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Original Swat Dress Oxfords a great deal on something you might hardly wear

Not everyone is going to need a shoe like this very often, but in our industry, almost everyone needs to wear them every once in awhile.   We have a lot of last minute ” I need those shiny shoes” and everyone is shocked at how inexpensive they are.   There have been some changes to the sole of the shoes to make them more comfortable compared to the original design that came out several years ago, but this is something we always try to keep in stock.   Whether it’s for color guard or funderals, you should consider picking up a pair of the Original Swat Dress Oxfords for your wardrobe.

Shoes like this aren’t something you are going to be able to wear all the time, but when you need high gloss footwear because your uniform code calls for it, or you want to get away with using this for a Wedding this weekend, the Original Swat Dress Oxfords are normally $54.99 which won’t burn a hole in your pocket and are almost half the price of the normal boot prices.  These also have better traction that many, more expensive dress shoes and I can tell you and they sell very well in our market.


First of many new products in 2016, Timberland Pro Valor boots

Timberland Pro Valor BootsOne of the things we first learned in this industry is that people don’t like to buy clothing online, whether it’s boots, pants, shirts or jackets.   We deal directly with several manufacturers and there is always much debate about what kind of cut or mold something should be made in.  The length of the arms, should it be loose fit or tight.   There are also so many preferences, body types,  and climates that there is no design for everyone.  Until someone can design self molding or adjustable clothing materials not everyone is going to be happy.

When shopping for footwear, the types of socks you are wearing when you try the boots on matters.  The type of work or environment you are working in is also something to factor in.  Out of all of the different styles of boots we sell from 5.11 Tactical, Under Armour, Original Swat and now Timberland Pro Valor boots,  everyone of these companies has their own way of doing things.   The accommodate our customer base, having more brands and styles is important.  The Timberland product line crosses over from contractor, construction workers, electricians, auto-mechanics and also the Law Enforcement and Military footwear style called the Timberland Pro Valor.  Expect to see completely new and different product lines in early January and stop in and check out all of the new Waterproof 5 inch, 6 inch and 8″ side zip Timberland Pro Valor boots.


Original Swat Footwear Company boots, if it fits and it’s comfortable wear it!

Original Swat BootsWe knew awhile ago that if we want to cater to our customers  as much as possible from, pants, shirts and footwear, we’re probable going to have to bring in several name brand products to be able to accommodate.   One of the things we noticed in this industry is that sometimes companies can try to do too much and should really stick to what they are good at and offer good warranties and customer service.  We’ve seen plenty of companies that make clothing get into making Flashlights and other Law Enforcement gear but we tend to not jump on board with those because why carry much other than Streamlight and Surefire Flashlights when dealing with Emergency Services and Military and Law Enforcement?  When it comes to footwear, it’s different world and we have never found a company that will work for everyone so we pick and choose our footwear companies carefully.

We’ve done wear tests with a ton of the Original Swat Footwear Company and truth be told, it didn’t work for everyone, but if we can pick a brand that works for most people in this field of work, Original Swat Boots usually get the job done.   There are always changes being made to their product line and sometimes production changes that people don’t notice, but the previous complaints about some of the issues with the boot zippers breaking has been addressed and we have the new designs coming in almost weekly, granted not everyone had issues with breakage but I assume the factory hear it enough to improve the zipper tab.   We have been testing out some of the Under Armour Footwear as well as Bates Boots, 5.11 tactical footwear, but our customers often have their price points that they are willing to spend and some footwear companies only offer 30 day warranties and if there are issues, you’re screwed, Original Swat Mens boots and Womens boots all come with a 1yr factory warranty and Free Shipping.


A Tactical Store that stocks stuff for women

Original Swat bootsWe all know that there are some pretty tough women in Law Enforcement, Military and even some women that’ll kick your ass in IDPA.   One of the biggest complaints we had from women 10yrs ago, when we first got into the tactical clothing industry was that all of the stuff they had access to was mens tactical clothing.    Every once in awhile we might be sold out of a certain womans pant style or boot style,  and they’ll happily walk out the door with mens pants or boots and just tough it out.   Without turning this into an anatomy course on why women can’t wear the same clothing as men all the time, just be glad that there is a steady market out there geared towards women in Law Enforcement, Security and competition shooting.   Just look at the pink AR15 accessories Magpul has out.

Recently we evaluated our footwear line and cut out styles that didn’t move as quickly  but put in more of the Original Swat footwear for women.  There aren’t many color options in the tactical boot line, but let’s be real, the majority of Original Swat boots are going to be for people that need to wear black boots.   The new Chase Series footwear are available in tan and we will be testing those out to see if they sell as well as the 1152F side zip boots did.   It seems that just like the men, women prefer side-zip boots over the tradition 9inch lace up boots.   There is also a chase low style for women that will be listed shortly.


Tactical gear for yourself or send your spouse for a gift certicate

Philadelphia Police SuppliesIn this industry, it is so technical that it’s very rare for someone  in the Law Enforcement community to send someone in to shop for them.  We get a lot of last minute buyers when someone finds out they got moved to a SWAT Team or recently got hired to be a  Police officer in the Delaware County, Chester County or Philadelphia Police Department.  Usually customers come in in waves, after Graduations at the Philadelphia Police Academy or the Delaware County Police Academy.   Recently we started getting customers from the Montgomery County Police Academy Training Center.   Each week we’ve been setting up 1 or 2 Police Departments for their Clothing Allowances and logistically speaking, the customers are glad we are here in Delaware County so they can walk in and walk out.  Shopping for tactical pants, shirts and body armor is something that people want to do in-store and not online.

Our 1500 sq ft Broomall, Police Depot and tactical store is in the heart of Delaware County in the Broomall Industrial Park.   We are a stocking dealer for many in the region and we are a good source for Philadelphia Police Supplies from tactical boots from the Original Swat Footwear company, Tru-Spec, 5.11 tactical, ATS Tactical,  Streamlight Flashlights like the Stinger and Strion, which are rechargeable flashlights that the vast majority of Upper Darby, Marple Township and even the State Police are using.  We stock many of the handcuff and Safariland products that new Police Officers will need for their duty gear.  CR123 batters are something we need to keep in store at all times because most local places that sell them are 50% more than what we charge.


Review on Original Swat Chase Series

Most of you kn1312-2ow that I have bad feed and I am not always the best source for giving good opinions about various tactical gear because I just can’t always use it in the manor that it is meant to be.    I have been wearing the 1232 boots for about 4 years and noticed some production chances that have really cut back from the small number of complaints about the boots to ZERO.   The Original Swat boots have a stitched toe that was previously just glued on and this gives it more durability for kicking into objects.   In this industry you aren’t just running and sometimes have to kick in a door or kick a bad guy down on the ground.   I’ve seen people break zippers on some of the Original Swat boots and I heard there is a production change to the new 2013 production but those complaints were few.

The YKK zippers and the designs have gotten even better and Original Swat pays far more attention to backing their products than most customers.   I am now wearing the Chase Series Original Swat boots and the traction on these is far superior to the  that I was wearing before.   When you are choosing a Police Boot  you do have to think about traction because there are many different pros and cons of each style.   Some people want safety toe and others don’t and if you want Waterproof boots you probable aren’t going to be wearing them in the hot summer.  Lace up or side zip are also things you need to decide on.   The 1151 coyote boot is a very eye catching product we like to keep out on display because it’s the least tactical looking color but still has applications to people working in the Industry.


How brick and mortar stores are making a comeback

original swat bootsThere are a lot of things that we stock in our Retail showroom here in Pennsylvania that people have learned to not buy online.   We juggle between being competitive online with our pricing but actually stocking most of the items like tactical clothing, that people want to walk in and  hold it in their hands before buying.  When we look at some of our competition online, some dealers have 365 day returns and others have free returns and exchanges, but some people just don’t want to deal with the return authorizations ect or wait weeks for their tactical footwear or  pants to come back to them.   Some have  told us that they would pay more money just to make sure that something was what they wanted vs getting something they didn’t like.

We stock as much of the Original Swat tactical footwear line as possible because it’s a California based company and they don’t have a lot of online dealers so  people always want to know if we stock it, not just drop ship it.   I personally wear the Original swat boots and it’s not just because I sell them, I really do like them and considering how bad my feet are, I really can’t deviate from wearing them.  The prices are great and the warranty is outstanding.   There have been some major changes to the product line with them moving out of China to Cambodia, but we have a very high satisfactory rating with this product line.   The reviews from our customers about the waterproof boots, composite toe since they do not make a steel toe, and the comfort are superb.


People with bad feet might want to look into wearing these Original Swat Boots

original swat bootsI’ve had bad feet for several years, including years of treatments and then 2 surgeries on the same foot.   The year after the last surgery I had my sales rep walk in and show me the Original Swat footwear companies tactical footwear line.   Several Employees and I got free stuff and instantly love the feel of the boots.  I was instantly won over with the style 1232 boots that had a bubble on the bottom that gave extra shock support.   Many Police Officers and even school security like the Style 1261 boots because they are a lower cut boot with the same foot support.   These boots are very light and the biggest shock was how well priced they are.   We have a  lot of Police Officers come in here on their clothing allowances and are always pinching pennies trying to squeeze as much of their duty or tactical gear into that budget.

These boots are polishable and there are composite toe and waterproof boots.  Along with the extra foot support are the 1234 Original Swat boots that are almost identical to the 1232 but are waterproof.  I usually get about 9 months out of them before I feel the support start to go but these boots are worn 7 days a week because I needed the support to get through a work week.   I’ve had customers tell me they’ve gotten 2yrs out of them.  This year there will  be a lower 5 inch waterproof boot which is something many of our customers have been asking us for. We also have some really good blowout sales on the Original Swat footwear line from styles that were discontinued after newly improved designs came out.


Getting good traction and comfort with Original Swat Footwear

original swat boots for saleWe have seen several changes in this industry and the best thing is its all for the benefit of the customer.  There are lighter boots out there that are 9 inches in height and just like car tires, they are designed for better traction on concrete, blacktop and all the things that can cause you to slip.   You really feel the difference between  most sneakers and boots like the 1232 9″ side zip boot.   They use to call this the Metro traction but I’m not sure if that is still in use.  A good tactical boot should give you the support your legs, feet and ankles need but in this line of work, Law Enforcement and Military need footwear that can perform in environments and manors that they need.  There are plenty of options out there for Cops, Men and Women but it is also about pricing and not just quality.

We know there are better body armors and more accurate guns out there but not everyone is going to sink tons of money into something that is more than practical.   Just based on my personal reviews of the Original Swat Footwear for sale I get more than 9-12 months out of my boots as far as support goes and I have never had a boot tear or fall apart on me in the 4yrs I’ve been wearing them.    The 1232 boot gives me the support I need and the metro traction gives me the foothold I need to have so I can move around in environments like parking lots ect where slip and falls during pursuit can occur and oil stains and water can cause sliding.


Original Swat reviews? Send them our way!

original swat bootsOriginal Swat boots are not just worn and used by Law Enforcement and Military, they are worn by Civilians that are on the streets and need the security and dependability that not all tactical boots will give you.    Each operator works in a different line of street work, but the tactical boot versatility you get with Original Swat’s product line is broad and useful.  The Air 9″ will give so much support for your feet and help you avoid foot pain and stress if you are carrying a lot of weight.  Our sponsored operators test our tactical clothing and tactical footwear and have assured us that Original Swat boots are worth the money you will spend.   Not all of us are wearing or need to wear boots all day, but the 1180 Oxford shoe will give you traction like you’re wearing your tactical boots.
Safety toe boots are necessary for those wanting to reduce the chances of hurting their feet while being around heavy things and for giving an obstruction a good booting.   Finding tactical clothing for women is easy, but finding good tactical clothing is hard.   With the increase of women entering law enforcement and military service, Original Swat boots have many options for those working in the field.  Be sure to read all of the product info about each of the tactical shoes, and tactical boots to make sure you are getting the right footwear for your needs.   Original Swat shoes should be considered by those citizens that are CCW holders and understand the importance of mobility in a defensive situations.  Wearing the right footwear with superior traction will give you the edge over an opponent


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