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Reticles it’s not always how you think it works, Trijicon RMR Options and circles, triangles and dots

Trijicon RMR Sights

I have noticed a trend towards the triangle reticles since some red dots can look real fuzzy and one thing that Trijicon Red Dots don’t have are blur.  Clarity is something that Trijicon can alway praised about.   Horeshoe reticles give you the ability to see through your aiming point and hold a target within the reticle as opposed to putting the red dot or crosshairs on the target.  Sometimes this is a faster way of engaging a target and it was probable some of the Elcan optics that I shot with that I originally started seeing “hollow” reticles.   If you have a triangle reticle like the Trijicon RMR08G, you can still have pin point precision by using the top of the triangle for your zero and holding the triangle over center mass.  It pays to look through optics to see what you feel comfortable with, one down side to the ACOG models are the eye relief but the larger TA11’s tend to much more friendly.  Either way, you might have to learn to adapt to the optic if  you have a certain expectation from it.

I am often learning how to use various optics because every manufacturer designs an optic a certain way, but so many people don’t read the manual or know the specs.   Some of the Trijicon ACOGS are designed for 55gr flying out of a 20inch barrel, some people won’t know the difference but anyone shooting steel plates at a distance are going to notice it.   The Trijicon TA01NSN is meant for an M4 with a 14.5 inch barrel with the 62gr SCBT round.   There are always variations with those bullet velocity due to the quality of the manufacturer but if you shoot something like M193 or American Eagle 55gr you’ll do well with what your ACOG was traditionally designed for.   If you know what your bullet is going to do at a certain distance you can always learn holder overs, but being able to do range estimations and fast shots isn’t going to be easy unless it’s designed into your reticle.   Just like some people start off with a zero magnification optic like Aimponts and Eotechs, you can buy an ACOG and get the mount for an RMR at a later time.  Like always, Trijicon RMR sights will cost you the same as most optics, but I can’t think of anyone that comes close with this dual platform.



Adding 1 More optic to our product line that we can back, Meprolight M21 Optics

Meprolight M21 SightsThere are always trade offs with optics and it’s really hard to know for sure if something is right for you unless you’ve gotten good references from a friend and put some trigger time behind an optic.   We deal with the same issues our customers due when we are thinking about bringing in inventory, and since it’s our job to try to answer questions and point out option they should consider, we’re endlessly researching product based on what we find on the Internet in the form of, Blogs, Product Reviews, and Since we have over 30,000 tactical store products, and the optics part of it is easily in the thousands if you lump the hunting optics in with the tactical rifle scopes and AR15 red dots and other Rifle and Handgun Optic systems.   Technology is always improving and there are always different generations that have production features or designs that can make or break it for what you want.

If you are considering a red dot, zero magnification combat optic, the Mako Meprolight M21 Optics have moved up on our AR15 and M4 Carbine stocking product line.   Look for Meprolight M21 Sights to be in our showroom this fall because not only are they in the same price as the Aimpoint Red Dot Sights, they have features that definitely give you “another option” with possible advantages over their competitors.  I recently watching a product review on the Eotech vs Aimpoint Vs Trijicon Reflex and the MSE  once the reviewing scored up all of the pros and cons between those 4 optics, they were all very similar but field of view, battery life or no battery needed were the differences.   Reticle options was a big one for me and I still always come back to Eotech until I got to check out and use the Meprolight M21 Optics with the Bullseye reticle.   I found this to be an easy transition from an Eotech and not needing a battery to run it was it a major selling point.  I still don’t know why Eotech still is survival on old technology but Meprolight M21  sales have been going up now that everyone is finding out about them.

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