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Sexy guns? Not my terminology

When we look at firearms, sometimes we immediately think about the movie we’ve seen them in or the actor.  Ever since I found out about the types of guns that were used in the Star Wars movies I no longer viewed them as the blaster weapons they were suppose to be.   The Beretta 92FS is in move movies than I can name and became extremely well known after the Matrix movies.   If you want to see plenty of technically incorrect firearms scenes the Matrix movies are a good test.  Wrong caliber brass comes from firearms ect.

Nothing catches more attention from people walking in the door when they see a Walther PPK.  The Walther magazines are still very hot sellers for .380 caliber CCW holders and the Walther PPK has a very long history to prove it’s reliability.   This gun is very well known for being a Spy gun and that is precisely what it’s good at being used for, hiding it on  your body.  The gun has a very slick look to it and in my personal opinion the 32acp is a better choice.

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