Where to shoot?

There are some really good gun clubs out there but finding them is a hard thing.  Now that this whole Zombie apocalypse thing is going on, it’s actually a great way to find out where all of the cool ranges are.   Concealed Carry is a growing and more widely accepted thing unfortunately due to the changes we’ve seen in society certain people in society, namely small business owners are becoming the targets of crime.  Crime has always existed but certain crimes are on the rise.  Competition is a great way to train and I would actually highly recommend playing paintball.   Teaching people the importance of movement and cover and concealment are things that you learn in a basic game of capture the flag.

There are indoor ranges and outdoor ranges and range rules can vary dramatically.  While I would never want to bash a gun club, many gun club listings don’t give you all of the details but the best places are usually found out about by word of mouth.  Word of mouth is how some gun clubs really want to be found out by because they might not want to advertise where they are due to some States Political climates.   Some indoor pistol ranges are not very good for Carbine use and some outdoor ranges have very restrictive rules on magazine capacities.


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