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Taking down zombies the right way

Sometimes training can be fun and all of this Zombie Apocalypse stuff can be used for good use.  Firearms are dangerous but so are many sports especially contact sports.   Some gun ranges ban silhouette targets because they don’t like the idea of having people on a firearm line and training to shoot human targets.  Well, in all honesty a balanced person shouldn’t have problems shooting at human like targets because that is most likely what a CCW licensed person would be defending themselves against.   The same ranges that ban silhouette targets might allow you to shoot at monsters and zombies.

Many gun clubs have IDPA or various competitions but the zombie shoots have caught on because can and are practical training excersises.   The are big differences in some of the zombie targets that we sell, some are animals and others look like zombie hoards about to attack you.   The best ones are the ones with the zombie attacking you with a weapon.   Knowing how to take down a zombie with a shot to the head or knowing you have the skills to shoot a specific area of the target under stress is real training.  You always save money on on targets when you buy bulk.

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