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How brick and mortar stores are making a comeback

original swat bootsThere are a lot of things that we stock in our Retail showroom here in Pennsylvania that people have learned to not buy online.   We juggle between being competitive online with our pricing but actually stocking most of the items like tactical clothing, that people want to walk in and  hold it in their hands before buying.  When we look at some of our competition online, some dealers have 365 day returns and others have free returns and exchanges, but some people just don’t want to deal with the return authorizations ect or wait weeks for their tactical footwear or  pants to come back to them.   Some have  told us that they would pay more money just to make sure that something was what they wanted vs getting something they didn’t like.

We stock as much of the Original Swat tactical footwear line as possible because it’s a California based company and they don’t have a lot of online dealers so  people always want to know if we stock it, not just drop ship it.   I personally wear the Original swat boots and it’s not just because I sell them, I really do like them and considering how bad my feet are, I really can’t deviate from wearing them.  The prices are great and the warranty is outstanding.   There have been some major changes to the product line with them moving out of China to Cambodia, but we have a very high satisfactory rating with this product line.   The reviews from our customers about the waterproof boots, composite toe since they do not make a steel toe, and the comfort are superb.


People with bad feet might want to look into wearing these Original Swat Boots

original swat bootsI’ve had bad feet for several years, including years of treatments and then 2 surgeries on the same foot.   The year after the last surgery I had my sales rep walk in and show me the Original Swat footwear companies tactical footwear line.   Several Employees and I got free stuff and instantly love the feel of the boots.  I was instantly won over with the style 1232 boots that had a bubble on the bottom that gave extra shock support.   Many Police Officers and even school security like the Style 1261 boots because they are a lower cut boot with the same foot support.   These boots are very light and the biggest shock was how well priced they are.   We have a  lot of Police Officers come in here on their clothing allowances and are always pinching pennies trying to squeeze as much of their duty or tactical gear into that budget.

These boots are polishable and there are composite toe and waterproof boots.  Along with the extra foot support are the 1234 Original Swat boots that are almost identical to the 1232 but are waterproof.  I usually get about 9 months out of them before I feel the support start to go but these boots are worn 7 days a week because I needed the support to get through a work week.   I’ve had customers tell me they’ve gotten 2yrs out of them.  This year there will  be a lower 5 inch waterproof boot which is something many of our customers have been asking us for. We also have some really good blowout sales on the Original Swat footwear line from styles that were discontinued after newly improved designs came out.


Getting good traction and comfort with Original Swat Footwear

original swat boots for saleWe have seen several changes in this industry and the best thing is its all for the benefit of the customer.  There are lighter boots out there that are 9 inches in height and just like car tires, they are designed for better traction on concrete, blacktop and all the things that can cause you to slip.   You really feel the difference between  most sneakers and boots like the 1232 9″ side zip boot.   They use to call this the Metro traction but I’m not sure if that is still in use.  A good tactical boot should give you the support your legs, feet and ankles need but in this line of work, Law Enforcement and Military need footwear that can perform in environments and manors that they need.  There are plenty of options out there for Cops, Men and Women but it is also about pricing and not just quality.

We know there are better body armors and more accurate guns out there but not everyone is going to sink tons of money into something that is more than practical.   Just based on my personal reviews of the Original Swat Footwear for sale I get more than 9-12 months out of my boots as far as support goes and I have never had a boot tear or fall apart on me in the 4yrs I’ve been wearing them.    The 1232 boot gives me the support I need and the metro traction gives me the foothold I need to have so I can move around in environments like parking lots ect where slip and falls during pursuit can occur and oil stains and water can cause sliding.


Original Swat reviews? Send them our way!

original swat bootsOriginal Swat boots are not just worn and used by Law Enforcement and Military, they are worn by Civilians that are on the streets and need the security and dependability that not all tactical boots will give you.    Each operator works in a different line of street work, but the tactical boot versatility you get with Original Swat’s product line is broad and useful.  The Air 9″ will give so much support for your feet and help you avoid foot pain and stress if you are carrying a lot of weight.  Our sponsored operators test our tactical clothing and tactical footwear and have assured us that Original Swat boots are worth the money you will spend.   Not all of us are wearing or need to wear boots all day, but the 1180 Oxford shoe will give you traction like you’re wearing your tactical boots.
Safety toe boots are necessary for those wanting to reduce the chances of hurting their feet while being around heavy things and for giving an obstruction a good booting.   Finding tactical clothing for women is easy, but finding good tactical clothing is hard.   With the increase of women entering law enforcement and military service, Original Swat boots have many options for those working in the field.  Be sure to read all of the product info about each of the tactical shoes, and tactical boots to make sure you are getting the right footwear for your needs.   Original Swat shoes should be considered by those citizens that are CCW holders and understand the importance of mobility in a defensive situations.  Wearing the right footwear with superior traction will give you the edge over an opponent



3yrs of customer feedback on Original Swat boots

We still get a large number of people in our store that have never heard of the Original Swat footwear company, but locally, there are more and more of our Police Departments wearing their products.  We have seen several improvements and re-designs with their products as well as some very new lightweight tactical boots.   I personally have worn the boots for over 3yrs and not a single one of them has been flawed or fell apart on me and I wear them 7 days a week.  There are differences in what people’s line of work is and not everyone is going to need wear waterproof or composite toe boots.  If you haven’t noticed, steel toe footwear is a thing of the past.

The SEK900 were a very popular all leather boot for us but for some reason they were discontinued.   The 1150 Original Swat Boots are still the most popular lace up boot and the 1152 and now 1312 Chase Low boots are the most popular side zip boots.  Boots are increasing becoming lighter and lighter as the materials have improved.  The Slip on Moc boots are also very popular with the EMS as well as our number one Paramedic boot the waterproof 1234 which is a waterproof version of the 1232 air boots. We have seen what Original Swat is coming out with this SHOT SHOW and are looking forward to the new Chase low womens footwear.


Tactical Clothing and footwear for women

I’m not sure exactly how to describe where the exact crossover is from womens tactical clothing to mens clothing, but there is definitely a line that is there.  With womens pants there are slight variations in the waist that women may want over what men want but not everyone really cares.  We have had several women in our store that were wearing womens EMS pants from 5.11 tactical but the mens Eotac 203 navy pants were just fine.   Much if this depends on body type and tolerance of comfort.  Our line of Tru Spec 24/7 pants are probable the best received tactical or ems pants for women. There is just something about womens clothing that many tactical companies have not be able to design very well.

When it comes to footwear, we signed on to be an Original Swat footwear dealer over 3 yrs ago and we were very happy that our first experiences with the product line have been all good.  In recent years we have had very good responses with the Original Swat womens boots which are similar to the mens style.  Slight differences in sizing is pretty much all there is.  Many women in the tactical industry are forced to wear mens boots or mens tactical pants, shirts and vests that were never designed for their bodies.   Original Swat footwear is highly regarded as the best tactical boot in it’s price range.


Tactical Boots in stock for all seasons and jobs

Footwear is as diverse and the needs for various styles of footwear are paramount to what the user is doing with them. waterproof boots can get hot and uncomfortable in some situations but when you don’t want to get your feet wet you need waterproof footwear. The metro traction boots have a unique foot traction sole and are going to feel a lot more like a pair of sneakers with a better grip on the road. The Air Zip 1232 is one of the biggest sellers because the balance between support and comfort.  Just like tactical pants and tactical gloves people need to find what’s right for them.  Original swat footwear has a diverse product line to accommodate diverse users.

The Metro traction style of boots from Original Swat are far more comfortable to wear for every day use. We have gotten a lot of feedback over the last few years about the Original swat boots we have been selling and we are continuing to learn about the products every time we hear from a customer. The SEK9000 is the leather Cadillac of the original swat tactical footwear, but they are not what the average Swat team operator is going to want to wear when they are not all suited up. The new Chase Low footwear gives a new athletic footwear feel and a new market for the Original Swat footwear company.


Brick and Mortar stores for tactical gear and clothing

There use to be a well known Army Navy Store here in the Philadelphia Suburbs that was family owned and we use to go there to get our cub scout gear.  They had shovels camping gear, sleeping bags and war props.   Those were fun days for us but that industry just faded away in South Eastern Pennsylvania.  It’s hard to even find a place where you can check out a Swiss Army Knive.  The internet is a booming industry but there is still so much competition amongst brick and mortar stores.  I have friends that shop at Victoria’s Secret for clothing for their wives because shopping online is too hard.  In this industry the same things happen for women trying to find the correct style and color of tactical clothing.  Many will ask what multi-cam is and what color is coyote brown.

On the other hand the average guy will have no idea how to explain what color turquoise is and is going to want to walk into a store to see it.   Backpacks and duty bags are Mission driven and tactical clothing is no different.  The differences between 100% cotton ripstop pants, Blackhawk Polycotton ripstop pants, Tru Spec Polycotton ripstop and 5.11 lightweight tactical pants are also very different.  Pocket designs are unique, some are good for a knife, others have different cargo pockets and may or may not work for you.  We got asked this question all the time about the differences between Eotac and Woolrich Elite tactical clothing.  All of these products  have their pros and cons and it really depends on what your needs are.


Getting the most for your money

We’ve been selling the Original Swat footwear for almost 2yrs now and we have a good track  record on the product  line.  Nobody has  a perfect product line, but we have a very good customer satisfaction rate with this line of boots.   The best thing about selling the Original Swat footwear is that our customers are guaranteed to get at least a year out of their footwear for their money.   We have guys stopping in every day that ask us about various product lines and many times they never heard of Original Swat footwear.  The first thing we show people is how light the boots are, they look solid but are very light weight.

In the last month we’ve had 3 customers show up at our door driving Harley Davidson that found out about Original Swat footwear company from  some of their biker friends and it was all about comfort. We are a stocking dealer and have lots of Original Swat boots for sale at our retail location here in Pennsylvania and online.   Check out the new product line the Chase Series footwear for a better Athletic footwear.   Some of the new boots are actually replacements for the previous line namely the 1230 footwear.  We have a few of the SEK900G and SEK9000 boots left on clearance.


The best boot for the buck and the lightest

The Original Swat footwear company has been gaining lots of ground over recent years and there 10+ year in the tactical boot world is an accomplishment.  Many tactical clothing companies have come and gone in that time period and it is a testament to the companies viability.   We are expecting several new products in 2012 and some of them are already available even though they are not listed on the Original Swat boot website.

Some tactical boots cost an arm and a leg and although they are durable they are more than what you need or want to wear on  your feet.  Our number on tactical boots are the Original Swat 1232 Air 9 inch.  These boots are the lightest tactical boots and give you outstanding support.   We know that are many in the Law Enforcement community that develop foot problems over the years and we have gotten so much feedback about the support that these boots have that we just have to pass that info off to our customers.

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