives were the real show stoppers because not only were they eye catching, nobody had a clue as to how they worked.  Many picked them up and attempted to fold them over because they looked like they might, but this unique locking system is actually a Molle vest knife.


More blather about tactical knives

Here’s the scoop about which knife, tactical knife, folding knife or lightsaber.   It’s all about how much you want to spend.   Sure there are some knives that are better than others, but what good is it to spend a boat load of money on something that you are going to lose or break.   I have gone through cell phones and flashlights in the past because at first they were small and easy to carry, but then they were even easier to lose.   Not to mention that after working the Gatco Sharpener booth at the NRA Convention last Summer I noticed that no matter what knife people were carrying around with them, 80% of people didn’t even have a sharp knife.

The Gatco Sharpening System that we sell the most of are the 10003 and 10005 because they aren’t that pricey and they are easy to understand.   The 10005 sharpening system has a sharpening stone for doing serations and that’s a pretty big deal for tactical knives.   Being able to get in there and get the hard to sharpen parts of the blade is a big deal even for a small blade.  The serations should work like a saw and for small blades, the job of cutting through rope or re-enforced packaging tape ect should be easy if the blade is sharp, how much you spend on a knife can make it a better blade, but only if you sharpen it right.


Looking for an axe to put in the car?

That may sound funny, but this is actually one of the biggest selling items we have in the tactical knives and edged weapons categories.   It’s funny to know that hundreds of years after people ran around fighting battles with battle axes ect, that people are still finding the need to keep an axe in the car.  There are plenty of times that LEO have to show up on the scene of an accident and break somebody out of a car or cut down trees or branches to search and rescue someone.     The SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk gives you something to chip with and on the flip side of it, you can use it to break glass.

I would highly recommend keeping something like this is your car because it’s a great thing to keep around for camping and for emergency situations.   There should always be something in your car for breaking open glass or cutting a seat belt.   SOG Knives has a broad spectrum of edged knives and weapons as well as utility knives that rival Swiss Army Knives.   Some of these are hard to shop for online, but stop in to the new Rogue Elite tactical store this fall and you will get an eye full of tactical knives for CCW, utility and Emergency applications.


Timberline Tactical SOC folder Promotion

We are now a stocking dealer for the Timberline tactical knives.  Not only have our customers asked us to carry them, but we are having fun showing people how to use them and doing demonstrations on using the Gatco Sharpening Systems.   One of the best things about the sharpening systems is the ability to sharpen serrations.   The type of knife you choose will be all up to you, but I’ve found the knives that are partially serated to be the best.  There are times when cutting isn’t going to get the job done, something more like a saw is needed. This tends to be the case when cutting down rope.

A few years ago a friend held a shooting competition and people must have spent hundreds of rounds trying to cut rope with a bullet.  It was amazing the number of times we saw the rope get shot, but it would hardly tear.   Cutting through seat belts is even harder and the 18 Delta full serration is probable the most recommended for EMS.   Timberline Knives also release the Timberline Tactical SOC folder, we are giving them away for anyone that orders $200 or more of tactical or CCW clothing this month while supplies last.

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