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Don Hume Holsters for Glock Handguns with body shield

Don Hume HolstersWe have recently become a direct dealer for the Don Hume product.  Don Hume leather has been around a long time and several Federal Agents have told us that, that is what they are issued for their firearms.  These leather holsters have an outstanding reputation for being solid and holding up.   Leather can be very expensive, but Don Hume has been able to keep their costs down.   The holsters that everyone wanted us to carry for the last few years are the ones that have the body shield built onto the IWB holsters.  The DON HUME H715-M W/C-S are available for most of the Glock handguns and we have had a lot of requests for the Glock 19, Glock 23 and Glock 43 IWB holsters.

We have tested out several types of holsters for our online store and showroom, and while many holsters have poorly designed belt clips or holsters that are not durable, the Don Hume Glock Holsters we sell are something we always try to keep in stock.   There are other styles of holsters that you can consider for OWB or Paddle, but IWB concealed carry is the number one way to carry a Glock pistol.    If you are a left handed shooter, you may experience some delays in getting a holster if they are not in stock but Don Hume does make the majority of their product line for left handed gun owners.


Old and New Desantis Holsters expect them to last

There are always different price levels in this industry, some products will cost more just because they are made in the US and others may be cheap, but still get the job done.   There are always “options” and not always something that is better than the other.   The one thing we know is Desantis makes great holsters and it’s a name brand with a very diverse product line.  For leather Concealed Carry holsters, you can expect Desantis Holsters to not be the least expensive, but they are almost always worth the investment.   I did have some issues with the designs of the Kydex Scorpion design but they seemed to have figured that out and designed better tuckable kydex holsters like the Scorpion II and the Prowler.

The Cozy Partner seems to be the most popular Glock 19 IWB leather holster because it’s about as New York as you can get.  I know people using those holsters for decades.  Desantis holsters are also some of the best looking holsters from the Shoulder Rigs, IWB Holsters, Paddle Holsters and tuckable holsters.   If you are working on duty, off duty, CCW or Security,  there are some staple holsters from Desantis as well as very new Kydex options.


If you are looking for a flashlight for your handgun, you’re safe with Safariland Holsters and Streamlight Flashlights

















It’s a re-occurring issue every week, several times a week.  Someone walks into our store with a gun they just got and want to put a light on it.   That’s the easy part, the hard part is finding a holster for it.   If you are looking for something other than the Streamlight Flashlights or Surefire Flashlights your holster options are going to dwindle.   The Streamlight TLR-1 is brighter than ever but if you have a preference in activating the toggle, the Surefire X300U is another option but it will cost you more.  There are plenty of other flashlights you can use, Olight Flashlights, Inforce Flashlights, but you will not find many holster options.

If you are looking for a laser light combination, it’s Streamlight TLR-2 or Surefire X400U and it’s the same old story.    Some nylon companies have options but not that many.   Blackhawk made a major market mistake years ago by only catering to Ziphos flashlights which nobody used, and finally got around to making holsters that took the Streamlight Flashlights and Surefire Flashlights.  Check out Safariland Holsters, holster fit guide before you buy a gun, because they really are the place to go to find out what your options are.


Elite Survival Holsters worth checking out

Elite Survival Systems is one of a few companies we are a dealer for that I personally used their products before we actually carried them.  Just about all of their gun cases are in my personal inventory and many of their holsters.    Some people frown on leather holsters, but it all depends on what your needs are.   Nylon holsters hold up better in some climates much better than leather.  Have you ever seen a leather plate carrier? Nylon has more abilities to be modular and there recently have been some changes to the Elite Survival Holsters that are worth mentioning.

Number one, the Elite Survival Pocket Holsters have been remade with a slightly different finish, I used their previous design for several years and it held up well for only being $12.   There are some preferences that people have voiced about comparisons in pocket holsters, but we have gotten very little complaints about their designs.    The Elite Survival Holsters that we move a lot of, are the BCH or Belt Clip Holsters.   Recently, a removable belt clip strap has been added to this design and makes it a versatile, IWB, IWB with retention, or OWB, or OWB Retention holster.  The belt clips they use can be changed to make it a right handed or left handed holster.  The Elite Survival Ankle Holsters and Elite Survival Shoulder holsters have very comfortable designs and we have a 99% satisfaction rate while many other Ankle Holsters and Shoulder Holsters get returned.


Don Hume Leather Holsters still something to consider

The firearm holster market that is probable best compared to Amelda Markos’s shoe collection, it’s endless and not all of them are that popular, but once you’ve been in the actual functioning industry, there are some gun holsters that are high volume and are never going away.   There are endless styles of leather holster makers and the prices are all over the place, there is still a demand for customer holster makers but the Kydex industry really took a chunk of business away from it.    Kydex has it’s flaws but just because it’s made of leather, doesn’t mean it’s going to be that expensive.   It’s kind of like that girl with a great personality that you love to be around, but she’s not the prettiest one in the group.    We never get complaints about people not having Don Hume Holsters hold up, they are sturdy and last a very long time.

We expect to be expanding our Don Hume Holsters in 2017 because so many people have been asking us to carry more of the Glock holsters with the body shields, this is something that can help keep your holster dry and your firearm clean from moisture and sweat.  The most popular holsters we carry from Don Hume Holsters is the H715 IWB holsters, lots of small and medium frame guns fly out out the door from Glock 19 to Glock 42 and Glock 43.   Most of these holsters are under $30.   I am a fan of the Don Hume Jit holsters for my J-Frame because it sits up high and the barrel does not protrude below the holster and it has a good fit.




Desantis Holsters Pocket options for season changes

















One of the biggest things you run into when carrying a firearm here in Pennsylvania are the changes you have to make when the weather changes.  Lots of people in our neck of the woods have a Summer Carry and a Winter Carry.  Pocket guns aren’t what they use to be, plenty of people are packing 9mm pocket guns and it doesn’t mean 32acp, 380 or 38 Specials anymore.   There are still a few companies out there that don’t understand that you need deep pockets, especially hand pockets, if you want to win people over to wearing their stuff.   Good pocket holsters are meant to break away from the gun when drawn, but not all materials are abrasive enough to work all the time. The other thing you have to know is pocket holsters wear out.

You expect to spend around $20 for a pocket holster, and some nylon styles are almost have that and sometimes get the job done.   Safariland seems to have the edge on duty holsters like no other, but we still often send our customers to Desantis Holsters to find Leather and non-leather holsters.   The Desantis Nemesis pocket holsters have a reputation for outlasting nylon holsters.   They will get you covered for many of the Glock Firearms, Sig Sauer pocket guns and Smith & Wesson Body Guard as well as all of the various J-Frame revolvers.


Do your research, the end result might be Raven Concealment Phantom Holsters

Raven Concealment Phantom HolstersIf you think trying to decide what holster you should be using and trying to buy something online without being able to hold it in your hands, well, why don’t you apply for a job in the purchasing department at Rogue Elite Tactical.    We go through the same issues that our customers do because we’re always trying to find those niche products that have good review, good factory warranties, and don’t break easily.   We’ve brought in a few bad products and quickly stopped listening to sales pitches from Reps. for companies that talked about how great their products were.   Usually, our customers tell us what they want us to carry and what we should be selling.   Recently there has been a lot of talk about Raven Concealment Systems, G-Code and Alien Gear.   While we can’t carry everything, we have picked up Raven Concealment Systems because their holsters are very different from what we have been carrying before.

While a holster isn’t going to be a magic trick that solves your problems, you want to think about the versatility of a holster.   There are plenty of really nice products out there,  the Raven Concealment Phanton Holsters give you the ability to have an IWB holster or OWB holster just by changing the belt loop attachements, there are some good Youtube videos on how this is done.   The belt loop designs tend to be the major failing point of most Kydex Holsters and we’ve done enough product testing to prove this.  It doesn’t matter if the holster maker has name recognition, some of them make some pretty crappy holsters that don’t hold up.   There market has changed a lot and it’s not all just about CCW, it’s also about competition shooting, IDPA, Steel Match, 3 Gun and plenty of other fun stuff, and you might find Raven Concealment holsters cover most of your demands.  We recently listed some of their products on our website for all of the popular Sig Sauer pistols and Glock Pistols. Raven Concealment Holsters


Considering a pocket holster? It’s not just the holster, it’s the pants and material you are wearing!

We’ve learned a lot over the years about directing our customers to the right products, and we’ve also learned to not get talked into a trap and end up with a customer coming back to us blaming us for a bad decision.  People walk in our store and say ” I want a comfortable holster” or “I’m a 36/32 in 5.11 Tactical pants what size am I in Tru-Spec”.  The answer to that is, we don’t have an answer, it’s something they have to determine for themselves.  Part of the problem with shopping for a holster is that you don’t know if you like it until you are wearing it for awhile.  There are always things you can change, like getting a better gun belt the supports the weight of a firearm better, but there’s a point we tell people that you really need to pick a smaller gun or consider pocket carry.

Pocket carry seems to be far more popular these days than it was before, probable because so many holster makers are seeing all of the compact 9mm and .380 pistols.   The Glock 42 and Glock 43 are extremely popular and probable the best options are pocket carry for these guns even though there are some decent Desantis HolstersDesantis Holsters that are IWB.  The Desantis Nemesis holsters have been around for a long time and are designed to grip onto the material inside your pants pocket and pull away if you were to draw the gun.  If you have a soft cotton liner in your pocket beware. these pocket holsters have a high failure rate with regular clothing and need a little bit of friction.   There are a few variables like pocket dimensions ect but if you are pocket carrying, the clothes you were are very important.


Blackhawk Epoch Level 3 holster that holds Streamlight TLR-1, TLR-2 and Surefire X300

Blackhawk Epoch Level 3 Holster



















Blackhawk Serpa Surefire X300 HolsterBlackhawk Serpa Streamlight TLR-1 HolsterI really don’t know what the whole story was with this holster but it was a long time coming.  We knew it was in the works over 4yrs ago and has only been out for less than 2yrs.   At first glimpse this is a huge holster, definitely not a CCW holster but an excellent LEVEL 3 holster.  If you don’t need LEVEL 3 then don’t buy it, but if you want a secure holster that holds a Surefire X300U then all the sales data we have on these gives us a reason to stock them.  Blackhawk seems to be slow at making holsters for Sig Sauer which we’ve gotten a lot of requests for and are only making them for large frame Glocks like the Glock 17, Glock 22 and Glock 31 and the Glock 20, Glock 21 and Glock 37 firearms as well as the Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm,40 and 45.

It’s always an issue for us to match a customers needs with a holster and find out who makes it, so it’s real simple, if you have a large frame Glock or a Smith & Wesson M&P then the Blackhawk Epoch Level 3 holster is an excellent light bearing level 3 holster.   Blackhawk has a very diverse holster product line for other Duty firearms but isn’t that friendly toward customers looking for gun holsters with tactical lights unless you have a Xiphos weapon light, and to date, we’ve never had a customer tell us they do.   Great holster for Glock and M&P but come on Blackhawk, make more gun options.


Not everyone can make a good Kydex Holster, but Blade Tech can

Blade Tech HolstersThere are a lot of products I never bothered to look up or research until our customers started asking about them.  One of the biggest reasons people discover Blade Tech is when they find out that Blackhawk and Safariland don’t make a holster for them.  The other major thing is paddle holsters that take flashlights.   Now it’s pretty common to see people with lights on firearm, it wasn’t that common 10years ago.   Weapon mounted lights like the Surefire X300 and X400 and the Streamlight TLR-1 Series are definitely worth consideration even for CCW.

Paddle holsters can vary in weight and how far they protrude out from the body,   I love my Safariland ALS holsters but it is very heavy and not that easy to get on and off, that’s the way it’s designed to be.  We avoid dealing with too many holster brands because everyone seems to have a variation of the same thing, but we have seen a lot of kydex holsters break but not Blade Tech Holsters.  Much of the reason is that they were designed properly.  They seem to cater to Glock heavily but they do make a nice IWB holster for the Smith & Wesson Shield which is one of the top 2 gun holsters people are looking for.

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