Indoor Ranges- understanding the limitations

Shooting Range ListingI’m not aware of any indoor shooting ranges that are longer than 50yds, but I assume there are some out there.    I’ve probable been to and shot at over a hundred different firing ranges in the Country and some were very impressive.   I’d have to admit that at 90% of the ones I was in, there was either a bullet in the table or a bullet in the ceiling far too close to the tables.   This tells you that there is always going to be a certain percentage of risk when dealing with the public.   I’ve seen about as much negligence on firing ranges that I see on a daily basis on the roads with people driving, so theres the reality of being with gun owners.

Indoor shooting ranges are a better starting point for teaching handgun shooting skills.  I’m sure many of you won’t agree with that because your idea of teaching a novice is getting Grandpa to take out the old 22LR pistol and shooting soda cans.   That’s fine, but I’m talking about what my experiences are with taking teenagers, women, and adults to the ranges for the first time.   My favorite reason for going to an indoor shooting ranges is the auto return back stops.   I get tired of some of the big shooting ranges where cease fires are called way too often or not enough.   At an indoor shooting range, you can adjust from a 7yd-25yd in seconds and not have to worry about cease fires.   You are shooting on level ground which is also a better starting point in my opinion.   Sign up at and tell us where you shoot and help us update our gun club  shooting range listing.


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