Re-arranging the furniture on your AR

AR15 Complete Upper ReceiversIn this business we can see who the obsessive compulsive people are and who the clean freaks are, but we also know how hard it is to know what work for  you.   We normally do a lot of listing but giving our 2 cents about the products we sell is why we are here.   Magpul firearm accessories is a good product line to consider purchasing although we know there are a lot of good products from VLTOR, Tango Down and many others. It’s very easy to over accessorize and the reality checks in when the gun becomes too heavy.   Some events we have attended were proof to this because we saw bipods and flashlights taken off firearms because of how much weight they were to lug around and how hard it was to clear corners depending on where you placed the accessory.


There are cool things you can use to their designed effectiveness but just like gun holsters, a lot of us have a pile of stuff sitting in a box, somewhere in our home that we aren’t using anymore.   The brilliance of the M4 design is that customization can easily occur and if you own an AR15 and want something different all you need to do is buy another AR15 Complete upper receiver and be able to use it with just a few pin snaps.   The Magpul MOE handguards are very easy to put on but you’ll need to measure your present hanguard to make sure you know if  you have a Carbine, Mid-length or a rifle one.  There are always tools you can get, (Tapco makes them) that can make most AR15 modifications easier.


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