Empty ranges in the Summer

Shooting Ranges If there is a time to get out and shoot and you know that you’ll get a range to yourself, it’s probable going to be in the mid to later Summer months.   I know this can also be uncomfortable to shoot in if its really hot, but if you can shoot in the shade and bring plenty to drink.  You might be able to shoot all day and call cease fires at will without having to wait for the guy next to you to stop shooting.   The worst times to get out are usually in the pre-hunting weeks when ranges are crammed with people trying to verify zero before the upcoming hunting trips.

A few years ago I got to test out the new scope mounts I had on my DSARMS STG58.   I took it to one of Pennsylvanias shooting ranges where I was lucky to get the whole thing to myself.   At this time of the year so many people are on vacaction and not hanging out at the gun club.    It probable took me no more than 5rds to zero the gun at 200yds and after approximately 25rds I  had my rifle setup to shoot out to 500yds.   You can drive out to the burms to speed up target changes, but it was even nicer to not have to call for a cease fire and wait for everyone to get done shooting.   Even better was knowing that when I came back from 500yds, I was the only 0ne there and could just begin plinking at will.    The Sierra 168gr Matchking performed very well for a NATO relic.


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