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Don Hume Holsters for Glock Handguns with body shield

Don Hume HolstersWe have recently become a direct dealer for the Don Hume product.  Don Hume leather has been around a long time and several Federal Agents have told us that, that is what they are issued for their firearms.  These leather holsters have an outstanding reputation for being solid and holding up.   Leather can be very expensive, but Don Hume has been able to keep their costs down.   The holsters that everyone wanted us to carry for the last few years are the ones that have the body shield built onto the IWB holsters.  The DON HUME H715-M W/C-S are available for most of the Glock handguns and we have had a lot of requests for the Glock 19, Glock 23 and Glock 43 IWB holsters.

We have tested out several types of holsters for our online store and showroom, and while many holsters have poorly designed belt clips or holsters that are not durable, the Don Hume Glock Holsters we sell are something we always try to keep in stock.   There are other styles of holsters that you can consider for OWB or Paddle, but IWB concealed carry is the number one way to carry a Glock pistol.    If you are a left handed shooter, you may experience some delays in getting a holster if they are not in stock but Don Hume does make the majority of their product line for left handed gun owners.


Don Hume Leather Holsters still something to consider

The firearm holster market that is probable best compared to Amelda Markos’s shoe collection, it’s endless and not all of them are that popular, but once you’ve been in the actual functioning industry, there are some gun holsters that are high volume and are never going away.   There are endless styles of leather holster makers and the prices are all over the place, there is still a demand for customer holster makers but the Kydex industry really took a chunk of business away from it.    Kydex has it’s flaws but just because it’s made of leather, doesn’t mean it’s going to be that expensive.   It’s kind of like that girl with a great personality that you love to be around, but she’s not the prettiest one in the group.    We never get complaints about people not having Don Hume Holsters hold up, they are sturdy and last a very long time.

We expect to be expanding our Don Hume Holsters in 2017 because so many people have been asking us to carry more of the Glock holsters with the body shields, this is something that can help keep your holster dry and your firearm clean from moisture and sweat.  The most popular holsters we carry from Don Hume Holsters is the H715 IWB holsters, lots of small and medium frame guns fly out out the door from Glock 19 to Glock 42 and Glock 43.   Most of these holsters are under $30.   I am a fan of the Don Hume Jit holsters for my J-Frame because it sits up high and the barrel does not protrude below the holster and it has a good fit.




Don Hume Leather Holsters you might find what you were looking for!

Don Hume HolstersAside from Fobus holsters, I have a large selection of Don Hume holsters from IWB holsters to the don hum JIT or (just in time) holsters.    One of the major factors in owning so many of them is the fact I’m not breaking the bank and they get the job done.    There are plenty of times I have a change of scenery and usually go to a small .380 pistol when where a suit and tie, or I switch to a medium frame semi-auto like a Glock 30.  The Don Hume H715 leather holster works well for an inside the waistband for the Glock 30 and I’ve owned them for close to 10yrs and they are still performing well.   One of the biggest problems we find with these holsters is they are not always available and certain firearm holsters can be unavailable for months due to the know fact that Don Hume Leather makes great CCW holsters.

Like many products it’s really about personal preference and one holster style may not be good for all firearms.   Every firearm can have a different balance to it and it will really come out when using clip on holsters.   I normally shy away from gun holsters that don’t have metal clips but Don Hume Holsters are one of the exceptions.   I  have had holster clips fail  on me  in numerous ways from flat out breaking, to clips being poorly designed and popping off a belt if  you move your body certain ways.   If you are looking for a paddle holsters, we usually recommend people start off with Fobus holsters, but if you are looking for a leather holster, Don Hume makes a great starting point.






We can give you gun holster options, and point you in the right direction

Gun HolstersWe can’t accommodate everyone in this industry because the tactical world is much like the restaurant business.  What do you want for dinner?  Are you for Italian Food, Seafood, going away camping?   There are a lot of advantages with Kydex holsters but we’ve seen so many of them break, that leather still seems to have an edge for longevity, even the cost of various types of leather holsters can vary in quality and features.  I’m still old school with shoulder  holsters, especially when I’m toting a large frame revolver or semi-auto handgun.   The Galco Miami Classics are still very popular with detectives but there are plenty of people buying smaller “off duty” handguns and recently many of our Law Enforcement are looking for Diamondback .380 holsters and Glock 42 holsters.  It always takes awhile for the holster market to catch up to the sales of new firearms but if it’s a good firearm, someone is going to make a holster for it.

If you are looking for leather  holsters, we often point people towards Desantis Holsters, Galco Holsters and Don Hume holsters.   Each of these holsters has different qualities and styles and the vary from expensive to inexpensive depending on the one you want.    If you are looking for inside the waistband gun holsters there nylon holsters like the Elite Survival Systems belt clip holsters which are very universal and fit a lot of firearms and are also ambidextrous.   The Desantis Insider is pretty popular because they are a little over $20 but leather sometimes has its drawbacks in very hot weather.   The new rave seems to be tuckable holsters and Galco Holsters has a pretty big selling rate for the Smith & Wesson bodyguard, check out all of the products we sell and if you don’t see what you are looking for feel free to ask.


Don Hume Leather Holsters, Pretty Darn Good if you ask me

WeDon Hume Holsters found out about Don Hume Leather Holsters much in the same way we find out about other products, customers ask us on the phone or in our store if we carry them.   Once we started testing out the various CCW holsters we had access too, the sales went through the roof and so many people told us they they heard good things about them and wanted to know if we could get more of them in.  Well, we did an haven’t looked back, some leather holsters especially from Desantis and Galco are very nice looking but you are going to be paying almost double for a similar holster and price points are pretty important in this industry, people just don’t want to blow a whole bunch of money on something if they don’t feel the need to.

Glock gun holsters are probable the biggest sellers and the H715 style Don Hume IWB holsters are the ones in highest demand.   I have several of the jit holsters and and an H715 for a j-frame revolver and they have do me well.   Glock handgun holsters, Sig Sauer handgun holsters and the 1911 are probable the most widely asked about in our store and the H721 belt holster with the exposed slots for the 1911 and Para Ordnance p14 are always on order with Don Hume Holsters.    We have had a few people say the finish wore off on them but that is something that when it’s tucked inside the waistband and you don’t have to report to someone complaining about your uniform isn’t going to be a problem.   Their pocket holsters have also been big sellers.  If price points matter to you check out Don Hume Leather Holsters the next time you need a gun holster.


Don Hume inside the waisteband holsters

Don Hume leatherDon Hume pocket holstersWe’ve been selling these for more than 4yrs and they are still one of our top selling holsters.   From a personal point of view, these holsters are a little rough looking but if you don’t want to go with some of the Nylon holsters we sell and are sure you want a leather holster, these are are very well priced compared to the Galco leather and the Desantis leather holsters we sell.  The Desantis insider is a inexpensive leather holster but it’s  not as hard and the same priced Don Hume ones.   All leather holsters should have a short break in period because if they don’t they may be a little too loose at some point in the not too distant future.   Securing a firearm is what a good holster’s primary role should be and not all holsters are quiet, some rattle and allow movement.

Inside the waistband holsters are hard to shop for and I can recommend enough to check with people that are already  using certain holsters before you put too much money in an unknown.  We always have first time CCW holsters and Don Hume holsters are usually suggested along with our nylon belt clip holsters and many of the Fobus products to get something from a starting point.  It’s not that we think they are not good holsters it’s just that they are not they pricey and can be had for around $25-$40.  Compare that to Crossbreed holsters and some of the Galco leather holsters and you’re at about 1/3 of the cost.  Once a gun owner has more experience in knowing what to buy they can spend all they want with us, but we always try to help customers avoid buyer’s remorse or have to deal with returns.


Don Hume gun holsters, what’s the appeal?

Don Hume HolstersI was shocked at how many people were calling us 2yrs ago over these Don Hume holsters and I’m still uncertain as to when the good reviews about this product line took off but it must have been fairly recently.  There are some good Concealed Carry magazine reviews out there as well as many bloggers that post reviews, test, and long term evaluations about products but it’s rare to see a run on production line like this.  I picked out a few holsters for myself but avoided the leather inside the waist because I had some issues using leather gun holsters in the Pennsylvania summer heat and moved on to kydex.   We did have a recent issue with one of their holsters starting to peel it’s finish after just a few days of use, but I think that was a situational issue where the user was wearing  a seat belt that wore the finish off in 24hrs.

Things like that can  happen with any product if it’s put to adverse or stressed situations and every piece of gun gear or tactical gear will fail at some point.   These are very stiff holsters and like all leather holster, not just Don Hume holsters there is always going to be a bit of a break in period.  I wouldn’t get too worked up about this because it’s good that the holster has some break  in period s0 it properly forms around the gun.   A very common  problem with kydex holsters is they will start to rattle and even some Glock guns will not work in kydex holster depending on whether it’s Gen 2 Glock or a Gen 4 glock.   Don Hume inside and belt loop holsters are a great way to conceal carry firearms without blowing a hole in wallett.


What to train with and how much money do you want to drop on a holster?

gun holstersI have a large number of guys that are detectives or just got hired for a job, and sometimes even first time concealed carry holders that don’t have the slightest idea of what they want.   People come in here and ask me “do you have anything for a Glock 26” and point to the holsters I have thinking I’m going to point them to a holster.   I then bombard them with “inside the waist” or “outside the waist” “do you want a leather or kydex?” “Righted or left handed?”   It not until i start talking about which hand holster they want do they give me any sense of knowing what to say.  I don’t think you can compare holster shopping to anything else because it’s not like shopping for tactical pants or gloves.   With crime like home invasions and a slow economy people that have money think more about protecting their homes and assets.

I  think Kydex probable outsells leather now but with so many people putting lights on their guns it made shopping even harder.   Our quick fix or go to problem solvers are the Elite Survival Systems holsters but gun holsters like Fobus are the starting point for the majority of our new gun or concealed carry permit holder.  They are very easy to put on and work well with most belts.  I do highly recommend people get a good gun belt like a Desantis leather belt, Blackhawk pistol belt or a Wilderness belt.   They are much easier to use than putting on a belt through or snap on holster.   Getting into retention holsters is another level but sometimes people have to have the right starting point and only an experienced shooter will be the source for good  info.


Don Hume holsters several years of customer reviews

Don Hume HolstersIn recent years we’ve had an enormous number of local, custom  Kydex holster makers ask us to carry their stuff but that is something we don’t want to delve into at the moment.  If you have the skills to make Kydex holsters you can make a lot money, but mass producing a holster from your home without quality control issues coming up, is something that our experience in the tactical industry would warn us about.   I personally prefer kydex holsters for inside the waist carry options, but I’m not opposed to leather holsters that are paddle, belt look or shoulder rigs.

I have several years of using Desantis leather goods and am very fond of them, but some of the products have their positive and negative appeals.  Recently, Don Hume holsters have been a huge seller and for several years we have customers raving about how sturdy the holsters are in comparison to other brands.  Even if a holster looks really good, you can notice edges of the holster bending or that the gun has zero retention and the guns become loose.  All accessories, whether they are made of kydex, nylon or leather will wear out.   Some holsters don’t really matter for smaller firearms, but when you get to full size and even medium size firearms, holster retention and durability really matter.


Inventory Availability for Don Hume holsters

We got in a very large shipment of the much sought after Don Hume holsters.  I just had a customer come in here and ask what the big deal is with them and I told him that the big deal is that these are the best price leather holsters out there.  They definitely are not the nicest looking holster which Desantis and Galco will show you but if you are on a budget.  You can get a good holster for under $25.   Now that so many people are packing, not everyone really knows what it’s like to carry and how comfortable certain types of holsters are.  There are many of our customers that don’t want to carry IWB because it’s not very comfortable but from a defensive standpoint it probable is the most recommended method of carry.

I do like the Don Hume Jit holsters and if you compare these $20 holsters to the Desantis Scabbard you are going to spend 2x’s as much for a similar holsters but they are not as nice looking but they get the job done to some degree.  Most of the Don Hume holsters that I use are for small or single stack magazines.  I have noticed that the j-frame and Sig 239 holsters work very well but the Sig 228 holsters seem to flop a little and in my opinion aren’t as secure.   Some of the flopping can be avoided with a paddle holster or an IWB holster.  Do your research on the size of the gun you are using and see what other people are saying.

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