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Spike’s Tactical Complete Upper Receivers

Now that we have our FFL, we can still see the same sales data that proves that Spike’s Tactical is still the #1 AR builders brand name.    We have a long history of selling the Spike’s Tactical Complete Upper Receivers.   Now that the new wave still leans towards Pistol AR’s and SBR’s,  the pattern is still there.   We are planning on stock more of the AR15 Upper Receivers in 2018 as well as various lower receivers, most are in and around the $100 range and they have been a high volume product line.   We are also see quite a few of the 9mm lowers sell.

People are very particular about the rail sections they want, the M-Lok and SAR and SAR3 are the top movers and you can put those handguards on whatever Carbine you already own.   All of the Spike’s Tactical Complete Upper Receivers we sell all come with the complete bolt carrier group and charging handle, far more people buy complete AR15 uppers than build them, the lower receivers are what most people put together.


AR15 Complete Upper Receivers for sale

Many people are still finding out how easy it is to “build” their own AR15 configurations.   With the political changes in Washington DC, the firearm industry is in a full reset.   Many in this industry had a free ride with the previous Administration pushing a political agenda which artificially drove up gun sales.   I’d have to say that in 2018, I expect that atleast 50% of firearms sales are going to be done online, and those sales are going to increase.   People are very particular about what they want, the sights, the handguards, the triggers, the grips, that you can just find an FFL to do the transfer and get exactly what you want instead of expecting to have a gun store already have it in stock.  Many People still buy their AR15 Complete Upper Receivers and don’t build them.   They buy the complete upper with the handguard they want, and sometimes the sights.

There are always changes being made, from MOE stocks to Keymod and M-Lok.   There recently has been a trend back to quad rails because people are finding out that you don’t have to worry about your rail design becoming discontinued.  Quad Rails will always be around.   Many of the AR15 Complete Upper Receivers we sell will come with fixed sights, Magpul Sights and sometimes Troy Battle Sights.  The ever changing optics world has moved people away from iron sights to red dots with magnifiers and now towards variable low powered optics.   We still move a lot of Spikes Tactical Complete Upper Receivers, Adams Arms Complete Upper Receivers, LWRCI Complete Upper Receivers and CMMG Complete Upper Receivers.    They each have their pros and cons, sometimes its all about price point.


Take advantage of the deals on Adams Arms Complete Upper Receivers

There are plenty of deals on Adams Arms Complete Upper Receivers right now, we recently got in some of the 5.45×39 upper receivers and Adams is probable the only 5.45×39 AR15 Upper Receiver we could recommend.   Years ago LWRCI made them but they did not get great reviews, we have never gotten any negative reviews about the Adams models.  One of the main things we noticed in this industry is you have to be good at what you’re doing and not expect that the same designs will always work well with multiple calibers.   Russian ammo always runs dirt and DI guns are not a good choice in my opinion for this caliber.

5.45×39 is not made domestically as far as I know, but it is almost ballistically the same as the 5.56 with possible a slight ballistic advantage.   Everyone and their dog seems to have the 7.62×39 but 5.45×39 is not as common, especially in an AK variant.  I’ve personally witnessed the advantage of one caliber over the other, but since trying to find a AK74 variant in good condition is not common, the best thing to do is swap out your upper for one of these Adams Complete Upper Receivers chambered in 5.45×39 and shoot the cheap stuff in an AR platform.


Build your AR15 Complete Upper Receivers in the Winter and take it out in the Spring












Right now I’m hearing a lot of complaints about how bad the weather is and how many of the ranges are closed down due to bad weather here in Pennsylvania.  The best ranges are further from the major cities and getting to them or even being able to walk them, can be very difficult at this time of year.   Now is usually the time of year that I break out the Dillon 550 press and work on all of my best hand cooked 223 and have plenty of it ready for the rest of the year.   My Dillon 550 press sometimes doesn’t get used more than once a year because it’s best to just do large runs of 5.56 Nato or 223 handloads in batches.  The other thing I usually work on are all of the modifications.   I recently had to refinish and coat some of the firearms I had because I had them out in rainy Winter weather and they all came how covered in rust.   I have a few AR15 complete upper receivers awaiting the finishing of my Spike’s Gen 2 Stripped Billet Upper.

Not all of us have time to always be at the range or building firearms but when the weather is not so good, instead of sitting inside and drinking hot chocolate, or going sledding, schedule a build with a stripped lower receiver or a stripped upper receiver and work on it right now.   There is still a high demand of AR15 Complete Upper Receivers due to some States recently passing laws, but there has been a slight slow down since some panic over the election has subsided.    Right now we are running 3-5 weeks on most Spike’s Tactical Complete Uppers, but for some reason some of the 300 Blackout Uppers are getting made in about 3 weeks.   Adams Arms Complete Upper Receivers are coming back in Stock in about 4-6 weeks.    It all depends on the models and popularity.


Adams Arms Complete Upper Receivers now taking Pre-Orders

There were some changes with one of our distributors regarding Adams Arms parts and receivers so we ended up going direct with them.  The one thing I have to say regarding Adams Arms is that they have filled a “niche” in the piston driven AR15 world in a certain price range.   There isn’t much a debate about whether something is good, or works anymore because there are so many different DI AR15 designs in different price ranges that are all quality products.   The metals have improved, the lubrication has improved and the magazines have improved.   Barrel life is also something that has dramatically advanced over the last 20 years.

Suppressed firearms is all the rage right now and there are many reasons to consider getting into it, but if you do, there are some issues that can arise depending on barrel lengths.   If you have an AR15 that is over 14.5 inches in barrel length, you won’t have a reliability issue, but if you go shorter, the majority of people i talk to still say piston driven AR’s still own it.   I have shot enough suppressed firearms to know that I prefer piston guns because there is not all of that gas being blow in your nostrils.   If you are considering building an AR, and only have a certain price range to work with, Adams Arms Complete Upper Receivers are something to think about, they have adjustable gas settings for suppressors.  There has also been a big increase in .308 AR and Adams has several options, one being the Adams Arms Small Frame .308 – PATROL BATTLE RIFLE UPPER,  


Magpul CTR Stocks still the most popular Carbine replacement or build stock

Magpul CTR Carbine Stocks  The future of the firearm industry is going to be with the firearms that are modular.   The Sig P320 and the AR15 Carbine.   It’s hard to find a decent gun shop that actually sells a lot of accessories because the truth of the matter is you really need to know the market and what accessories are worth selling.     The first thing you need to do, whether you are building an AR15 or you are buying one is if the buffer tube is a Commercial or a Mil-Spec, you can’t guess at this, otherwise, you’ll find out the stock wobbles or that you can’t even get it on.   There are ways you can tell just by looking at it vs. having to measure the dimensions of the tube.

Even though there are a lot of changes with handguards and grips, we can clearly see that the Magpul CTR Carbine Stocks are still the #1 rifle stock.   It’s just the best price range, you can still add cheek weld or stock extensions on it and you also can adjust the length to something shorter which is especially important if you are wearing AR500 Armor or some time of plate carrier.  Making sure you have the right stock length will greatly affect your proficiency. Then from there you can decide on what type of handguard or grip you should choose, it has been confirmed that Magpul has discontinue the Magpul MOE handguard and is now only making the Magpul M-Lok so be aware that those take two different rail sections.


New Stuff from Spike’s, we can have your Spikes Tactical Upper Receivers built anyway you want!

Spike's Tactical Upper ReceiversThere will be a switch over at Spike’s shortly with the new Magpul M-Lok handguards but we have been selling other Spike’s configurations for years so it’s not earth shattering that the older MOE handguards are going to be obsolete.  Just an FYI, Magpul is still going to be selling the MOE rail sections for a long time to come but if you are looking for an AR15 Upper Receiver for your next build or as a secondary upper receiver, you might want to do some research on what is out now.   The thing that always impressed me about Spike’s Tactical was their own rail designs,  they are a lot lighter than they look, do also already have their own M-Lok Rail Sections, available in  SPIKE’S MLOK 7″ RAIL, SPIKE’S MLOK 9″ RAIL, SPIKE’S MLOK 10″ RAIL, SPIKE’S MLOK 12″ RAIL,   and SPIKE’S MLOK 13.2″ RAIL.

Building AR’s is the way of the future, buying a stock gun and spending $100 on accessories is a waist of money and Spike’s, after 3yrs is still the number one manufacturer that all of the people that come in here are looking.   Spike’s Lower Receiver parts kits are in high demand and if you want to make things easier you can buy a Spikes Tactical Upper Receivers in a configuration you want, or just call or email us and we can have Spike’s customize it for you.  We’re getting a lot of orders like that for our New Jersey customers that need different flash suppressors, bayonet lugs ground down ect.   We feel sorry for them but we can get the job done for you.   We are also carrying the  Spike’s 300 Blackout upper receivers now.





Bobro Mounts for Vortex Optics, Trijicon Optics and Aimpoint Red Dots

Bobro MountsB13-111-002-3TEveryone once in awhile we come across a company that is built on ingeniousness.  One of those is clearly Bobro Engineering.  We first heard about their mounts while talking to a Representative from Aimpoint on what kind of mounts we should keep in stock after becoming an Aimpoint dealer.   There are always going to be slight pros and cons for each device you put on your AR15 or other long gun, but since we did not have access to some of the Larue Mounts, we went with Bobro.  Then I started to notice that some of the quick detach mounts we already had in our store for Trijicon TA44 Optics where all Bobro mounts. Later we became a Vortex Optic dealer and ordered a few Vortex mounts and found out that those we also Bobro mounts.   It’s time to build up our inventory on Bobro mounts then, huh?

If you notice, Eotech holographic sights have had some changes and several models were discontinued and now are issued with QD or Quick Detach mounting systems.   It’s pretty much the standard now, that if you have optics on your AR15, you should have backup iron sights, but if your optics go down, do you really want to worry about breaking out tools to remove it. Sure the Leatherman Mut is a nice tool to keep around but whether you are on the range plinking or in a bad situation, there is the possibility that a broken optic is going to be a major liability until you get it off.   We will be constantly expanding our Bobro Mounts as well as bringing in more of the mounts for many of the Vortex Optics that are inbound.


Spike’s Tactical Upper Receivers #1 AR15 for builders

Spike's Tactical Upper ReceiversWe’ve had the pattern for over 3yrs now and that’s one reason we have been stocking Spikes Tactical products for almost 2yrs.   The AR15 is the modern musket and can be customized for just about anyone.   I’ve seen people in wheel chairs target shoot them and now many are getting SBR’s or Short Barrel Rifles, and even making AR Pistols.   I don’t see much of the need to have an SBR or anything longer than 20″ in my arsenal, there are a lot of people building their own AR15s, especially if they get  good deal on a lower receiver.  People often ask us if it’s cheaper to build your own AR15, and the truth is you might save about $100-$200 but atleast you get what  you want instead of buying a Carbine and then having to take of something off it and spend money on accessorizing it.

I don’t like the idea of matching more than 2 brands of parts because we’ve seen so many out of spec issues with people building guns that just because it says it was “milspec” doesn’t mean that it is.   There are so many manufacturers out there to choose from but if you don’t know where to start, you can go wrong with Spike’s Tactical Upper Receivers and Lower Parts kits. There are a lot of good deals on lowers right now because prices have come down and there are people that still bought into the panic buying 2yrs ago and are off loading them.   Whether you are just looking to put another grip on your AR, replace worn out triggers or springs, check out all of the Spikes Parts Kits we have to offer.


Gun Makers, Bladesmiths and Swordsmiths and Windham Upper Receivers

Windham Complete Upper ReceiversThere is always going to be politics in firearm discussions but the eyes of many are being open now that the anti-police mentality is starting to backfire.  A free society is an armed society and when good men have the ability to defend and protect, whether they are uniformed Police or protective father’s or husbands.  Sure there are people that are arms dealers that do not care who they are selling weapons too and the result is what you see going on in the MiddleEast and other 3rd world Countries, but here in America, gun makers should be respected like Bladesmiths and Swordsmiths.   Back in the day if you made a sword that broke, it meant losing your life and your wife or all of your possessions were now in the hands of Ghengis Khan.

The ability to put a bullet on an X is the same science that puts a Satellite in orbit around Jupiter, Eugene Stoner, John Moses Browning were all extreme intelligent engineers and there are many like that in the industry today.  One thing I have noticed is there are several “creators” that started Companies, got out of the business and then came right back and started another.  Windham Weaponry was started by one of the Founders of Bushmaster Firearms and one of our most consistent selling Complete upper receivers are the Windham Complete Upper Receivers. Sometimes people can make a living doing things they enjoy and sometimes its cool to buy products from Companies that have that much heart.

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